Give them the STICK with your Dragoon and kit it RIGHT with our DRG BiS Guide for 2.4! Dragoons have FINALLY something to be happy about. They are the only DPS class this time around with NEAR PERFECT STATS on their items! BiS is possible with ZERO SKILLSPEED. Gearing up this time around is a no-brainer. In contrast to other classes, 2.4 Dragoon BiS is SET IN STONE.

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DRG BiS & Options | DRG Poetics Buy Order

WeaponDreadwyrm Spear
HeadDreadwyrm Barbut of Maiming
BodyAugmented Ironworks Cuirass of Maiming
HandDreadwyrm Vambraces of Maiming
WaistDreadwyrm Tassets of Maiming
LegsAugmented Ironworks Hose of Maiming
BootsAugmented Ironworks Sollerets of Maiming
NeckDreadwyrm Choker of Slaying
EarsAugmented Ironworks Earrings of Slaying
WristAugmented Ironworks Bracelet of Slaying
RingAugmented Ironworks Ring of Slaying
RingDreadwyrm Ring of Slaying
FoodBlack Truffle RisottoFlint Caviar
Akpallu Omelette
(Frontal Accuracy)

No fluff at all. The DRG BiS set in 2.4 is made for sticking it to your enemies without any BS. Even WHERE the gear drops is completely amazing (All T10 and T11, only ring in Phoenix)

2.4 DRG Poetics Tomes Buy Order

So what do these other Dragoons buy with their poetics in order?

  • Weapon (See notes)
  • Chest Dread is t11.
  • Legs Dread is t13
  • Boots Dread in t13
  • Ring : Forced (Dread in t13)
  • Ears Dread in t13
  • Wrist (Use True Ice as a filler in the meantime)
  • The rest is optional

Tomestone weapon will never be BiS, especially more so in 2.4 Dragoons case. BUT it is an amazing filler until you get your spear from Bahamut. Helps out heaps with Accuracy, too! This becomes alot more attractive if you can realistically get the tome and carbontwine from 11 and 12 respectively. HP is the only downside to dragoon (Sucky MDEF), as such, prioritizing left side pieces is more legit than rushing the t13 Ring.

2.4 DRG Crafted Gear Viability

To follow!

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DRG BiS & Options | DRG Poetics Buy Order

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