FFXIV Armorsmith Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)

Stormblood Updated! “How bad can it be?” Armorer power leveling to 70 ASAP! ARM Levequest Items comparisons and value moves per tier!

Suit up for Stormblood leveling to 70!

If you’ve been here before and need quick navigation:
ARM Level: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50] | [50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70]

Tired of getting beat up and decided to make your own armor, huh? Let this Armorsmith Leveling Guide help you find your way! Hopefully, your journey to 70 won’t leave you with dents!

First page is very long – but you can use our quick scroll to: Basics | Leveling begins!

Before you begin…

Where is the Armorsmiths’ Guild? How to become an Armorsmith?
You can become an Armorsmith by visiting the Armorsmiths’ Guild in Limsa. If you have at least L10 in any combat class – you’re good to start hammerin’!

Ok, so we’re in the middle of updating ALL crafting guides –
We recommend the use of a few guides during your leveling process,
in varied current state of usefulness:

Armorsmith Levequests List: A table featuring all levequests for ARM 01 to 50.

Crafting General Leveling Tips: This guide was made back right after beta. It’s not updated, but it’s missing two key features: Ixal and Challenge Log. (Old but still useful)

Crafting Gear Guide: is still useful, but written a long time ago. It’s messy but contains a great table as to when you can and should update core pieces. (Old guide, kinda messy)

Armorsmith Class Quest Item Reference:

ARM 01: Bronze Ingot
ARM 05: 3x Bronze Hoplons
ARM 10: 12x Bronze Plate
ARM 15: Decorated Bronze Barbut, Bronze Buckler
ARM 20: Iron Hoplon (Materia-Enhanced)
ARM 25: (HQ) Steel Ingot
ARM 30: (HQ) Steel Chainmail
ARM 35: (HQ) Steel Frypan
ARM 40: (HQ) Mythril Cuirass
ARM 45: (All HQ) Mythril-plated Caligae, Reinforced Mythril Elmo, Mythril Sollerets
ARM 50: (HQ) Cobalt Haubergeon (Melded with: Heaven’s Eye III Materia)

Just use the above as a quick reference if completing multiple Armorsmith class quests at once. 50 to 60 is found in that segment of the guide.

How to use this guide?

Each listed tier has some self-explanatory sections such as:

  • Next class quest Item required.
  • Relevant Armorsmith levequest locations.
  • ARM Levequests items discussion (tier specific).

We will be using a few amount of ‘codes’ here to make your life easier, as long as you understand them.

  • [H] : HOMETOWN, which in ARMs case is Limsa.
  • [L] : LOCAL levemete. This changes every tier.
  • [C] : COURIER LEVE. From [H] to [L].
  • [RC] : REVERSE COURIER. From [L] to [H].
  • [R] : REPEATABLE , or a “Triple”.

Basic [H] and [L] leves are the BASELINE for value. [C] and [RC] give more than the basics, but require travel time. [R] gives the most of all, but is a massive time and material sink.

In this guide, I will try to recommend the best levequest for each type.

Useful links to have open: ARM Leves List | DoH Gear Guide


Ixal Beast Tribe Daily Quests: Bonus Crafting/DoH EXP !

Putting it here to remind or notify you that such a thing exists, but:

I SUGGEST USING THESE ON CRAFTERS L15+ (use on low level if forced)
Since the early levels are quite easy. (But you can unlock it asap)

Starting Quest: A Bad Bladder
NPC & Location: Scarlet at New Gridania (9, 11)
Prerequisite MSQ: Pursuit of the Past

These dailies are best used to push past “bad tiers”, or simply on your highest level non 50 crafter. I suppose you can also use them on crafting classes which are lagging behind for one reason or the other.

If you’re super fresh and have all low level crafters, and happen to unlock it early – you CAN do them now. While I don’t recommend it, I suppose it’s better than them just disappearing!

Armorsmithing 0 to 5: The beginning!

[H] 1x Bronze Skillet: NPC BUYABLE MATERIALS
[C] 3x Bronze Plate: Recommended due to large EXP.
[RC] 1x Bronze Alembic: Recommended due to large EXP.

“What is the Courier, Reverse Courier Cycle?”
A courier levequest starts from your Hometown (in ARMs case: Limsa) and ends in the local levemete (in this tiers case Red Rooster Stead). The idea is to get, complete, get, complete in a circle to maximize the EXP of your travel time.

So ARM 01 tier – it’s getting the quest from Limsa to submit 3x Bronze Plate in Red Rooster Stead, then taking the reverse courier quest from Red Rooster Stead and then submitting 1x Bronze Alembic in Limsa. This is one of the best ways to get out of the early tiers.

“How do I get to Red Rooster Stead!?”
It’s a non-aetheryte town outside Limsa. Just click on the Limsa Aetheryte, choose Tempest Gate (Lower La Noscea) then walk towards Red Rooster .

The other way to spend leves in these low tiers is to “spam the best single leve”. In this tiers case, is to buy materials from the ARM supplier and craft>submit Bronze Rivets in Limsa.

ARM is a bit special… You can begin your early levels (and subsequently the beginning of every tier) by crafting as many Bronze Ingot/Rings/Rivets and Plates as soon as they’re available to craft. Even quick synthing 20-99 of each shouldn’t be too expensive. This method is great to preserve your much needed levequests and should be taken advantage of in this early phase (for a tiny trade off in gil). In case you’ll ignore this little section, don’t worry – I’ll be sure to repeat myself in future tiers, hehe.

Like I said, you can do this much easier/lazier if you buy completed Bronze Ingots from Limsa Lower Decks (8,11).

Armorsmith 05 to 10

All levequest items below have 100% NPC Buyable Materials.

[H] 1x Bronze Barbut: Unnotable.
[H] 1x Bronze Haubergeon: Unnotable.
[C] 1x Bronze Sallet: Recommended.
[RC] 1x Bronze Chain Coif: Recommended.
[L] Bronze Scutum: Unnotable.
[L] Bronze Sollerets: Recommended.

Again, reminding you about my comment about Ingots/Rings/Rivets/Plates from previous tier.

Courier  <-> Reverse Courier cycle: Nothing noteworthy here, again, the mats are all obtainable from ARM supplier.

Or the best single: While the cost between the choices on singles is irrelevant, Bronze Sollerets win in the least hassle department.

Armorsmith 10 to 15

All levequest items below have 100% NPC Buyable Materials.

[H] 1x Iron Skillet: Unnotable
[H] 1x Bronze Plate Belt: Unnotable
[C] 1x Bronze Sabatons: Recommended.
[RC] 1x Bronze Gauntlets: Recommended.
[L] 1x Brass Alembic: Unnotable
[L] 1x Amateur’s Skillet: Recommended.

Again, reminding you about my comment about Ingots/Rings/Rivets/Plates from previous tier.

Courier  <-> Reverse Courier cycle: Nothing notable about the items here… Both of them have materials that are available from the ARM Supplier.

Or the best single: Amateur’s Skillet is the easiest to craft and least hassle amongst the bunch here. While it doesn’t really matter which single you choose here, Skillet definitely wins by a few inches.

Summary of this chunk

Courier / Reverse Courier is best in early tiers

Level 1: Bronze Plate [Limsa] / Bronze Alembic [Red Rooster Stead] Level 5: Bronze Sallet [Limsa] / Bronze Chain Coif [Red Rooster Stead] Level 10:  Bronze Sabatons [Limsa] / Bronze Gauntlets [Swiftperch]

Of course, we also can recommend the best singles:

ARM 1 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Bronze Skillet
ARM 5 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Bronze Barbut
ARM 10 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Iron Skillet

ARM Level [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50] | [50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70]

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FFXIVGuild Leveling Guide Directory

Just a tiny post showing all combat class leveling guides

Just a quick directory listing down all leveling guides for combat classes. Mainly to save menu space, which is in preparation for the site visual update.

Some are still missing, as these guides are what I was making before Heavensward was released. I hope to delete this sentence soon!

NavigationBase Classes (~30) | Jobs (30+) | DoH | DoL

Base Class Leveling Guides

General Leveling Guide: Designed as a main supplementary resource to be read alongside the class-specific guides (Combat Class)


Job Leveling Guides

General Leveling Guide: Designed as a main supplementary resource to be read alongside the class-specific guides (Combat Class)

Crafting (DoH) Leveling Guides

Gathering (DoL) Leveling Guides

NavigationBase Classes (~30) | Jobs (30+) | DoH | DoL

The job leveling guides are missing quite a bit of them, ey? I plan to update this very soon.

In any case, while this mini-guide doesn’t have any unique info… I need to make it for menu space saving and I guess it’s not a bad thing to have anyways. (This goes hand-in-hand with the whole site visual redesign)

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FFXIV Leveling Guide! Powerlevel quickly! (any class)

How to get EXP fast and powerlevel any DoW or DoM! Get to max level as fast as possible with the least BOREDOM :)

Leveling up quickly in FFXIV is harder than you thought? We’ve all been there – looking for ways on how to level up faster. Well in this general leveling guide I’ll be listing all ways I know of to make life to max level a little less painful. Just to clarify, this guide is for any combat class. And mostly does not apply to gathering or crafting classes. If you’re a new player, or an old-timer leveling an alt – it’s good to read this to remind yourself on what to do (and maybe learn something new).

Check out: Tips specific for Level 50 to 60

This guide is BEST used along with the class-specific leveling guides:
Are you Leveling up a: Gladiator, Marauder, Conjurer, Thaumaturge, Arcanist, Archer, Pugilist, Rogue, Lancer.
Are you already a: Paladin, Warrior, White Mage, Black Mage, Scholar, Summoner, Bard, Monk, Ninja, Dragoon,
Soon… Dark Knight, Astrologer, Machinist

Is this your first Character?

If yes – then the ultimate advice would be to FOLLOW YOUR STORY QUEST. Don’t stress out too much about random side quests. Keep following your story quest until you do not reach the level requirement, then read more below on how to gain EXP.

Side Quests: give the most bang for you buck in terms of time/exp, next to story quests. They’re also present anywhere you’re doing story quest. So pick them up. Do not linger in a zone to complete side quests. Once your story takes you elsewhere, go.

However, these above two points only apply to your “first” characters… for the rest of us, the below tips serves as a good reminder what to do when you need to gain levels. Ran out of level appropriate sidequests & story quests? Read below.


Level 1+: Challenge Log

This thing is chunky. Maximizing your challenge log is mega value EXP at any level. This is first unlocked at level 16 (15?), and can be abused by any level character thereafter. Completing any entry in the challenge log reaps you some sweet EXP and or Gil. New player? How do I unlock Challenge Log? Players can unlock the Challenge Log by completing the level 15 Rising To The Challenge. (Location/NPC: I’tolwann, Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y10)).

Here are the ones we’re aiming for in terms of leveling up a combat class:

challenge log for leveling up preview ffxivDungeons

  • 5x Dungeons
  • 3x Dungeons via Roulette
  • Guildhest
    • 3x Guildhest
    • 10x Guildhest
  • Levequests
    • 4x Unique Levequest types
    • 20x Levequests
  • Player Commendations Given: x5
  • Fates
    • complete FATE in 5 different zones.
    • complete 10x unique FATES.

All of the above give BONUS exp upon completion. It resets every week so you don’t have to rush! You gain bonus EXP depending on your current level, so the higher the better.

Level 1 (And every 10 levels after): Hunting Log

Hunting Logs. Basically a list of enemies to kill for large bonus EXP. I would suggest completing these each time you reach levels ending in 5 (5,15,25 etc…). Monsters can be difficult if you rush these, (IE trying to complete your level 20 log once you hit 20 or 21). Aside from dungeons, doing this triggers rested EXP so it gives quite a boost.

Don’t skip Hunting Logs! ALWAYS complete it before entering the next tier (20,30,40 etc). For example, before you hit 40, make sure your tier 3 hunting log is done with. You’ll regret it – trust me.

Level 10+: Guildhests

Starting at level 10, and every 5 levels thereafter, you get to do 2 new Guildhests. These give chunky as hell EXP, and is worth every second you spend queueing. Again for the sake of Challenge Logs, Guildhests contribute to quite a few: 3x Guildhests, 10x Guildhest, and indirectly 5x Player Commendations Given.

If you need to spam Guildhests, “Under the Armor” seems to be the de-facto spamming hest for the population at large.

Daily Roulette: Guildhest gives you 5-10% of your EXP bar.. so theres no reason not to do these.

Surprisingly a lot of people don’t know that the ‘first time completion bonus’ applies to each new class you do it with!

Level 10 to 15: The deadzone

There is a massive lull here for some reason. Remember to leverage all sources of EXP. Leveling up gets significantly easier once you hit 15 so, suck it up for for now. What’s the best way to get to 15? (without outside help)

Fategrinding + Levequests spamming in Aleport: Hands down this is the way.

Level 15+: Dungeons & Duty Roulette

The below image is the very essence of “GET EXP FAST”

ffxiv leveling tips daily roulette low level and guildhest

Dungeons are a massive source of EXP. The only bad thing about these are the queues. So if you’re DPS, you might want to look at other activities while waiting.

Duty Roulette: Low level almost GUARANTEES a level up. You also tick up one on the Challenge Log for dungeons completed via Roulette. This is THE goldmine for EXP and if you just did this once a day you’ll max out every class in no time. (This is first unlocked at level 16).

This is where your rested EXP gets chunked (good thing), and always remember to eat food prior to each dungeon. The 3% bonus EXP is always welcome.

There are 2 entries which relate to dungeons in the Challenge Log: 3x Dungeons via Duty Roulette, 5x Dungeons completed. While the bonus EXP isn’t huge – if you do Low level roulette for 5 days you’ll nail both. And you’ll probably have 5 more levels to show for it!

If you have rested exp, dungeons are the best source of EXP. If not then FATES are probably the next best thing…

Fate Grinding

Good ol’ Fates. Or bad ol’ Fates? Anyone whose been around certain has done their fair share of these. Whether you like emor not Fates are a great source of EXP. While you can fategrind in any map, there are generally some maps which are more popular than others. Here’s a quick list to find where you should be at:

10+ WLN Aleport
15+ ETH both sides of the map are serviceable…
20-26 STH Quarrymill
26-32 ELN Costa
32-39 CCH Coerthas
39-44 MD Mor Dhona
45-50 NTH Bluefog / CPP

These are by no means set in stone. Going earlier means better gains in EXP due to chains. However, being underleveled means you cannot solo these fates – so you’re going to need a party. Start one! Or put up a Party Finder! Getting maximum contribution in fates while in a party is much easier and faster compared to solo. The only downside is you cannot queue while in party.

Again, for the value moves, FATEs have 2 Challenge Log entries tied to them: 10x Unique FATES, FATE completed in 5 maps. These are quite easy to fulfill and you don’t even have to go out of your way much for them.


While not the fastest method, it fills out the gaps and gives the feeling of changing things up. Thankfully there are two Challenge Log entries related to Leves: 4x unique Levequest types, 20x Levequests completed. Not all levequests are equal: keep in mind that you do not need to kill all enemies – you must simply complete the levequest objective. This leads to some leves taking too long for good value. Keep this in mind when spamming – leave out the sucky leves.

The amount of levequests you can do are limited by your daily levequest allowances. You gain 3 Levequests allowances per 12 hours. This is only relevant when you’re newer or when level caps are raised, otherwise they will stockpile to 100 easily…

protip: 4x Unique Levequest types (Challenge log) can easily be completed by doing regular battlecraft leves and GC leves in any given town which offer them.

protip: 20x Levequests (Challendge log) : if you’re lazy, you can spam 19 low level crafting leves that you can buy from NPC’s, then complete the 20th one with your combat class. The Challenge Log EXP bonus is granted FULLY to the active class, regardless how you spread out the leves.

Small boosts, reminders and tips

ALLOCATE YOUR STAT POINTS: Don’t be like me who discovered I had 15 unused ones when I was leveling BLM. When you’re leveling up, always pick offensive stats. (STR, INT, DEX respectively). Healers pick MND of course… It’s a pretty huge boost! And it’s a lot better than having them un-allocated…

3% EXP from food buff: It may not sound like much but it’s a welcome bonus. You can buy any cheap food from NPC’s (Boiled Egg comes to mind).

Chocobo: While not super effective, having the trusty bird around will make life a bit easier.

Heat of Battle: Free Company boost “Heat of Battle” gives bonus exp % to enemy kills. Awesome for dungeons.

Accuracy problems: This hampers your leveling process more than you think! If you happen to come across gear with accuracy, keep it. Or craft/meld them yourself! Also, cheap accuracy food goes a LONG WAY.

Is there anything I missed? Or anything you want to add? Let us know in the comments!! Good luck leveling up, and hopefully you “have fun”. If you save even an hour by reading this, that’s one hour less lost to the void of leveling!

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FFXIV: The Ultimate Starters Guide (+ Heavensward)

Look No Further.

Jumping into the world of FFXIV A Realm Reborn? New to the game, and need that extra hand to give you a headstart? You’ve come to the right place! The goal of this guide is to give you a birds eye view of what will help you get settled into FFXIV, providing you links to detailed information along the way! This guide may be long, but worth it!

Step 1: Pre-order / Buy the game

Can’t play a game without buying the game! You will need the base game, and at some point I imagine you would want to pick up Heavensward as well.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PC/PS3/PS4, Standard or Collectors)
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (PC/PS3/PS4, Standard or Collectors)
  • The above links are for Square NA (North America) Accounts.

You can also use Playstation Network Cards to buy!


Step 2: Download the Client and Patch

Bought it? Nice. Now to make an account for FFXIV (Square Enix Link) first. Then, you need to download the latest ffxiv client.(Link downloads the file) Run the client and patch if needed. All set?


Step 3: Create a Character!

Three choices in character creation: Class – Race – God.

Classes – who, what why?

The decision of your starting class will affect you in the early game only. Since in FFXIV you can eventually max out ALL CLASSES AND JOBS with one character. Check a brief description of the ffxiv classes here. We’ll also put each class guide here, for your reference.


Base Class (Advanced Job) General Guides
Disciples of War: Archer (Bard) | Gladiator (Paladin) | Lancer (Dragoon) | Marauder (Warrior) | Pugilist (Monk) | Rogue (Ninja)
Disciples of Magic: Arcanist (Scholar)(Summoner) | Conjurer (White Mage) | Thaumaturge (Black Mage)
Heavensward Jobs: Dark Knight, Astrologian, Machinist
Stormblood Jobs: Red Mage, Samurai

Again you’re not locked into your class forever. It simply determines your starting city: Archer, Lancer, Conjurer: Gridania. Thaumaturge, Gladiator, Pugilist: Ul’dah. Arcanist, Marauder: Limsa Lominsa.

Race – does it matter?

Our Racial Stats Guide will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about classes. Here are the main things you must take into consideration

  • The difference between the best and worst race for your class is negligible. (But this wont stop min/maxers)
  • Every race has a sub-race for Physical stats, and one for Magical stats. Choose appropriately.
  • Aesthetics is the main reason to choose between races.

God – does it matter?

The final step is Choosing Your God. TL;DR God choice is pretty much irrelevant right now.


Server Choices – does it matter? Actually yes.

SERVER CHOICE is also very important. Testing your lag to various server groups should be one of your main concerns. If you have a JP server as your lowest ping, but are afraid of not having any English people to talk to, dont be afraid! Tonberry server is the “unofficial” non-legacy server for people like us. Masamune is the Legacy counterpart.

Alternatively, if you’re part of the Asian/Oceanic region and want to play on NA, Behemoth is the “unofficial” server for this. (Please comment if we are wrong)

Step 4: Leveling up

Seriously, check out the General Leveling Guide (Class specific links inside)

Get to level 10! If this is your first character, you must… and I mean MUST: FOLLOW YOUR STORY QUEST. Around level 10 you unlock your first new features, Levequests, Guildhests and the ability to Change Classes. FFXIV actually has a lot of unlockable content as you level up. Luckily we have come up with an ‘Unlockable content guide & checklist’ so you won’t miss out. For now  do Guildhests! Queue up for them now and gain some quick & massive EXP.

What to do when you are Level 15?  Reaching level 15 story quest also unlocks the airship pass – now is the perfect time to pickup your crafting & gathering classes, as you will be forced to visit the other cities anyway! Keep in mind there is no downside to unlocking ALL CLASSES at this or any point. (Except maybe main hand inventory space). You also unlock Duty Roulette, a key tool in leveling up quickly.

During this quest to travel around the main cities, make sure you unlock your Challenge Log while in Limsa!!! Make sure you check out a list of the unlocks. From here on I will only be mentioning the extremely important ones.

FFXIV Leveling Guides

You might want to refer to the Unlockables checklist now and then.

What crafting classes should I try? Here’s a quick and dirty list.

  • Weaver makes armor for: Conjurer, Thaumaturge, Arcanist. (likely Astrologer)
  • Leatherworker makes armor for: Pugilist, Rogue, Archer. (likely Machinist)
  • Armorsmith makes armor for: Gladiator, Marauder, Lancer (likely Dark Knight)
  • ALL CLASSES NEED SOMETHING FROM EVERY OTHER CLASS anyway. These are just the “main” ones.

Note that ever class can benefit from Goldsmithing (Accessories), Alchemy (Consumables), and Culinarian (Food Buffs)

What gathering classes should I try? Again, a loose list.

  • Mining supports: Armorsmith, Blacksmith Goldsmith.
  • Botany supports: Weaver, Carpenter, Alchemist, Culinarian.
  • Fishing supports: Alchemist, Culinarian. (General guide oddly missing. Linked leveling guide)
  • Leatherworker needs a little from all classes, and monster drops.
  • ALL CLASSES NEED SOMETHING FROM EVERY OTHER CLASS anyway. These are just the “main” ones.

Don’t worry – you’ll eventually want 50 in all classes, so it’s more of a “What do I get first” than something you lock-in to forever.

Very soon after, you’re going to be doing the newbie dungeon trio.  SastashaTam-Tara Deepcroft and the last ‘tutorial dungeon’, Copperbell Mines. Don’t act like a newb fighting the Copperbell Ooze. Since you’re around Copperbell, Unlock the armor Dye system. For characters who didn’t start in Ul’dah, this is a good time to get it. Don’t worry though, you’ll be visiting Vesper Bay A LOT.


Key unlock reminders

Materia – Level 19 (story quest): You’ll have a quest “Life, Materia and Everything”. This would be the best time to unlock the Materia System. Keep an eye out for the quest Forging the spirit. For melding materia you need to Level up a DoH, and it’s unlocked in the same camp.

Chocobo Mount – Level 20: (See: our Chocobo Guide) Getting your first mount isn’t a main story quest actually. But it’s arguably the most worth-it sidequest ever. Increasing your travel speed does wonders for leveling speed, and sanity. The starting quest is My Little Chocobo, found in your GC base. Speaking of GC’s…


Which Grand Company do I choose??

Ah, the good old question. Basically there isn’t much difference between each GC game wise. They dont currently offer anything game-breaking end-game wise, so it’s purely aesthetic. The clincher? It determines which city you’ll personally be visiting a lot. So it’s in your best interest to choose the city you like best. Are all cities equal? In my opinion, No.

  • Limsa (Maelstrom): Marketboard is next to Aetheryte. GC Base requires an extra load screen.
  • Gridania (Twin Adders): Marketboard requires an extra load screen. GC Base is next to Aetheryte.
  • Ul’dah (Immortal Flames): Marketboard requires an extra load screen. GC Base is next to Aetheryte.

In this point of view, Gridania and Ul’dah are similar, and Limsa is the outlier. It’s not a huge difference, since people usually hang out in their FC houses anyway.


Key unlock reminders

Chocobo Battle Companion : (See: our Chocobo Guide): At level 30 you can unlock your fighting chocobo via the quest My Feisty Little Chocobo. Very useful little guy to have. Just a reminder, you can mount your battle chocobo by right-clicking it.


Level 30: Advanced Job (soulstone quest)

Do NOT delay getting your ‘soulstone’ any more than you need to. Check the Job Requirements Guide. Becoming an advanced job requires a few things:

  • Level 30 in the primary base class (Finishing all class quests).
  • Level 15 in the secondary base class.
  • Sufficiently progressed in story line.
  • (Heavensward classes act differently – to be updated)

From here you should be able to handle yourself. Make use of our guides! Check the main menu above, or use the search functionality in the upper right. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions either (Twitter is best for this)!

Good luck starting out, and making progress! Make sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube – all great channels to geat awesome FFXIV updates!
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