FFXIV Botany Levequests (Evaluation) & ‘Best per tier’

Find out the best botany leves per tier, and how to maximize the use of levequests for you botanist.

Welcome! This is a quick resource about the best botany levequests per leve tier. If you’re reading this you’ll wanna read: Botany Leveling Guide. Not much else to put in this intro – but I suggest you read the short mini-guide before the table. Also, always remember…

When in doubt: “Flower Elf” and “Catgirl Fishing” best.
“Lala” and “King” are garbage.

Inequality!!! Not all botany levequests are equal. Of the 4 types of leves you can get, 2 are far better than the other 2. Like I said: Flower Elf > Catgirl Fishing > Lala/King (Equally bad). The problem is the massive difference between the good and the bad… in any case – avoid the latter if you can.

Evaluation Botany Leves: are the what I called the “Flower Elf (FE)” and “Catgirl Fishing (CF)”. If you get the highest possible evaluation rating – you get a chunky EXP bonus. This is what you want! This can be hard to do if your gear is severely outdated.

Levequest Engineering: is the process of ‘forcing’ certain levequests to pop for you. How is this achieved?

  1. Accept all available botany levequests when you reach a new levemete.
  2. Complete them all BUT DO NOT SUBMIT THEM.
  3. Only submit and gain the rewards for “FE” or “CF”.
  4. FE and/or CF should be available again from levemete.
  5. Only submit the “King” and “Lala” variants when you’re ready to go next tier.

List of Botany Levequests (Evaluation)

So I’m going to be listing all Flower Elf (FE) and Catgirl Fishing (CF). Any other leve not listed here is of considerably LESS value. Please note that FE>CF, and read the ‘levequest engineering’ section up top. Not every tier have both.

Leves marked (L) are Botany Temple Leves which cost 10 Leve Allowances, but give larger rewards.


LvlFlower Elf (FE)LinkCatgirl Fishing (CF)Link
58A Taste of Their Own Medicinehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1174/A-Taste-of-Their-Own-MedicineWatching the Western Wallhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1172/Watching-the-Western-Wall
58Thank You for Smoke Screening (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1177/Thank-You-for-Smoke-Screening-(L)Blending In (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1175/Blending-In-(L)
56The Anointing of the Deadhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1168/The-Anointing-of-the-Dead-
56Nectar of the Goddess (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1171/Nectar-of-the-Goddess-(L)-
54Chewed Up and Snuffed Outhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1162/Chewed-Up-and-Snuffed-OutYout Mother Is Medicine and Your Father Is the Wildhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1160/Your-Mother-Is-Medicine-and-Your-Father-Is-the-Wild
54Hybrid Theories (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1165/Hybrid-Theories-(L)Exotic Remedies (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1163/Exotic-Remedies-(L)
52--Ladies and Gentianshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1154/Ladies-and-Gentians
52--Coat The Harm (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1157/Coat-the-Harm-(L)
50Warm in Their Bedshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1150/Warm-in-Their-BedsDoes This Look Infectedhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1148/Does-This-Look-Infected?
50No Rest For The Thicket (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1153/No-Rest-for-the-Thicket-(L)Secondhand Smoke Screen (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1151/Secondhand-Smoke-Screen-(L)
45See How They Shinehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/713/See-How-They-ShineCaught in the Long Grasshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/710/Caught-in-the-Long-Grass
40Sign of the Crimeshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/709/Sign-of-the-CrimesPlague on Both Our Forestshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/706/Plague-on-Both-Our-Forests
35Catch My Drifthttp://xivdb.com/?leve/705/Catch-My-DriftA Stash of Herbshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/702/A-Stash-of-Herbs
30--The Palm in Your Handhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/698/The-Palm-in-Your-Hand
25--Over the Underbrushhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/694/Over-the-Underbrush
20--Nowhere to Slidehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/690/Nowhere-to-Slide
15Briar in the Holehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/689/Briar-in-the-HoleThe Quick and the Deadhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/686/The-Quick-and-the-Dead
10The Heart of the Hedgehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/685/The-Heart-of-the-HedgeWest Bank Storyhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/683/West-Bank-Story
10--A Chest of Nutshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/682/A-Chest-of-Nuts
05--Let the Sun Shine Inhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/678/Let-the-Sun-Shine-In
05--If a Tree Fallshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/679/If-a-Tree-Falls
01--Waking Woodhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/674/Waking-Wood
01--East Bank Storyhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/675/East-Bank-Story

Well, it’s a basic resource! Hopefully it was useful to you! GLHF Leveling up your botanist! It gets better after 50, trust me! For more FFXIV updates like us on Facebook! Message us on Twitter! See you around, “Plantsbane”!