FFXIV Summoner Guide & FAQ

How do I become a Summoner?

You need to have a level 30 Arcanist to unlock Summoner, just like Scholar.  You also need to complete the MSq “Sylph-management” before the Summoner quest can be unlocked in  the Arcanist’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa. Once you’re done with these requirements, you will be rewarded with the “Soul of the Summoner” crystal (in your armory chest). Equip it asap to upgrade your ARC to SMN.

What’s the Summoner playstyle?

As a ranged magical DPS class, Summoners deal tons of Damage Over Time. Maximizing Summoner DPS revolves around packing the biggest punch you can with Fester. Having all three of your DoT’s up (Bio, Bio II and Miasma) makes Fester stronger. Being a Summoner unlocks an offensive pet. While having 100% DoT uptime and having Fester off-cooldown is a must for max DPS; don’t forget about managing your other sources of Damage. The combo of Rouse+Spur should be used as often as possible!

Summoners have some pretty awesome utility skills in the form of Tri-Distater (AoE CC), and Enkindle – which brings out your pet’s “ultimate”.

What are good Summoner stats?

Like Black Mages, Summoners benefit highly from INT. You will want as much of it as you can stack. Like any caster, PIE is okay, but less so in Summoners case due to Aetherflow. VIT is always good for taking more hits.

As for Summoner secondary stats, Spell Speed seems useless (A lot of your damage is DoT’s), so you’re going to want either Critical Strike or Determination to increase your maximum damage output.

What are the Summoner Traits?
Level UnlocksTraitPractical Description
6Aetherdam… + 1 Aetherflow
20Enhanced Intelligence… +8 Intelligence
20Maim and MendIncreases damage and HP of self and pet
20Aetherdam II… + 2 Aetherflows
26Corruption MasteryUpgrades Bio to Bio II
40Enhanced Intelligence IIIncrease Intelligence
40Maim and Mend IIReplaces Maim and Mend
40Aetherdam III…. + 3 Aetherflows
60Enhanced Intelligence IIIIncreases intelligence
62Ruin Mastery
66Corruption Mastery II
68Enhanced Enkindle
70Enhanced Dreadwyrm Trance

What are the Summoner Skills?

Aside from the skills below, you may use any skill you’ve learned as an Arcanist.

NameLevelCastRecastCostRangeRadiusType / Affinity
Summon III306.00s2.50sSelf0yAbility
Summons an attacker-type pet to fight at your side.
Cause wounds inflicted by Bio, Bio II and Miasma to fester, dealing damage with potency 100 for each effect.
Can only be used when the original spells were cast by you, and under the effect of Aetherflow.
Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 30 to target and all targets nearby it.
Additional Effect: Bind
Duration: 20s
Increases a pets physical and magical attack power by 40%.
Duration: 20s
Commands pet to use its signature attack.


How many role actions can I use?

When choosing advanced job, the amount of role actions you may equip decrease to a total of 5 (as compared to 10). Read our Caster DPS Role Actions Guide on what to use.

Do I have to level up Summoner separately?

No, your EXP in Summoner rises as you level up your Arcanist class.

Any other Summoner Guides and Resources?

As we learn more about each job, we will be linking useful guides in each Job page, as well as our community discussion on the Job.

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6 thoughts on “FFXIV Summoner Guide & FAQ”

  1. Well I am playing on the Phoenix server and I am one of the first people on it to beat titan get a relic weapon and get into bahamut’s coil. I play as a summoner and my damage can be quite high I am sometime even toping the dps list and no I am not dot stacking since I only use the skills when they have just run out or just a second or two are left. The reason for this is that I can do alot of damage while moving and have a constant damage output on the boss fights and mobs, while black mages are often forced to stand still. I am not saying summoner is the best dps class it would probably be the monk class as of now but we are able to stand among the rest. I mean with full Amdapor Keep gear and Ifrit weapon I could average on 6500 dmg per minute with only the dots if it’s a stationary boss I can average on around 7500 dmg per minute with dots only. If I then also add in 3 fester my dps per minute is all of a sudden 9000 dmg per minute. This is not even with counting the dmg I can do with throwing in a few extra ruins which I normaly get in around 5-10 per minute depending on the boss so if we take the lowest number 5 that means around 800 dmg. If we then add in the pet which in with ifrit does atleast 200 dmg every 3 seconds which can be every minute boosted to 280 dmg every 3 second for 20 seconds. That means I do 9800 dmg per minute + a minimum of 4400 dmg from pet. My dmg on a stationery boss is now on average 14200 dmg per minute 13200 on a non stationery boss. This is without popping all my cd’s which could increase my dmg to 10400 and my pets to 5200 then all of a sudden I am doing 15600 to a stationery or 14400 to a moving boss. I am not sure on the other classes damage to compare with but I do believe our damage is on par with most of the other classes.

    1. Sorry about the bad writting did’nt proof read it well enough. Forgot to add that another point is that summoner is the only class except for Scholars and White mages that can rezz people in combat. So I would strongly recommend getting the thaum lvl 26 skill so you can use it to instantly rezz someone who has died.

  2. As of right now summoners more many than few; That is going to taper off because allot of people are getting discouraged because when it comes to high level dungeon runs they are not wanted as much as black mages and bards. Do to the single target attacks and there slow damage do not get me wrong in my FC i want to stock pile summoners because when we need the dps that they do over a period of time is going to be able to make that big hit when the 24-40 man dungeons start coming.

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