FFXIV 2.4 Patch information compilation! We will update it as information comes!

Ah, the mindless facerolling continues in 2.2, huh? Let our Bard BiS gear guide make PEWPEWing easier (if it was even possible!)

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Exact accuracy cap for back/flank isnt 100% known, but 498 seems to be a good number! Besides, making exact isn’t worth it for bards since you’ll be sacrificing a TON of crit if you do!

511 is the max attainable Crit Rate WHILE using the highest ilevel gear. When using Rosenbogen, this number increases to 544.

No T9 Drop
Notable Fillers (NOT A SET)
WeaponHigh Allagan BowRosenbogen
HeadHigh Allagan Mask of AimingHigh Allagan Mask of Aiming> Allagan Visor of Aiming
BodyAuroral TabardAuroral Tabard == High Allagan Coat of Aiming
HandHigh Allagan Gloves of AimingHigh Allagan Gloves of Aiming> Saurian Gloves of Aiming
WaistAuroral SashAuroral Sash-
LegsHigh Allagan Breeches of AimingHigh Allagan Breeches of Aiming> Any i90 (Myth, T5 or Crafted)
BootsAuroral Boots Auroral Boots -
NeckHigh Allagan Choker of AimingHigh Allagan Choker of Aiming> Ribbon of Aiming
EarsAuroral EarringsAuroral Earrings-
WristHigh Allagan Bracelets of AimingAuroral Wristlets **-
RingAuroral RingAuroral Ring-
RingHigh Allagan Ring of AimingHigh Allagan Ring of Aiming> Weathered Auroral Ring
FoodApkallu OmeletteLava Toad Legs

Set 1 is simple. It’s the best possible Bard set, the only refinements being your preference of DET/SS, but even so that is extremely marginal.

Set 2 is designed as your first goal. It shares all auroral pieces with the first set, and the only extra soldiery purchase you need is Auroral Wristlets.

Bad luck with drops? Need filler gear? Check out the third table above, and the Gear Notes.

2.2 Bard Soldiery Tomes Buy Order

“Does is have crit herp derp”… If you’ve asked yourself “What do BRD’s purchase first with my tomes of Sol?” – Here’s the answer!

  • Rosenbogen *only if you’re neat UAT.
  • Auroral Tabard (the HA is in T9)
  • Auroral Earring is a great piece all around.
  • Auroral Ring it’s one of two i110’s!
  • Auroral Sash (Only marginally better than HA)
  • Auroral Boots (Only marginally better than HA)
  • Auroral Wristlets is technically optional but great to have.

After the above the rest is OPTIONAL.

  • Auroral Bracers = VERY SUITABLE Substitute for bis.
  • Auroral Coif = same as above.
  • Auroral Choker is meh. use ribbon!!!!
  • Auroral Brais, not just trash, but the definition of it.

2.2 BRD Gear Notes

Bards are quite easy to gear up this time around. Basically your fist goal is to fill up the “No T9 drop” set first. the only piece that will ever be wasted is the AURORAL WRIST.

Basically the only difference between set 1 and 2 is :

  • -High Allagan Bow, +Rosenbogen.
  • -High Allagan Bracelet of Aiming, +Auroral Wristband.
  • -Apkallu Omelette, +Lava Toad Legs.

Bad luck with Coil drops? 

  • i90 Myth Head as a sub to High Allagan Head.
  • Saurian Gloves of aiming (See melding below)
  • Legs? Any i90 (T5, Myth, or Cashmere) are viable.
  • Neck? Ribbon of aiming is legit. Dont waste sol on Auroral Choker.
  • Wrist? Buying Auroral wristlet is part of the Rosenbogen BiS!
  • Ring? Use Weathered/Unweathered OR…
  • …any i90 ring in the meantime

Further note on legs: The T5 legs give huge accuracy and decent crit. It’s a great filler piece to have.

2.2 BRD Crafted Gear Viability

I only placed Crafted Gear as Alternatives to High Allagan (if you’re getting nyerked by RNG coil drops). I find it useless to substitute any Auroral piece with crafted since its only a matter of time until you get them.

Saurian Gloves of Aiming – Cost effective melding:
Heavens Eye IV, Heavens Eye IV, Savage Aim III, Heavens Eye II

The rest aren’t really that good IMO. There are numerous suitable replacements without having to waste a ton of gil.

[Page 1: 2.2 Gear] [Page 2: Pre-Turn 6 Gear]
BRD BiS & Options | BRD Soldiery Buy Order | BRD Gear Notes

Good luck gearing your Bard! This page be updated as more gear will be introduced into the game. Want to add something? Violent Reactions? Comment Below! For updates, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter – also check us out on YouTube and Twitch.