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So you’ve finally decided to attempt crafting four-star master crafts, huh? You’re gonna need some pretty insane materia melding! Welcome to the crafting end-game, and hopefully our Master Crafting Gear Guide can help you out.

Gear & Max Meldable Stats | Specific Materia Order | Gear Progression Tips

What’s new in 2.5?  Artisan’s Gown and Artisan’s Apron added. GOWN is a meld-free “filler piece” that’s actually 95% as good as the Artisan’s Apron, which you will spend quite some money on. Both new chestpieces are considered a “luxury” item, since 4 star crafting was possible without them. Apron, however, is BiS.

LUCIS (ex. Clotho Lucis) level weapons are now available and aren’t that hard to get.  You can buy weapons through 20x of these new items (For Clotho, example, HQ Camlet: from GC seals and Allies Seals) and 20x MOONSTONE. You can get these from Ixal Quest Deliverance, or 4k GC Seals each. ROUGH COST FOR ONE LUCIS: 80k GC Seals (Moonstones) and 20 “Camlet tier” items which will put you back 300 allies seals or 18k GC (rechecking upon return)

Also a GREAT Filler set is now easily obtainable for 4 “tier 1 tokens” each. (Silver Brocade and friends… NOT INTRICATE).  Artians Finterstalls, Artisans Patterns, Artisans Chausses, and the aforementioned Artisans Gown.

2.4 (4 star) Master Crafting Absolute BiS Gear

Slot Shared?Meld Max?
Main HandLucis WeaponClass onlyN/A
Off-handArtisan's OffhandClass onlyCr(15) SEE NOTES
HeadArtisan's SpectacleSharedN/A
BodyArtisans ApronSharedCr(18+?) Con(4+?) CP(3)
HandsArtisan's MittsSharedCr(4) Con(6) CP(0)
WaistDodore BeltSharedCr(4) Con(5) CP(3)
LegsArtisan's CullottesSharedCr(1) Con(6) CP(3)
FeetArtisan's SandalsSharedCr(1) Con(6) CP(3)
NeckRose Gold Choker HQSharedCr(4) Con(4) CP(6)
EarsMosshorn Earring HQSharedCr(4) Con(4) CP(6)
WristMilitia WristletsSharedCr(4) Con(4) CP(6)
RingAetheryte RingSharedCr(4) Con(4) CP(3)
RingAetheryte RingSharedCr(4) Con(4) CP(3)

All crafted items above should be HQ
Base Stats NO MELD
: Cr(390) Con(361) CP(319)
Bast Stats NO OFFHAND MELD: Cr(436) Con(409) CP(352)
Off-hand stats for 4 star minimum: Cr(15) Con(ANY) CP(ANY)
Off-hand maximum melds: Cr(25) Con(14) CP(3) (impossible)
(above stats don’t include new chest & lucis weapon)

Artisan’s Mitts: Command III, Command III, Competence II.

Artisan’s Culottes & Sandals: Command III, Command III, CP III, Competence I.

Artisan’s Offhand: Just fit 15 craftsmanship here AT LEAST.

Artisans’s Apron: (CANNOT BE CAPPED) (Takes at least 18 Craft) (4-6 Control) (3 CP)
Personally, I cannot recommend what stats you should put here YET. You can use the Artisans Gown if you’re iffy on the melds.

Rosegold Choker – Command IV, CP III, CP III, Competence II.

Mosshorn Earring – Command IV, CP III, CP III, Competence II.

Militia Wristlets – Command IV, CP IV, Competence II, CP II.

Aetheryte Rings – Command III, CP III, Competence II, Command I.
Alternatively – Command IV, CP III, Competence II.

Dodore Belt – Command IV, CP III, Competence II Command I

The BiS and melds are pretty obvious this time around, however… As the path to the ultimate crafter became more and more convoluted, I will be making a Crafting Progression Guide. I’m keeping some of the older info in this guide to prepare for that. (Most pre-bis info and melds below)


Common Pre-BiS setup

Slot CraftsmanshipControlCP
Main HandClass Specific Supra149830
Off-handMilitia Off-hand HQ107(+19)61(+8)0(+3)
HeadArtisans Spectacle4393
BodyClass Specific Green HQ92(+16)31(+5)3(+0)
HandsClass Specific Green HQ0(+4)31(+5)3(+0)
WaistDodore Belt HQ0(+4)31(+5)0(+3)
LegsClass Specific Green HQ3(+1)31(+5)0(+3)
FeetClass Specific Green HQ3(+1)31(+5)0(+3)
NeckRose Gold Choker HQ0(+4)0(+4)32(+6)
EarsMosshorn Earring HQ0(+4)0(+4)32(+6)
WristMilitia Wristlets HQ0(+4)0(+4)32(+6)
RingAetheryte Ring HQ0(+4)0(+4)17(+3)
RingAetheryte Ring HQ0(+4)0(+4)17(+3)

** The i55 HEADGEAR is replaced by Artisans Spectacles once you can craft your “tokens”. It’s not necessary to meld the class-specific headgear, but it’ll make life slightly easier if you do it. Once you have a pair of spectacles, you don’t need to meld any more crafting headgear since it can be used for all classes.

Relevant Pre-BiS Gear:

Gear / MeldingCraftsmanshipControlCP
Electrum Choker335
Red Coral Earring336
Raptorskin Merchants Purse353
i55 Headgear450

Melding order for the items above are not included since they are pretty much a waste to do so, now.

Currently, maximizing the off-hand tool is IMPOSSIBLE. You don’t need the craftsmanship full anyway. If you’re looking to see what are the best melds (in my opinion), continue reading below

Pre-Bis Master Crafting Materia Melding Order

Here we discuss what specific materia goes where in order to meet (and possibly overshoot) the minimum required stats for Three Star Master crafts. which is 391 Craftsmanship, and 374 control, WITHOUT FOOD. I did this keeping in mind the general costs of each matera relative to one another, and the melding success chance.

Weapon & Head are unmeldable

Accessories & Belt give the best bang for buck since you can use them across all classes. It’s a good place to begin if you plan to be a crafter.

Choker – Command IV, CP III, CP III, Competence II.

Earring – Command IV, CP III, CP III, Competence II.

Wrist – Command IV, CP IV, Competence II, CP II.

Rings – Command III, CP III, Competence II, Command I.
Alternatively – Command IV, CP III, Competence II.

Belt – Command IV, CP III, Competence II Command I

i55 Green Legs & Boots – Command III, Command II, CP III, Competence I
Alternatively – Command IV, CP III, Command I, Competence I
Note: The +1 Craftsmanship on these pieces are NOT “NEEDED”…

i55 Gloves - Command III, Command II, Competence II.

Chest and Off-hand are the key pieces to maximize when going for master crafts.

i55 Chest - Command IV, Competence IV, Competence IV, Competence II, Command I.
Alternatively: Command IV, Competence IV, Competence III, Competence III, Command I.

i55 Off-hand – Command IV, Craftsmanship IV, Command III, Command III, Command I.
Seriously there’s so many things to meld here but you SHOULD HAVE the Crafts IV in there, and at least 5~ control…

Crafting Gear Progression Tips

Once you hit 50, where do you start in your road to BiS?

  • Craft/Buy all i55 greens.
  • Obtain your master recipes in Mor Dhona.
  • Craft 4 of your token item: Get Artisans Spectacles.
  • Craft 10 of your token item: Get Artisan Weapon for a class.
    • Repeat as needed.
  • Get your Supra Weapon. (optional)(Can go straight to Lucis if you like)
  • Get your non-crafted Artisan Set (Fingerstalls, Chausses, Gown, Pattern) (4x Token ea)
    • Money saving route… tho you can meld a preBiS for ONE class… (slightly worse than melded 55’s)
  • Get your Ehcatl Sealant Gear and meld it.
  • Lucis Weapon (can be obtained earlier)

SOME TOKENS COSTS vary from class to class. listed are the BASE.

As the path to the ultimate crafter became more and more convoluted, I will be making a Crafting Progression Guide.

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Gear & Max Meldable Stats | Specific Materia Order  | Gear Progression Tips

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