FFXIV Gladiator (GLD) Leveling Guide

How to level up your Gladiator (GLD) fast! Learn all about your skills, role actions, and how to level up HERE!

Hello aspiring Gladiators! Lemme thank you in advance for adding tanks into the pool for shorter queues! If you’ve come here then you’re likely in need of advice for leveling your Gladiator. Thankfully this is, in fact, a Gladiator Leveling Guide! Read on!

This page is strictly for Gladiator – focusing more on GLD specific info like skills, traits, and playstyle notes. The GENERAL PROCESS that you should be following is outlined in our GENERAL LEVELING GUIDE: Which you should be using ALONGSIDE THIS GUIDE.

Gladiator: Unlocking, and other basics

Leveling Methods, References and Reminders

In these boxes, I’ll put info that you’ll likely be referring to (or discovering) while leveling up your Gladiator.

EXP Grinding Methods
Bonus EXP and other EXP effects

Last but not least of these reminders, always logout at a sanctuary. It’s noted by the moon icon on the right side of your EXP bar. You gain rested EXP in these areas!

Gladiator Leveling – 01 to 30

If this is your first character:

L1 Skill UnlockedFast Blade: This is your basic attack, and eventually all of your combos start from the humble Fast Blade! “Spamming Fast Blade” is your only means of offense right now.

L1 Skill UnlockedFight or Flight: A generic DPS cooldown (physical damage only). Use as often as you can! Obviously, don’t pop it when majority of its duration will be wasted.

L4 Skill UnlockedSavage Blade: This combos from Fast Blade – giving us a significant boost in kill speed. It also generates a large amount of enmity, which is notable for dungeons.

L5 GLD Class Quest – check in on your guildmaster in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal – Gladiators’ Guild. These spawn every 5 levels up until 50, and can give you notable rewards (besides, you NEED to do them to become a Paladin).

L6 Skill UnlockedFlash: An AoE enmity generation skill. Keep in mind that this blinds all enemies it affects! Keep this blind in mind when you eventually speedrun dungeons, every little bit of mitigation helps in gigantic pulls.

L8 Role Actions unlocked!

L8 Role Action slot I unlockedRampart: is a generic damage reduction cooldown. While it’s decent in solo content, it shines in dungeons and, eventually, raids.

L10 Skill UnlockedRiot Blade: This combos from Fast Blade. THIS IS STRONGER THAN SAVAGE BLADE! Keep this in mind! If you have enough aggro on a mob (or are soloing) – Go Fast Blade into Riot Blade. Every bit of value counts!

L10 GLD Class Quest – check in on your guildmaster in Ul’dah – Gladiators’ Guild.

L10 Hmm... Guildhests?

L12 Role Action slot II unlockedLow Blow: is amazing in low levels where you almost never pull more than 3 mobs. Stunning a mob in a pack of 2 is a 50% damage reduction! In a pack of 3 it’s 33%! Stunning one guy is 100%!

L15 GLD Class Quest unlocks Shield Lob: check in on your guildmaster in Ul’dah – Gladiators’ Guild.

Shield Lob is a generic ranged skill which gives bonus enmity.

L15 Unlocks - Duty Roulette Leveling

Tanking Gear and YOU

L16 Role Actions Slot III UnlockedProvoke: is a godlike tank role action, and one you should familiarize yourself with as early as now. It gives you top enmity on a target mob, but only by a single point. Always follow it up right after – the usual is Provoke into Shield Lob. While it’s crap for soloing, it’s a MUST HAVE in any other type of content.

L17 Unlocks - Challenge Log

L18 Skill UnlockedShield Bash: Ah, this skill is actually amazing in the lower levels. An on-demand stun is very powerful in dungeons. I used it as “pseudo mitigation” – stunning multiple mobs in a pack severely reduces your damage taken.

L20 Trait UnlockedEnhanced Vitality

L20 Role Action Slot IV UnlockedConvalescence: increases incoming heals. It’s obviously quite bad as we don’t really have access to healing skills right now (it does affect your healer Chocobo!).

L20 GLD Class Quest – check in on your guildmaster in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal – Gladiators’ Guild.

L24 Role Actions Slot V UnlockedAnticipation: Increases parry rate. This is an amazing cooldown when facing 3 or more mobs.

L25 GLD Class Quest – check in on your guildmaster in Ul’dah – Gladiators’ Guild.

L26 Skill Unlocked Rage of Halone: a combo finisher! Rage of Halone combos from Fast Blade > Savage Blade into Rage of Halone.

Once you hit level 30 FULL STOP! It’s time you evolve into a job class – in your case that’s Paladin (PLD)! The prerequisites to unlocking the quest are simply finishing ALL GLD class quests up to level 30.

L30 Class quest unlocksShield Swipe, and the prereq for Paladin:

Shield Swipe: is an “off-gcd” skill which does some DPS and pacifies. It triggers whenever you block. Use it whenever it procs!

Completing this quest marks your final class quest as Gladiator. You now have the right to become a Paladin!

How to become a Paladin?

The quest to become a Paladin is Paladin’s Pledge, found in Gladiators’ Guild. Completing this quest gives you Soul of the Paladin, and the skill Shield of Oath.

Soul of the Paladin is your job soul crystal. To become a Paladin you merely have to equip it (it’s on the lower right most equipment slot). Equipping the soul crystal is a tiny bit of a hassle since you have to rebind your skills, and reconfigure your equipment set. But it’s okay since you’ll likely never be a Gladiator again.

And with that YOU’RE DONE WITH LEVELING Gladiator! Congrats! Feel free to proceed to the Paladin Leveling Guide. Hopefully our Gladiator Leveling Guide helped you out. Never break the oath, friend.

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  1. Excellent guide, short and sweet. (Issue: Says at the end that you need lvl 15 marauder for paladin instead of conjurer)

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