FFXIV Mining Levequests (Evaluation) & ‘Best per tier’

Find out the best mining leves per tier, and how to maximize the use of levequests for you miner.

Hey guys! This is a short guide detailing the best mining levequests per leve tier. If you’re here you’re probably going to want to see: Mining Leveling Guide. There’s not much else to say about that, I guess – but I’ll have a brief explanation for the newer players:

When in doubt: “Flower Elf” and “Catgirl Fishing” best.
“Lala” and “King” are garbage.

Sadly, not all mining levequests are equal. Of the 4 types of leves you can get, 2 are far superior than the other 2. As stated earlier: Flower Elf > Catgirl Fishing > Lala/King (Equally bad). The problem is the massive disparity between the good ones and the bad ones… in any case – avoid the latter if you can.

Evaluation Mining Leves: are the aforementioned “Flower Elf (FE)” and “Catgirl Fishing (CF)”. If you get the highest possible evaluation rating – you get a massive EXP bonus. This is what you’re after! Careful, it can be a pain if your miner has bad gear.

Levequest Engineering: is the process of ‘forcing’ certain levequests to pop for you. How is this achieved?

  1. Accept all available mining levequests when you reach a new levemete.
  2. Complete them all BUT DO NOT SUBMIT THEM.
  3. Only submit and gain the rewards for “FE” or “CF”.
  4. FE and/or CF should be available again from levemete.
  5. Only submit the “King” and “Lala” variants when you’re ready to go next tier.

List of Mining Levequests (Evaluation)

So I’m going to be listing all Flower Elf (FE) and Catgirl Fishing (CF). Any other leve not listed here is of considerably LESS value. Please note that FE>CF, and read the ‘levequest engineering’ section up top. Not every tier have both.

Leves marked (L) are Mining Temple Leves which cost 10 Leve Allowances, but give larger rewards.


LvlFlower Elf (FE) Catgirl Fishing (CF) 
58Dragonproofinghttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1204/DragonproofingSticking It Outhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1202/Sticking-It-Out
58Sharlayan Sympathizers (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1207/Sharlayan-Sympathizers-(L)Pommeling The Enemy (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1205/Pommeling-the-Enemy-(L)
56A Spire For New Heights (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1201/A-Spire-for-New-Heights--
54Talk About Boundarieshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1192/Talk-about-BoundariesFrom Creepers to Squattershttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1190/From-Creepers-to-Squatters
54HIstory Needs Some Revisions (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1195/History-Needs-Some-Revisions-(L)All Of These Bases Belong to Us (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1193/All-of-These-Bases-Belong-to-Us-(L)
52--Permit for Destruction of Religious Propertyhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1184/Permit-for-Destruction-of-Religious-Property
52--Rose Never Lets Go (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1187/Rose-Never-Lets-Go-(L)
50The Merits of Upcyclinghttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1180/The-Merits-of-UpcyclingTaken for Granitehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/1178/Taken-for-Granite
50Breaking Beacons (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1183/Breaking-Beacons-(L)The Basics of Forgery (L)http://xivdb.com/?leve/1181/The-Basics-of-Forgery-(L)
45Hybrid Hypotheseshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/753/Hybrid-HypothesesMetal Has No Masterhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/750/Metal-Has-No-Master
40Not Losing Our Heads This Timehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/749/Not-Losing-Our-Heads-This-TimeNature is a Monsterhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/746/Nature-Is-a-Monster
35Mythril Madnesshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/745/Mythril-MadnessRocks for Brainshttp://xivdb.com/?leve/742/Rocks-for-Brains
30--I Kidd You Nothttp://xivdb.com/?leve/738/I-Kidd-You-Not
25--Fool Me Twicehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/734/Fool-Me-Twice
20--Look How They Shine for Youhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/730/Look-How-They-Shine-for-You
15The Doom that Came to Belah'diahttp://xivdb.com/?leve/729/The-Doom-that-Came-to-Belah%27diaA Man's Gotta Dreamhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/726/A-Man%27s-Gotta-Dream
10We Do This the Hard Wayhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/725/We-Do-This-the-Hard-WayThat's Why They Call It Fool's Goldhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/723/That%27s-Why-They-Call-It-Fool%27s-Gold
10--Break It Uphttp://xivdb.com/?leve/722/Break-It-Up
05--Do They Ore Don't Theyhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/719/Do-They-Ore-Don%27t-They
05--Vanishing Pointhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/718/Vanishing-Point
01--Who Needs the Paperworkhttp://xivdb.com/?leve/715/Who-Needs-the-Paperwork
01--Rubble Bubblehttp://xivdb.com/?leve/714/Rubble-Bubble

The information was compiled by my very beautiful girlfriend. :D Who helps me out from time to time.

Well, it’s a basic resource! Hopefully it was useful to you! GLHF Leveling up your miner! It gets better after 50, trust me! For more FFXIV updates like us on Facebook! Message us on Twitter! See you around, “Rockbreaker”!

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