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Weaver Leves level 20 and above which have 3 or 5 in the # column are REPEATABLE (Thrice).
Submitting High-quality Weaver crafted items give DOUBLE reward.

Patch 2.1 Has adjusted Leve EXP, but doesn’t reflect in the below table.

Weaver is a bit different. It’s expensive to level WVR on REPEATABLE LEVE’s unless you’re very rich. You’re better off finding a cost-effective single submission level, and spamming that.

Weaver LevequestsLevelEXP#ItemLeve From:Submit To:
Trew Enough18851Hempen ChaussesUl'dahUl'dah
The Unmentionables12921Hempen UnderpantsUl'dahUl'dah
Hire in the Blood12921Hempen HalfglovesScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossing
Burn Me Up18851Hempen CowlScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossing
The Adventurer's New Coat510531Hempen TabardUl'dahUl'dah
A Taste for Dalmaticae520221Amateur's DalmaticaUl'dahUl'dah
Just for Kecks517151Hempen KecksUl'dahScorpion Crossing
Wiggle Room510531Hempen Shepherd's TunicScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossing
This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things517151Amateur's BreechesScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossing
Workplace Safety1038721Cotton SashUl'dahUl'dah
Hat in Hand1022301Straw HatUl'dahUl'dah
Keep It Under Wraps1038491Cotton Turban Ul'dahHorizon
Making Gloves Out of Nothing at All1022301Hempen BracersHorizonHorizon
Welcome to the Cotton Club1038721Cotton HalfglovesHorizonHorizon
Read the Fine Print1540571Cotton Shepherd's TunicUl'dahUl'dah
Don't Trew So Hard 1561071 Initiate's SlopsUl'dahUl'dah
Better Shroud than Sorry1565731Cotton KurtaUl'dahCamp Drybone
Pants Are Not Enough1540571 Padded Hempen TrousersCamp DryboneCamp Drybone
Touch Me if You Can1561091Cotton Work GlovesCamp DryboneCamp Drybone
Hitting Below the Belt2054273Cotton Breeches of CraftingUl'dahUl'dah
Don't Sash Me2063731Cotton ScarfUl'dahUl'dah
Doublet Jeopardy20102891Cotton Doublet Vest of GatheringUl'dahQuarrymill
The Telltale Tress2054273Cotton Coif of GatheringQuarrymillQuarrymill
Getting Handsy2063731Cotton Dress GlovesQuarrymillQuarrymill
He's Got Legs25111153Velveteen SarouelUl'dahUl'dah
Piling It On2598851Velveteen ShirtUl'dahUl'dah
 I'll Be Your Wailer Today25165501 Velveteen Wedge Cap of GatheringUl'dahQuarrymill
Bet You Anything25111153 Velveteen Sarouel of GatheringQuarrymillQuarrymill
Pantser Corps2561091Initiate's SlopsQuarrymillQuarrymill
Our Man in Ul'dah30176703 Velveteen Work GlovesUl'dahUl'dah
By the Short Hairs30151401Velveteen RobeUl'dahUl'dah
By the Seat of the Pants30239101Linen ChaussesUl'dahCosta Del Sol
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Halberd30176703Velveteen Dress ShoesCosta Del SolCosta Del Sol
Put on Your Party Pants30151401Velveteen GaskinsCosta Del SolCosta Del Sol
Crunching the Numbers35239403Linen HatUl'dahUl'dah
Private Concerns35205181Linen TrousersUl'dahUl'dah
Edmelle's Hair35323961Linen Wedge Cap of GatheringUl'dahCoerthas (Observatorium)
A Leg Up on the Cold35239403Linen TightsCoerthas (Observatorium)Coerthas (Observatorium)
In Over Your Head35205171Linen CowlCoerthas (Observatorium)Coerthas (Observatorium)
Linen Deerstalker40320493Linen DeerstalkerUl'dahUl'dah
After the Smock-down40271071Linen SmockUl'dahUl'dah
Cool to Be Southern40418311Woolen KecksUl'dahCoerthas (Whitebrim)
A Matter of Import40320493Woolen HatCoerthas (Whitebrim)Coerthas (Whitebrim)
 No Country for Old Men40271071Woolen TightsCoerthas (Whitebrim)Coerthas (Whitebrim)
Seeing It Through to the End45390873Woolen SmockUl'dahUl'dah
Glad as a Hatter45335731Felt HatUl'dahUl'dah
Full Moon Fever45518281Felt ChaussesUl'dahMor Dhona
Bundle Up, It's Odd Out There45390873 Woolen DeerstalkerMor DhonaMor Dhona
 And a Haircut Wouldn't Hurt45335731Felt RobeMor DhonaMor Dhona

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Don't miss the hype! Check our Heavensward Information page! Get EARLY ACCESS: Pre-order Heavensward (NA) and get a HEAD START!