Wondering what the Bard BiS Gear is in 2.4 (like many others, I presume!). You’ve found the right guide! Let me be honest with you, the stats on aiming gear this time around isn’t so good (an understatement). LUCKILY I’ve taken some pains to give you guys some really great and PRACTICAL gear progression tips and pieces. There are 2 lists for BiS… one being a Standard list which uses the highest item level. The second list is a powerful, creative upgrade path, that seems to bypass Bards unfortunate gear in 2.4 – give this list a try! I suggest you read and understand the whole page: Bard gearing is a little tricky in 2.4+

2.5+ Update: With the addition of 110 Accessories and Demon Gear from WoD, we can come up with a much better BiS.

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BRD BiS & Options | BRD Poetics Buy Order

NIN BiSTrue BiSNotableFull i130
WeaponDreadwyrm LongbowYoichi Bow ZetaDreadwyrm Longbow
HeadAugmented Ironworks Mask of Aiming-Augmented Ironworks Mask of Aiming
BodyDemon Tabard of AimingKirimu Coat (Notes Below)Dreadwyrm Tabard of Aiming
HandAugmented Ironworks Vambraces of Aiming-Dreadwyrm Bracers of Aiming
WaistDreadwyrm Sash of AimingAugmented Ironworks Belt of AimingDreadwyrm Sash of Aiming
LegsDreadwyrm Breeches of Aiming-Dreadwyrm Breeches of Aiming
BootsAugmented Ironworks Legguards of Aiming-Augmented Ironworks Legguards of Aiming
NeckPlatinum Scarf of RangingAugmented Ironworks Choker of AimingAugmented Ironworks Choker of Aiming
EarsPlatinum Earrings of RangingDreadwyrm Earring of AimingDreadwyrm Earring of Aiming
WristDreadwyrm Bracelet of Aiming-Dreadwyrm Bracelet of Aiming
RingAugmented Ironworks Ring of Aiming-Augmented Ironworks Ring of Aiming
RingIronworks Ring of Aiming-Dreadwyrm Ring of Aiming
FoodFlint CaviarAkpallu Omelette

2.5 Bard BiS Melding Notes (added Kirimu Coat since it’s so notable)

BRD 2.5 BiS Melds     
Platinum Scarf of RangingCRIT IVCRIT IVFREE (VIT or DET)FREE (VIT or DET)FREE (VIT or DET)
Platinum Earrings of RangingACC IVACC IVFREE (VIT or DET)FREE (VIT or DET)FREE (VIT or DET)
Platinum Earrings of RangingACC IVFREE (VIT or DET)FREE (VIT or DET)ACC IIIACC II

Weapon: For the most part, Dreadwyrm Bow and Yoichi Bow Zeta have no difference, Since they should be maxed on crit. If you have accuracy on your Yoichi bow – switch the belt to Ironworks from dread.

Still have your Kirimu Coat from days past? That’s fine – As long as you’re not grossly over accuracy cap, it’s pretty much equal to the Demon Shirt. If you bought this way back, you’ve gotten your moneys worth ey?

A few notes of the “True BiS” Bard list. 2.4+ has never been kind on bards, but we have a lot of good things going for us here…
– Kirimu Coat can be used in place of Demon (Meld a ton of crit)
– Augmented + Unaugmented Ironworks ring is really the way to go.
– Only TWO 110 crafted accessories (whew.. gil saving)

This build ha 532 accuracy with no food (99.96~), and goes a bit over cap with any crit food. If you want to prevent this, simply change some accuracy melds into DET. But honestly, it’s not a huge deal. It’s always better to be above cap slightly than below.

2.4 BRD Poetics Tomes Buy Order

Whats the 2.4 Bard Poe tome purchase order? Here’s a good outline: (Due to the limitation on stats, we won’t necessarily buy the highest turn drops first..)

  • Weapon (See notes)
  • Head (Dread t12)
  • Boots (Dread t11)
  • Ring (Dread t12)
  • Ring #2 (Only if your first ring is upgraded with Carboncoat) (See crafted if you don’t like this)
  • Neck (Dread t11)
  • Hands (Dread t10)
  • Belt (Dread t10)

Prioritize left-side if you’re struggling in T13!

Don’t rush weapon IF you’re some ways off the Tome from T11, and Carbontwine from T12. A CHUNKY amount of poetics for 5 ilevels (Compared to HA Bow) is better spent elsewhere if your group is stuck in the lower turns. NOTE THAT EVEN IF YOU CAN BUY IT, the stats are horrendous – you’re better off buying the pieces above in the list. Farm an HA Bow if you don’t already have it. You can beat Bahamut Prime with a 115 weapon.

2.4 BRD Crafted Gear Viability

Lets start with two pieces of Bard Crafted gear that will MAKE YOUR LIFE ALOT EASIER. The coat is essentially PART of the PRACTICAL BiS! The legs are a sickeningly good filler until you get yours from Phoenix!


(old school formatting below)

Kirimu Coat is the only 110 gear that gives accuracy. The Poe chest gives it but the stats suck (And it costs 800+!!)
Cost effective melds: CRIT IV, CRIT IV, CRIT III x 3.
Alternative: CRIT IV, DET IV, CRIT III x 2, DET II

Kirimu Brais is an AMAZING piece, so much so that if you never get your Phoenix legs, this will carry you past t13 and beyond!!! (This is the BEST 110 leg!)
Cost effective melds: CRIT IV, CRIT IV, CRIT III x 3.
Alternative: CRIT IV, DET IV, CRIT III x 2, DET II (Same melding strategy as the coat)

How about the other Crafted 110’s for bard? (My notes to those..)
Every piece of Crafted gear is VIABLE for bard. Only Arachne Sash has skillspeed BUT it’s the only belt in 110 that CAN have accuracy. So it still has a niche role! There are only two categories for the gear.. But they have a limited usefulness ONLY to those who have poetics to replace them. No doubt that these will be replaced by POE gear sooner or later. (Will add melding strats if requested)

On a closing note: It’s easy to “reach accuracy cap and minimize wasted stats” with bard (or any class), but with the current bard gear… some ingenuity definitely helped in maximizing use of poetics in relation to the growth of your bard. While I’m sure i’ll be criticized for pushing something like the second list (Heavy reliance on crafted 110!?!?!), those who seek VALUE will definitely understand my thinking getting there.

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BRD BiS & Options | BRD Poetics Buy Order

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