FFXIV Mining Leveling Guide (Updated 50 to 60)

MORE UPDATES! to level 50+! Level up Mining Quickly! Mining Quests Items? Finding Mining Nodes? Stop wasting time! Power Level your Miner!


Mining Level 50 to 60 (Heavensward Miner leveling)

So you’ve finally stepped into Ishgard as a Miner, ey? Well, luckily that the level 50 to 60 content is a lot better compared to 1 to 50. Leveling up seems a lot more dynamic, and there’s a little more to do (Collectibles & Scrips). Also, the materials seem to be more useful, whatever you decide to gather. Anyways, lets get to it! The guide begins with a chunky amount of basic information which I suggest you read, then proceeds to the nitty gritty of leveling your miner.

Quick Navigation – Miner level: [Pre 50] [50 to 54] [55 to 60]

Quick Mining Collectible & Rotation reference

1Yellow Copper Ore284Coerthas Western Highlands ~(31, 22)12 ETSlot 2
2Yellow Quartz400The Churning Mists ~(35, 21)2 ETSlot 4Same node as Green Quartz.
2Pyrite360Dravinian Forelands ~(27, 17)10 ETSlot 3Same node as Chalcocite, Limonite
3Limonite400Dravinian Forelands ~(27, 17)10 ETSlot 4Same node as Pyrite, Chalcocite
3Green Quartz400The Churning Mists ~(35, 21)2 ETSlot 6Same node as Yellow Quartz.
3Chalcocite400Dravinian Forelands ~(27, 17)10 ETSlot 2Same node as Pyrite, Limonite
4Light Kidney Ore450Dravanian Hinterlands (lower right)2 ETSlot 3(Scrip) Same node as Cuprite
4Abalathian Rock Salt450Sea of Clouds (7,8)12 ETSlot 1(Scrip) Same node as Red Quartz
4Fossilized Dragon Bone450?Churning Mists, Landlord ColonyANYRandomAlways up but RARE.
5Red Quartz450Sea of Clouds (7,8)12 ETSlot 6(Scrip) Same node as A. Rock Salt
5Tektite450?Churning Mists, Landlord ColonyANYRandomAlways up but RARE.
6Cuprite450Dravanian Hinterlands (lower right)2 ETSlot 2(Scrip) Same node as L. Kidney Ore

Mining Collectible Rotations (Scrub tier 600 GP)

Before you begin your journey to 60 Miner…

Here’s a small checklist of things you should do before heading out to Ishgard.

  • Visit Adelberta in the Miners Guild (Ul’dah), you’ll be directed to your new ‘GM’ in Ishgard.
  • Class quests are now every 2 levels! Be sure to check often.  (53, 55, etc)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Unlock Gathering Scrips & Collectables.
    • The quest is called Inscrutable Tastes, found in Ishgard (Just slightly north from the Ishgard Aetheryte plaza!)
  • Semi important: Unlock the 50+ Mining Levequests in Ishgard.
  • Help! I can’t unlock these quests!? Do the Ishgardian side-quest: Taking in the Sights.

Get to Miner level 51: You can’t see the new mining nodes before then.

Do whatever it is you’ve been doing to get to 50. Levequests in MD, GC Submits, or straight up grinding with your new Commercial Survival Manual. You can access a new mining node in Coerthas Western Highlands, but the loot you get is somewhat useless (It does have a high material level, so if your gear is up to snuff you can grind on these). Hell, you can even do the Mining Levequests in Ishgard!


While I admire you miners out there that want to rush mining only, trying to mine without a flying mount attuned to the map is absolutely crazy. Luckily THERE IS A NEW SYSTEM TO HELP YOU LEVEL UP YOUR MINER…

Got to Miner 50~? Welcome to the world of Scrips and Collectibles!

So lemme give you a short tutorial on the basics of collectibles and scrips. In non-60 terms, there are unspoiled nodes out there in the world which, when GATHERED AS A COLLECTIBLE, gives you a unique, unsellable item whose only use it to be handed in to an NPC in Mor Dhona for EXP and scrips! Let me put it in simpler terms: Your miner can get hundreds and thousands of EXP per unspoiled collectible mining node. So how does this work? A basic mining collectible guide:

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  • You will get 2 new skills at 50: Collectors Glove and Methodical Appraisal.
  • Upon approaching a ‘collectible’ node (or any node) you can press Collectors Glove to see if there are any.
  • Yes? Ok now click it to mine it… WHOA! Mind blown! Mining mini-game! Hows does it work!?
  • Increase an items collectability by any Appraisal skill (In your newbie case, Methodical Appraisal)
  • Whoa! “Wear” went up by 10! Yeah, don’t let it pass the maximum.
  • Once you reached a collectability you desire, press on collect to mine them.

ffxiv mining collectible scrip sample

Perception increases collectability. Each appraisal and collect reduces node HP. Sometimes, MORE pieces for submission beats HIGHER QUALITY pieces – at least DURING the leveling process. You can see in the picture above: I can easily get the ‘tier 2 appraisal’ by using 3 appraisal skills, but if I only appraise twice but gather an extra time, that’s around 180k EXP versus 130k~. (See more: Scrips & Collectibles guide).

Do not bother with collectibles if you have less than 600 GP. Use food if you have to.

Back in the day, leveling miner, it was all about the levequests. Now – it’s all about this.


Mining 50 to 51 quick notes:

  • Is it nearly 12 ET? Go to Coerthas Western Highlands and get your Yellow Copper. If not, then…
  • Try out the Mining levequests in Ishgard. If not, then…
  • Try out the Mining temple levequests in Ishgard. If not, then…
  • Submit your GC daily. If done, then…
  • Leves in Mor Dhona? Grind any material? If not, then…
  • Repeat cycle until 51.

Mining Level 50 – 52

Mining collectibles unlocked:
(50): Yellow Copper Ore | Coerthas Western Highlands ~ (X Y) | 12:00 Eorzea time

Mining Next (53) Quest Item: You can pre-emptively farm 10 HQ Mythrite Ore in Coerthas West.

Mining temple levequests: are just beefier version of the regular ones. So any notes for miner leves apply to these too. On a general thought, Temple leves are very time efficient, but levequest allowance inefficient. They cost 10x the amount, but award maybe 4x? Not that ideal for leveling your miner, but ideal for slicing through a massive excess of leves.

What I did in this tier: I tunneled hard on Yellow Copper Ore. You can do the same if you’re leveling botany to ‘double up’ on EXP (2ET Dravanian Forelands, Old World Fig). If you wanna grind, which I did in between unspoiled nodes – grind the living hell out of Mythrite Sand. Your quest item, Mythrite Ore is also legit, and luckily all of these nodes can be found in CWH!!! Use leves if you want to, but I didn’t need ’em. These unspoiled EXP nodes are real.

The (50) Mining Levequests you want is: The Merits of Upcycling > Taken for Granite
50 Temp(L)e: Breaking BeaconsThe Basics of Forgery
The (52) Mining Levequest you want isPermit for Destruction of Religious Property (There’s only one Evaluation Leve afaik)
52 Templ(L)e: Rose Never Lets Go (There’s only one Evaluation Leve afaik)


Are you still using Mammon? Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a Mythrite Pickaxe. The NQ version can be NPC bought at Dravinian Forelands (32,23), and is slightly worse than the Mammon Supra. If you can craft or buy an HQ version: It ALMOST puts the damn Mammon Lucis to shame. Meld it a little? GG old world items.


Ok, I know of some OC people who want to evade doing quests or have something against using NQ items, or would like to leave at a 99 stack of items – but each millisecond you don’t do your 53 miner quest is value lost. Why? I’m happy you asked!

Should I buy HQ 53 gear? It really depends on your needs. Personally I did not have that much of a problem. As long as you have 600 GP and some brain cells, you’re OK. If you’re poor save the money for the 55 set (which I’ll be talking about later). If you’re rich: ‘cha-ching’.

Mining Level 52 – 54

Please check the level 53 note above. It’s useful. Tunnel onward at your own loss.

Mining collectibles unlocked:
(52): Yellow Quartz
|The Churning Mists ~ (X Y) | 12:00 Eorzea time
(52): Pyrite
 | Dravinian Forelands ~ (27, 17) | 10:00 Eorzea time

Mining Next (53) Quest Item: 10 HQ Mythrite Ore in Coerthas West.
Mining Next (55) Quest Item
: You can pre-emptively farm 10(?) HQ Titanium Ore in Dravanian Forelands, Chocobo Forest area.

What I did during this tier: Depending on your gear the 400 or 450 nodes will be difficult. If you’re trying to mine a new one use “The Tryhard“: Reveal hit (Discerning Eye + Methodical Appraisal x2),  (Utmost Caution + Methodical Appraisal x2),  Collect x1. (See Gathering Scrip Farming & Rotation, for clarity). I mean, I can’t possibly know your gear level and other specifics, so it’s best to go tryhard then adjust downwards if needed.

If grinding: Mythrite sand and ore are OK still. But now that your gear is better, I highly suggest grinding on good ol’ Titanium Ore. If you’re a crafter, you’ll be needing quite a bit of these. It also happens to be your next quest item, so amassing these is going to happen anyway! If you’re wondering what gem to mine if Titanium doesn’t show up, Star Sapphire is generally more valuable than Star Ruby – as it’s used in more recipes. But I’m assuming both are dirt cheap since most people want the titanium, and are forced to farm something else. As a note, when you’re max level and farming this node – go for the Fire Shard.

The (52) Mining Levequest you want isPermit for Destruction of Religious Property (Only one Evaluation Leve AFAIK)
(52) Templ(L)eRose Never Lets Go (Only one Evaluation Leve AFAIK)
The (54) Mining Levequest you want is: Talk about Boundaries From Creepers to Squatters
(54) Temp(L)eHIstory Needs Some Revisions > All Of These Bases Belong to Us

Mining Level 55+: The turning point.

OK! So I’m putting a special note here. At this point, and at 56, the game literally changes. A lot of choices can be made for efficiency, speed, and maximum value while leveling. I will be putting another page to this guide very soon (Since this one is getting pretty long). Please look forward to it.

I’m putting  a ‘next page’ here due to some serious page load-time warnings. Go to the MIN 54+!

Miner level: [Pre 50] [50 to 54] [55 to 60]

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  1. Hey, just a head’s up, you don’t have to use Deep Vigor/Brunt Force twice in order to keep the effect of it. Use it once at Chain #4 and it applies to all gathers afterward, so those +2 Gathering Attempt nodes can really really help you out.

  2. On that last part for the lvl 60 Mining Quest help fro getting the Adamantite Ore, you need to change “Ageless Words” (BTN) to “Solid Reason” (MIN). I got kinda confused what you were talking about and was looking everywhere through all my actions and the node ran out on me :(

  3. Kinda nit-picky comment, but I actually checked in my Actions list to see if I needed to drag Toil of the Pioneer onto my hotbar for MIN… then I realized it was a non-crossclass skill and what I needed was Toil of the Mountaineer, which was already on my hotbar.

  4. Um… Nothing big, I’m just OCD and I noticed it says the 46-50 node locations are in “Bluefrog” but it’s actually called “Bluefog” lolol Just thought I should say something ^.^

      1. Just anted to say thanks sooo much for making this guide! It is so so so helpful. And I also thought it was camp Bluefrog for the longest time lol. We should just unofficially rename it. *nods*

  5. Hey, you have not one, not two, but three different values here for the lvl 15 miner’s quest. In the list at the beginning, you say 15 HQ Cinnabars. In the actual 11-15 section, you say 10 HQ Cinnabars at the beginning in bold type, but then when going through what to stockpile for grinding in that level range, you imply that it’s 20: “40 Cinnabar (20 for the quest)”

    I just did the quest and I know it’s 10, but maybe make it not so ambiguous.

  6. Hi I started to follow this guide and went of on a tangent when I discovered otherwise to make profit while grinding out my levels.
    What I did simply was from 50-52 I leve quested taking the Quality quests (The merits of Upcycling and Taken for Granite) then from 52 onwards I proceeded to hard grind Mythrite Sand in CWH while collecting Yellow Copper Ore at each 12 interval. Originally I used the safety Toil of the Mountain > 3 Methodical with gaining 3 Then moved to Toil of the Mountain > 1 Methodical with 1 Utmost Caution Instinctual at 55 until until 57.
    At 57 I kept collecting Mythrite during the off time from Yellow Copper but moved to doing toil of the Mountain > 1 Instinctual and depending on my I RNG (As Methodical rolls 115 with HQ 52 Pickaxe, 53 Quest sledge and full NQ 55 from moghome!) would depend what I do. If I rolled well on Instinctual I would Single Mind Methodical and have over my 240 and get 5 whole rocks! (That’s 300k every 35 minutes boys and girls!) otherwise I would have to utmost Caution followed by two Methdoicals and take 4 home. At 58 Mythrite sand really dips its exp gain so I set CWH as Home as Return was up every time I needed it and farmed Titanium from The Forelands.
    This is baring in mind not having materia melded, not really buying HQ gear (I was using mining to make some money!!!) and having definitely less than 600gp. (I have 572 gosh HQ accs are expensive post 50)

    1. I love you!
      “…toil of the Mountain > 1 Instinctual and depending on my I RNG (As Methodical rolls 115 with HQ 52 Pickaxe, 53 Quest sledge and full NQ 55 from moghome!) would depend what I do. If I rolled well on Instinctual I would Single Mind Methodical and have over my 240 and get 5 whole rocks!…”

      works perfect ^^

  7. For a bit more info; The mining-dravania bluescrip book unlocks Aurum Regis Ore (mainhand) and Blue Quartz (offhand)

  8. Cuprite is Slot 2, not 3. Adamantite is Slot 6 in Azys Lla at 11 ET AM/PM with a min collectability of 470.

  9. Hi, I am new here and recently started mining following this awesome guide. Currently level 16 and I am wondering if it is faster to grind or just to do the levequest for each 5 level?

    1. A mix of both, but keep in mind you have to preserve leves if you’re going for DOH, or other DOL classes

  10. I think Dragonproofing is a better leve, don’t you? Its still a good chunk of exp with less than half the work Sticking it out has.
    Or is there something I’m missing ; ;

    Thanks for the helpful guide tho ; v ; Sad I’ve only just found it.

    1. They take the 4 node evaluation over the 8 node because its the same exp for completion but takes less time and gp to complete.

  11. the mining rotations need to be fixed. It says “Toil of the pioneer” but that’s for botany and since this is a mining class, it should read “Toil of the mountaineer” just in case someone thinks “Oh… i need to lvl up my botanist to 50 in order to use these rotations.”

  12. Couple things I think you should add:

    The LVL55 gear update section should say that all 6 left side pieces can be purchased at moghome.
    The LVL59 offhands can be purchased inside Matoya’s Cave in the Hinterlands.

  13. thank you for the updated guide for 50-60! great start, and I appreciate the work!

    Might i make a suggestion? a few changes in your steps for slow learners like me :) – on the last step (where you say, “Once you reached a collectability you desire, press on collect to mine them”) if you added “the minimum collectability level is 240 for turnins, the NPC will not accept lower levels of quality”, I think it would save people a few unspoiled nodes…still not sure what to do with those odd 10 collectables i have with quality under 240…can i craft with them?

    1. You can downgrade them to their non-collectable item (thus allowing them to stack and be sold/used for crafting). At later levels, you get a skill called “Aetherial Reduction” that reduces some collectable items to their base aetherial form, also giving you a chance to get rare item in the process.

      1. MORE CLARIFICATION! You can not aetherically reduce some collectibles. Just press “lower quality” and they become the regular gathered versions.

    1. It’s merely a suggestion… if you wish to level up DOH, these are probably all you’re gonna need to hit all 50’s

  14. Great help for leveling, but my 40 quest was raw amethyst hq not raw jade. Dunno if it was changed or what but figured I’d share.

  15. The level 20 nodes aren’t showing up for me. I just completed the level 15 job quest. I checked to make sure prospect was on and even updated my gear, just in case, but nothing shows up on my minimap or in game. Any ideas on what’s happening?

    1. The gathering guides aren’t updated to include farming some of the “housing only” mats, since not everyone might be able to use them. Thoughts on this?

  16. So, For the Level 35 Levequests, who are we supposed to speak to ?
    I see a guy that does guildheists and another guy that does Grand company quests, but nobody that does Levequests @ the Observatorium.

    Lil help, anyone? :)

    1. Same Question. I went to Coerthas and looked everywhere but there’s no one in or around the Observatorium that hands out Leve quests.

        1. Actually, unless you already have a DoL class at or past level 35, you can’t accept or even see level 35 fieldcraft levequests

          1. A correction to my previous reply, even if your BTN or FSH are level 35, your MIN must be level 35 in order to do the level 35 levequests

  17. thx for this guide!!!!! i love you e.e

    one question: “Level 20/25 Mining Levequests: East Shroud, Quarrymill.” e.e??

    quarrymill is on south e.e

  18. I’m a level 20 miner and I cannot find any mining above level 10 near blackbrush. I have scoured the area in and around the clutch, royal allegan sunway, and beyond. do i need to do the level 20 quest in la nocsea to unlock it? or is this a glitch on the games end?

    1. If you are referring to the level 20 locations listed as being at “Royal Allagan Sunway”, be aware that this is a location in Eastern Thanalan, and it is different from the “Royal Allagan Starway” near Black Brush Station (Central Thanalan).

      If you are referring to the level 15 locations listed under Node ID 15c, the location for these should really say “Exit to Western Thanalan”. (They should also include “Fine Sand” as one of the items, too.)

      1. Haha yes we were also thinking of putting “EXIT TO..” like you suggested, haha. To be honest, there is an in-game node list, but we hoped by guiding the player with map text, it may be easier for them.

        The housing “rocks”, and gardening soil have yet to be added to the nodes…

  19. In the 41-45 table you stated that Electrum Ore is found at Camp Drybone when its actually located at camp bronze lake. Amazing guide it really helped me level my mining i really appreciate it :D

  20. You CAN actually mine darksteel ore WITHOUT being level 50. You’ll have a low rate of success unless you use your + gathering chance skills at below 50, however. Darksteel ore is ALWAYS the 3rd node from the top, you DO NOT need toil of the mountaineer to reveal the node. Simply hit the 3rd node to clear it, then proceed to mine as normal.

    1. Was just about to write the same thing. It is possible, I mined the Ore myself at lvl 46 with decent main, chest and gloves. The given exp for this node is also pretty decent.

  21. Hey, thanks for the great work so far! I started following your suggestions tonight. Question: are the suggested stockpiles meant to help with leveling DoH classes, or are those used for levequests, or something else?
    Looking forward to more updates!

    1. Grand company supply missions, and the eventual link to our gathering guides into crafting guides :D. so much information to compile…

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