FFXIV White Mage Guide/FAQ

How do I become a White Mage in ARR?

You need to to level a Conjurer to 30 and complete the Sylph-management MSQ before you can unlock the WHM quest. Once you’re done with these requirements, go to the Conjurer’s Guildmaster in Old Gridania (6,11) for the job quest. You will be rewarded with the Soul of the White Mage crystal. Equip this and you will automatically upgraded to WHM.

Need help leveling your White Mage?

What’s the White Mage playstyle?

Just like Conjurers, White Mages are mainly Support & Healers.  White Mages take that to the next level, granting two very important tools that Conjurers lacked: A heal over time (Regen). Also, you get a pretty strong AoE attack in Holy.

Regen is an extremely useful spell – more than it initially lets on. It’s an efficient heal that you can cast when things are “safe”, and help you out passively when things begin getting hectic.

What are good White Mage stats?

MND is still the most important stat for White Mages, as it increases Healing Power. Any PIE you gain is welcome, as it increases your maximum MP. For secondary stats you want SPELL SPEED more than CRITICAL CHANCE. Why? Since you cannot heal a guy over his maximum HP, a critical heal will usually be wasted. More often than not, you want faster and more consistent healing over a random crit that’s probably going to be wasted anyway.

Determination is always a welcome stat, and should be values higher than Critical Strike Chance.

More info: CNJ / WHM Stats & Materia 

What are the White Mage Traits?

Level UnlocksTraitPractical Description
18Stone MasteryUpgrades Stone to Stone II
20Enhanced MindIncreases Mind.
20Maim and MendIncreases Healing and Damage.
32FreecureChance on Cure to give you a free Cure 2.
40Enhanced Mind IIIncreases Mind.
40Maim and Mend IIIncreases Healing and Damage.
46Aero MasteryUpgrades Aero to Aero II
52Secret of the LilyUnlocks the Lily
54Stone Mastery IIUpgrades Stone II to Stone III
60Enhanced Mind IIIIncreases Mind.
64Stone Mastery IIIUpgrades Stone III to Stone Iv
68Secret of the Lily II
Grants a 20% chance that Asylum or Assize recast time is reduced by 5 sec upon healing critical HP with Cure or Cure II


What are the White Mage Skills?

Aside from the skills below, you may use any skill you’ve learned as an Conjurer. 

Presence Of Mind300300000y0y
Increases spell speed.
Duration: 10s
Grants healing over time effect to target.
Cure Potency: 150 Duration: 21s
Divine Seal40060000y0y
Increases cure magic potency by 30%.
Duration: 15s
Delivers a magic attack with a potency of 200 to all nearby enemies.
Additional Effect: Stun Duration: 4s
Restores all of a target's HP.
How many role actions can I use?

When choosing advanced job, the amount of role actions you may equip decrease to a total of 5 (as compared to 10). For more info on this, read our Healer Role Actions Guide.

Do I have to level up White Mage separately?

No, your EXP in White Mage rises as you level up your Conjurer class and vice versa.

Any other Whte Mage Guides and Resources?

As we learn more about each job, we will be linking useful guides in each Job page, as well as our community discussion on the Job.

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22 thoughts on “FFXIV White Mage Guide/FAQ”

  1. HI! Just did CNJ30 with cure II and now am at ARC16 with Summon II. Standing next to the dude Raya and nothing is happening for becoming a WHM. Any suggestions?

    1. hey 7th Night!

      We’re not too certain about what jobs need what classes. We will be 100% sure in Phase 4~Launch.

      In our opinion, some of the gladiator Cross-Class skills are extremely good for CNJ.
      Convalescence (Increases Healing by 20%) is extremely good. Rampart (-10% damage taken) is great as an emergency skill. Awareness, while not super isn’t exactly bad. (Maybe better for PvP)

  2. On our guild forums one of my guildmates has noted that WHM has been changed to 30 CNJ, 15 Arcanist just after the close of P3 Beta.

    1. Umm not to question you but where did you see this cause this has not been said anywhere. I mean if I wrong please put up a link where you seen it cause this is a VERY important piece of information to ppls plans in lvling and what not.

      1. Brothamac, in P4 the official requirements will be known. In that case our pages will reflect the changes if any, which im sure there will be.

        1. Lumi on the beta forums stated that s/he knew this information because s/he could change to a job and see what actions were available on that job, which confirms that these sub job requirements are changing. It will be wise to wait until P4 to have more widely published confirmation of these changes, but the logic of Lumi’s post is sound.

          See the source:


          To clarify, Lumi is a Legacy player with most, if not all, classes and jobs to 50, thus this information was available to in-game by simply switching jobs and seeing what actions were available from what other classes.

          1. Hey there Jeb, yes we do realize that the requirements will change, and we will definitely update the guides coming P4. =)

          2. I know you guys new, but for those who questioned about a source for what info people were providing, I figured I’d chime in.

          3. definitely jeb! THANK YOU for the heads up and providing further information for our readers! :D your input is very much welcome!

    1. Hey there Sam.

      Determination versus spell speed is a valid point. I think it depends on playstyle and the encounter. however if you’re going to stack determination through materia, MND will always be better.

      I this is all a minor concern, seeing as the only time we will be making these small choices is when presented with two pieces of gear with equal item level, having slightly different stats offered.

    1. thankyou! Keep tuned because we have barely even scratched the surface with our guides! Interestingly our first in-depth guide will be on CNJ / WHM!

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