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Jumping into the world of FFXIV A Realm Reborn? New to the game, and need that extra hand to give you a headstart? You’ve come to the right place! The goal of this guide is to give you a birds eye view of what will help you get settled into FFXIV, providing you links to detailed information along the way!

Step 1: Pre-order / Buy the game

Can’t play a game without buying the game! While you still can, pre-order for early access to the game Besides Squares pre-order page, if you want to save on a few bucks, you can pre-order from these sites. (Affiliate Links)

Pre-ordering has its own benefits, click here to find out more. You can also use Playstation Network Cards to buy!

Step 2: Download the Client and Patch

Bought it? Nice. Now to make an account for FFXIV (Square Enix Link) first. Then, you need to download the latest ffxiv client.(Link downloads the file) Run the client and patch if needed. All set?

Step 3: Create a Character!

Arguably the most important choice you’re going to make in the game is what class you’re primarily going to play. If you have no idea about them, you can get a brief description of the ffxiv classes here. We’ll also put each class guide here, for your reference.

Base Class (Advanced Job)
Disciples of War: Archer (Bard) | Gladiator (Paladin) | Lancer (Dragoon) | Marauder (Warrior) | Pugilist (Monk)
Disciples of Magic: Arcanist (Scholar)(Summoner) | Conjurer (White Mage) | Thaumaturge (Black Mage)

What class you pick determines your starting city:
Archer, Lancer, Conjurer: Gridania.
Thaumaturge, Gladiator, Pugilist: Ul’dah.
Arcanist, Marauder: Limsa Lominsa.

So you’ve picked a class, great! Now for RACE. If you don’t know by now what race to choose for your specific class: check out our Racial Stats Guide.

The final step is Choosing Your God. TL;DR God choice is pretty much irrelevant right now.

SERVER CHOICE is also very important. Testing your lag to various server groups should be one of your main concerns. If you have a JP server as your lowest ping, but are afraid of not having any English people to talk to, dont be afraid! Tonberry server is the “unofficial” non-legacy server for people like us. Masamune is the Legacy counterpart.

Alternatively, if you’re part of the Asian/Oceanic region and want to play on NA, Behemoth is the “unofficial” server for this. (Please comment if we are wrong)

Step 4: Leveling up

The basics: Level 1 – 15: First of all you’re going to want to read our General Leveling guide. On your first login, try to reach Level 10 Story Quest. Why? Because that’s around the time you unlock Levequests. Long story short, you gain 3 ‘Leve Allowances’ every 12 hours, and they’re pretty useful for leveling up. They even add up while the server is down! You also unlock the ability to get other classes, but now isn’t the right time for that. 

You also now do Guildhests! Queue up for them now and gain some quick & massive EXP. Note if you are a damage dealing class, these queues might take a while, so complete the next tasks on this list while waiting!

What to do when you are Level 15?  Reaching level 15 story quest also unlocks the airship pass – now is the perfect time to pickup your crafting & gathering classes, as you will be forced to visit the other cities anyway!

For quick reference, here’s the basic we recommend:
ARC: Carpentry, Leatherworking, Botany
GLD: Armorsmithing, Mining (Goldsmithing)
LNC: Carpentry, Leatherworking, Botany
MRD: Blacksmithing, Armorsmithing, Mining
PUG: Goldsmithing, Mining, Leatherworking, Botany
ACN: Alchemist, Weaving, Botany (Mining)
CNJ: Carpentry, Weaving, Botany
THM: Goldsmithing, Mining (Weaving, Botany)

Note that ever class can benefit from Goldsmithing (Accessories), Alchemy (Consumables), and Culinarian (Food Buffs)

Very soon after, you’re going to be doing your first dungeon. Welcome to your first Dungeon – Sastasha.
Right after that, the next dungeon you have to go to is Tam-Tara Deepcroft And the last ‘tutorial dungeon’, Copperbell Mines.

Since you’re around Copperbell, Unlock the armor Dye system. For characters who didn’t start in Ul’dah, this is a good time to get it. Don’t worry though, you’ll be visiting Vesper Bay A LOT.

What to do when you are Level 20?

For open beta, this is the level cap.

This would be a great time to level up the other classes required to get your Job. As of right now, there is no concrete evidence as to what the job requirements are for ARR post Phase 4, and launch. The very second these are discovered, we will be updating all Class pages, Job pages, and putting a table up on this post. (Update: Job Requirements Guide – all we know right now)

If you followed your story quest, around this time you’ll be at the quest “Life Materia and Everything”. This is the best time to Unlock the Materia System. Do not mistake those quests for ‘useless low level quests’.

Grand Companies are now unlocked for you as well! The best part about getting into a Grand Company is getting your Personal Chocobo. Remember to ride it around as much as you can, and use it as a party member when soloing. Chocobos are potentially the largest time-saver you’ll ever get.

If you’re into crafting or gathering, this is the perfect time to level them up to around your level. We recommend getting all crafting /gathering classes to at least level 10-15. Why? It’s a long explanation but we will post our link to that once we have it up.


  • Purchase Game / Register Account / Beta Code
  • Class -> Most important decision you’ll make.
  • Race -> Make an informed choice.
  • God, Now get into the game!
  • Rush to level 10 (Unlock Levequests & Guildhests)
  • Don’t forget to complete your Class Hunting Logs alongside your level
  • Get to 15: . Optional while visiting other cities-> Crafting / Gathering classes.
  • Don’t act like a newb fighting the Copperbell Ooze.
  • Get to 20: Materia, Grand Company, Chocobo. Level up other classes required for your Job.
  • While the information is tentative check out our: Job Requirements Guide
  • If you feel like you’re missing something, use the search on the uppermost area of the right sidebar.

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Don't miss the hype! Check our Heavensward Information page! Get EARLY ACCESS: Pre-order Heavensward (NA) and get a HEAD START!