SO! Being the meat shield they need and deserve, huh? Paladin BiS for 2.4 is here!! Before anything else I feel that this BiS list I made is possibly the set with the absolute LEAST waste of stats. This BiS has parry favored, and has ZERO additional skill speed. This best-in-slot gear list for Paladin I feel is extremely balanced (Doesn’t need food for acc cap). Check it out!

As a note for tanks who wish to DPS: BiSing and gear progression are completely different (although I feel at least one tank, PLD likely, should be mitigation heavy). As weeks go by and Poetics becomes more and more available tanks DO NOT need to DPS so hard. Tank DPS is MOSTLY important for those groups who are on the cutting edge of progression. However, for the sake of completion I will list down a set in the near future. (inb4 tanks should shouldn’t have parry). If your group struggles to meet DPS checks in the early turns a few weeks into the patch…. the problems likely do not lie with the tank. (I’ve been hearing alot of buzz about tank who do not need parry. I agree, only to meet the absolute tighest DPS checks. If you haven’t beaten Bahamut Prime 2-3 weeks in, you should probably go parry.)

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PLD BiS & Options | PLD Poetics Buy Order

Off-handDreadwyrm Shield
HeadDreadwyrm Coronet of Fending
BodyAugmented Ironworks Helm of Fending
HandAugmented Ironworks Gauntlets of Fending
WaistAugmented Ironworks Belt of Fending
LegsAugmented Ironworks Trousers of Fending
BootsDreadwyrm Sabatons of Fending
NeckDreadwyrm Choker of Fending
EarsAugmented Ironworks Earrings of Fending
WristAugmented Ironworks Bracelet of Fending
RingAugmented Ironworks Ring of Fending
RingDreadwyrm Ring of Fending
FoodBacon Bread

In the end Paladins are very flexible. The only NOTICABLE waste of stats is Skill Speed. Regarding Accuracy: aim for 558! You will not want to miss a single skill (even 1 of 1000). Fillers and DPS list to follow.

TLDR: As long as you don’t miss (558 ACC T13), your group could care less what else you’re wearing. This requirement is absolute.

2.4 PLD Poetics Tomes Buy Order

If you’re wondering whats the Paladin Poetics tomes buy order…

  • Chest (Dread in T13)
  • Legs (Dread in T12)
  • Shield is an awesome pseudo filler (Dread in T12)
    • This isn’t BiS but is 99% there.
  • Gauntlets (No ACC, careful when buying these…)
  • Belt (Dread in T11)
  • Earrings (Dread in T11)
  • Ring (Forced)(T10 Drop)
  • Bracelet (Use HA in the meantime: True Ice sucks)
  • Rest is Optional (Notes on weapon below)

Paladin should aim to get the Poetics weapon VERY LATE, as you will need a massive amount of tomes + T11 tome drop + t12 carbontwine for it to be significantly better than HA Blade.

Spending poetics on left side first is extremely viable since the raw +DEF and +MDEF (+VIT and +STR too) heavily outweight accessory purchases.

2.4 PLD Crafted Gear Viability

(Rest to follow, will update in a few hours!)

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PLD BiS & Options | PLD Poetics Buy Order

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