FFXIV Paladin Guide/FAQ

How do I become a Paladin?

You need to level up a Gladiator to 30 first! Also, you need to finish the MSQ “Slyph-management” before the Paladin quest will pop out of the Gladiator’s Guild in Ul’dah. After completing all these, you will be rewarded with the soul crystal, “Soul of the Paladin“, which you need to equip immediately to upgrade your character to PLD.

What’s the Paladin playstyle?

Paladins gain another layer of gameplay in choosing between two stances Sword Oath and Shield OathSword Oath increases your threat and damage, while Shield Oath increases defenses. Using the appropriate stance for the situation becomes pivotal in maximizing your Paladin. Hands down, the Paladin has the highest damage mitigation in the game.

At first glance, it seems that Paladins are probably better at tanking single targets, while Warriors excel at gaining AoE threat.

What are good Paladin stats?

The paladins weak-point is it’s low HP in comparison to Warriors. VIT is the most important stat for Paladins to increase your HP pool. If you need to allocate points elsewhere, STR is a good choice for added threat and damage.

What are the Paladin Traits?

Updating the table for this… but for now, lemme list down the Paladin traits:

  • Enhanced Vitality – L20
  • Enhanced Vitality II – L40
  • Oath Mastery – L 52
  • Enhanced Vitality III – L60
  • Divine Magic Mastery – L64
  • Enhanced Cover – L66
What are the Paladin Skills?

Aside from the skills below, you may use any skill you’ve learned as an Gladiator. 

Sword Oath3002.526600y0y
Increases the potency of auto-attacks by 25.
Cannot be used with Shield Oath.
Effect ends upon reuse.
Take all physical damage intended for another party member. Can only be used when member is closer than 10 yalms.
Duration: 12s
Shield Oath4002.536600y0y
Reduces damage received by 25%, while lowering damage dealt by 30% and increasing enmity. Cannot be used with Sword Oath.
Effect ends upon reuse.
Spirits Within45030003y0y
Delivers an attack with a potency of 300. Potency decreases as HP decreases.
Additional Effect: Silence
Duration: 1s
Hallowed Ground500420000y0y
Renders you impervious to most attacks. Duration: 10s


How many role actions can I use?

When choosing advanced job, the amount of cross-class skills you may equip decrease to a total of 5 (as compared to 10). To know more about the role actions used by Paladins, read our Tank Role Actions Guide.

Do I have to level up Paladin separately?

No, your EXP in Paladin rises as you level up your Gladiator class.

Any other Paladin Guides and Resources?

As we learn more about each job, we will be linking useful guides in each Job page, as well as our community discussion on the Job.

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25 thoughts on “FFXIV Paladin Guide/FAQ”

  1. So I’m a newb to this game. Do you have to make two separate toons to get to the advanced jobs? Say I want to play a Dragoon do I have to level a lancer to 30 and a separate marauder character to 15? If so can these characters be on different worlds?

    1. No, you don’t.
      When you get your toon to level 15, you’ll be able to go another classes guild and start a really short quest that will allow you to switch to that class. Then you can switch between the two as you like.
      You can max out all classes/jobs on one toon

    2. It doesn’t work like that at all, lol. In the game your character is able to switch his class whenever you want, just change your weapon.

      Wanna be a gladiator? equip a sword.
      Wanna be a conjurer? equip a wand.
      Wanna be a lancer? equip a lance.

      your abilities change accordingly, as well as your stats, and your level for each class is stored… so… if you level your gladiator to 15, change to conjurer at level 1, level up to lv 2…. switch back to gladiator, you will b lv 15 again, switch back to conjurer, you will be level 2.

      Don’t make separate characters unless you want to waste time lol, you can use one character for everything, and the game is designed in such a way that you’re meant to use one character for everything.

      1. nah man, i tested it. i was doing same amount of dmg whether i was using sword oath or shield oath, swd oath literally made no change to my dmg output :/

        all it really does is help me lose hate if im too scared to take hits for some reason.

  2. I reached lvl 30 gladiator and lvl 15 conjurer but in my game lulutsu won’t give me the paladin pledge quest and it’s highly frustrating. Can any body help?

      1. Have you made sure to finish your Glad guild quests? 1,5,10…so on. Once you finish the lvl 30 Gladiator quest it should pop up for you.

    1. Have either of you completed your level 30 gladiator quest first? This needs to be completed before she gives you the PLD quest.

      1. No to my believe you too have to complete the lvl 30 quest of the Gladiator class, and the main story quest (lvl 20) Sylph Management (which is the main story quest ones have to complete before becoming any specific jobs)

  3. I think there is a mistype in the “What’s the Paladin Style”. Sword Oath does increase melee damage, but the Shield Oath increases enmity.

    1. Lifefitness01,

      Paladins have quite a bit of tools when it comes to mitigation, and by default use shields. The wisest choices would be to stack as much VIT (Improving effective HP), or +enmity. We will update materia sections across all classes/jobs very soon.

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