FFXIV Goldsmith Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)

STORMBLOOD UPDATED! “How much ore do I need!?!?” Goldsmith Leveling to 70 in no time! GSM Levequest Items comparisons and value moves per tier!


Welcome back! Here you’ll find info on Goldsmithing Leveling 60 to 70! If you’re here, it wont be your first gem to grind – so let’s get right to it.

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“All that glitters is, in fact, gold
– Mahisanny’s

If you’re rushing in from 3.x, and your Goldsmith gear is subpar, don’t worry! While your Goldsmith leveling journey will be harder, don’t worry so much! Read the clickies, they may help you!

Your gear is bad, and you feel bad. Playing catch up
What do I do to reach 61? 62?
When does GSM leveling get better!?
Level up your crafters simultaneously! (+DoL)

Goldsmith Leveling 60 to 62

L60 Fixing up your cross-class skills
L60 40DUR 558 DIFF
L60 80DUR 1116/1400 DIFF ???CP

Goldsmith Levequests @ 60

Type: S is for leves which are Single Submit, Type: T is for Triple Submit. Won’t remind you again.

Class Level Qty Item Type Levequest Name Best?
GSM 60 1 Triphane Earrings of Healing S Play It By Ear 3
GSM 60 1 Triphane Ring of Slaying S One Ring Circus 1
GSM 60 1 Bombfish Needle T Wants and Needles 2
GSM 60 Levequest discussion

GSM 60 to 62: What I did in this tier

Here’s what I personally did in this tier:

This tier felt pretty bad. I don’t know why. It’s a great time to use Commercial Engineering manuals. Start of by making a bunch of Koppranickel Nuggets. They are used as a component in at least 109 recipes. So having your own stockpile isn’t bad.

Most notably, they are used to make Koppranickel Ingot. Which is next tiers value leve.

You need at least 1 Triphane for your L61 gear upgrade Bloodhempen Turban of Crafting from WVR.

After you’re satisfied with your nuggets, do a few levequests or wait for a GC submit to top yourself off reaching 62.

Make sure to upgrade your gear along the way (check the events tab below). To eventually get better chances at HQing.

Two kinds of Triphane Rings show up as collectibles! Do those if you’re preserving levequests! The chance is pretty high.

Grinding Goldsmith 60 to 62

I’d like to state it now that grinding on 40 durability ingots is a huge part of crafting leveling (you’re gonna end up using the materials, anyway…) so always try to optimize your rotation for those.

Koppranickel Nuggets. Might as well make ’em now while you need them (and the EXP) the most. Triphane is a poor choice to grind on as the recipes it’s involved in are quite narrow.

Important notes and events in this tier

Gear Upgrades: 61 Left side (Bloodhempen & Gaganaskin Tier)
61 Hasty Touch II
L61 Rotation Upgrades
GSM 62 Weapon


Goldsmith Leveling 62 to 64

Simultaneous leveling & Retainers

Goldsmith Levequests @ 62

Class Level Qty Item Type Levequest Name Best?
GSM 62 1 Koppranickel Temple Chain S Chain of Command 3
GSM 62 1 Koppranickel Bracelet of Casting S Bracelet for Impact 2
GSM 62 1 Koppranickel Ingot T If I’d a Koppranickel for Every Time 1
GSM 62 Levequest discussion

GSM 62 to 64: What I did in this tier

Here’s what I personally did in this tier:

Slate Whetstone is actually great to get some early EXP in this tier – you’re about to use a couple of them too if you’re leveling other crafters.

Grinding on a bunch of Koppranickel Ingots is the way to begin here. Don’t use up all your nuggets, though! And they CAN BE DIFFICULT if you’re not 63.

There’s a “sequence” to this tier that I did that may help you out. You can first make a few ingots, then choose any of the 80 durability crafts (even from the previous tier) until you hit 63. They’re much easier to HQ.

If your gear is up to date make a Bombfish Needle for your Weaver.

At 63 you get your offhand and accessories, and you can much more easily HQ the Koppranickel Ingots!

Muudhorn Ring of Slaying can appear as a collectible. This isn’t so bad! It may not beat the semi-godlike Triphane Rings.

Grinding Goldsmith 62 to 64

Slate Whetstone is actually SUPER LEGIT to grind on. They’re used in at least 18 recipes (in this tier and beyond). They’re dirt cheap, too.

You might wanna wait for 63 offhand if you’re weak. Koppranickel Ingot isn’t easy. I really wouldn’t grind on anything else besides that and the previous tiers Koppranickel Nugget.

Gemstones aren’t usually cheap or effective to grind on – I do not recommend

Important notes and events in this tier

GSM L62 Main hand: (and belt)
L62 Careful Synthesis III
Rotation: GSM L62 40DUR 842DIFF 365CP
Rotation: GSM L62 80DUR 379CP
L63 Goldsmith Quest: Quality Assurance Trait
Ruby Cotton / Gyuki Leather tier?
63 Gear Update: Off-hand & Accessories
Gear Check: Just a reminder

THERE IS A L64 ROTATION UPDATE – but I’ll put that in the next tier.

Goldsmith Leveling – Navigation:
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With this you’ve gotten past “the hard part”, which is catching up to the required gear power levels! Congrats!

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28 thoughts on “FFXIV Goldsmith Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)”

  1. You mention in the Optional Rotation level 64: 40Durability 1058difficulty that weaver has no name/brand. This is incorrect. Weaver has Name of Lightning and Brand of Lightning. It is Goldsmith (GSM) that does not have a brand/name ability and must cross class into it.

  2. I ended up leveling through leves that required Koppranickel Ingots, as suggested by the guide from 62-66. I went all the way to 70 with it. Reason being was the following:
    1. Easy rotation to acquire the mats to make with a level 70 miner
    2. Roughly 700K XP per triple turn-in
    3. Durium Ingot was roughly 500K XP per turn-in

    Yes, I realize making one ingot saves more on material costs than making three of them. However, getting 700K XP per leve was worth it. I’d have more leves to use to push to 70.

    One other hint for people. Don’t forget to leverage your challenge log crafts (even the melding challenge!) for some cheap, easy XP once per week. Also, do the Custom Deliveries every week. That’s a ton of XP.

  3. Suggest updating this for Mogek The Marvelous (Churning Mists) Lvl 50-60 Moogle Beast Tribe Quests and Idyllshire – Weekly Custom Deliveries Lvl 60+

  4. At level 56 you get a Collectable for Star Ruby, yields 6 scrip, and 103k xp for 2600+ quality. For just 3 raw star ruby and a basilisk whetstone (pre-HW component!) it is fairly quick to mine, dirt cheap to make, and gets you started on scrip farming. Would take around 100 to go from 56 to 60

  5. No1 seems to want to give me a courier quest i have all leve guys unlocked but i got eustace and he only offers me regualr leve quests?

    1. Courier quests aren’t marked as such. They appear as normal levequests, and they start from the HOMETOWN. You can tell it’s a courier if the little image shows the the place you’re going (In GSM’s case, “NOT ULDAH”)

  6. I think for Level 1 Courier leve are now Band Bone (Home to Local) and handfulls of Copper Rings (5) (Local to Home)

  7. The worm fang needles give 31098 exp (62196 for HQ) and the silver chokers give 30282 exp (60564) for the level 30-35 GSM leves. both are the same turn in location and both are easy mats to get a hold of. So you end up getting more exp with the needles.

  8. “GSM 10: 12x Copper Rings”

    This needs to be more specific as I just crafted 12 Copper Rings rather than 12 handfuls of copper rings, which are actually needed.

    1. I’m sorry but the in-game description of “Copper Ring” versus “Copper Rings” is quite vague, no? I guess SE should change it to like copper ringlet

      1. Would be helpful to show what to grind on from 0 to15. You advised not to use levequests, but do not provide the alternative method.

        1. Hmm I guess I should edit to be more specific. Courier < -> Reverse courier leves are SUPER VALUE in this tier, but regulars are JUNK

          1. Ah ok, I have been trying to find items to grind on for 1 to 15 as I noticed that some of your guides have them and some do not. I would rather save the leves for the higher level when trying to level up crafting on multiple classes at the same time. Maybe you can add what items to grind on for 1 to 15.

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