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Here is a chart of each FFXIV A Realm Reborn Race, Subrace and their corresponding stats.

RoegadynSea Wolves221823172119
Mi'QoteSeekers of the Sun212220181920
Mi'QoteKeepers of the Moon182117192322

Determining the “best” starting race for Physical and Magical classes.

If you’re somewhat unsure of what exact advanced job you want to be, but want to generally chase either the physical or magical stats, this chart can help you choose your race.

See also: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats & Attributes Guide. (Opens in new Tab)

Here we can make a few assumptions.

Highest overall physical racial stats: Hyur Highlanders (65). Followed by Sea Wolves tied with Seekers (63).

Highest overall magical racial stats: Lalafell Dunefolk (66). Followed by Keepers (64), then Hellsguard and Plainsfolk (62) tied at third.

The safest most versatile picks with the least variance (No stat with +3/-3) are Midlanders (60-60), Duskwights (59-61), followed by Plainsfolk and Hellsguard (58-62). These are the best choices if you feel you need a mix of both PHYS and MAG stats. Not coincidentally, these are probably the best races for Hybrid characters (Paladin?)

Wildwood is the safest archer pick (Dex+3), followed by Seekers and Plainsfolk (Dex+2)

Highest Single Stat Available

If you’re chasing a single stat, here’s the Highest stats amongst the races. And the corresponding classes which consider them most important.

STR: Hyur Highlander (Lancer / Dragoon) (Pugilist / Monk)
DEX: Elezen Wildwood (Archer / Bard)
VIT: Roegadyn Sea Wolves (Gladiator / Paladin) (Marauder / Warrior)
INT: Elezen Duskwight (Thaumaturge /Black Mage)
MND: Mi’Qote Keeper of the Moon (Conjurer / White Mage)
PIE: Lalafell Dunefolk (these guys make pretty good Arcanists / Scholars / Summoners)

Maximizing Two Stats

The more understanding we have of the classes, the more we know how beneficial each stat is to each one. If for example we find that Paladins benefit greatly from VIT+PIETY, what race would we choose for that? Note: We can only make the most out of this once we have a better understanding of the stats.


Sea Wolves404539434141353937404442383640

See also: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats & Attributes Guide. (Opens in new Tab)

What do these stats do?

All information currently known about stats can be found here: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats & Attributes Guide. (Opens in new Tab)
Still in Character creation? See also: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Gods guide. (Opens in new Tab)

Key points to remember:

  • The total stats of each race and subrace is equal at 120.
  • Character customization can pretty erase all cosmetic distinction between subraces. Choose whatever you want!
  • All races have a subrace which is more suited towards “Physical” classes, and a subrace more suted towards “Magical” classes.
  • Ultimately, as long as you chose appropriately and build properly, the small differences in starting stats accounts for much less than a 0.5% difference end-game.

It’s highly likely you checked this page out to help you on what class you’re going to choose. For your convenience we’re going to link those for you.
Physical: Archer (Bard) | Gladiator (Paladin) | Lancer (Dragoon) | Marauder  (Warrior) | Pugilist (Monk)
Magical: Arcanist (Scholars) (Summoners) | Conjurer (White Mage) | Thaumaturge (Black Mage)

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Don't miss the hype! Check our Heavensward Information page! Get EARLY ACCESS: Pre-order Heavensward (NA) and get a HEAD START!