FFXIV Machinist (MCH) Guide & FAQ

All you need to know about the Machinist job in FFXIV! How to unlock MCH, what skills, stats, and other supporting info. Also links to advanced guides!

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” – Mahiko ‘-bi Wan’ San.

Hello! Welcome to our FFXIV Machinist guide. Here, we discuss all basic Machinist information, and post links to find more advanced Machinist resources. The Machinist is a ranged physical DPS class which was introduced in Heavensward 3.0, and have a special requirements (Like Astrologian and Dark Knight) compared to the original jobs. If you’re a newer MCH, the Machinist leveling guide may be useful.

How do I become a Machinist in FFXIV? What are the MCH Requirements?

1) You must have an existing Level 50 combat class (DoW or DoM).
2) You must have completed “Before the Dawn” (all story quests prior to 3.0).
3) Only then will the Machinist unlock quest open up –

Where do I unlock Machinist?
The quest name is “Savior of Skysteel”, which is found in Foundation (8,10). The questgiver is an NPC named ‘Stephanivien’.

Help! I’m a new player rushing to Machinist! Your best bet’s starting the game as Archer and hitting the requirements as a Bard. Switch to MCH once you’re good to go!

Machinist stats: What stats to allocate and gear up for?


The most important stat for MCH is undoubtedly DEX. DEX improves ranged physical damage, and of course facilitates your main objective of DEALING DAMAGE. All characters will want some extra VIT (usually by materia, and stat points) when tackling extremely difficult content. Note that excessive VIT is a huge minus to efficiency.

As for secondary stats, we can’t really say yet. MCH may have favorable secondary stats that synergize with their skillset, but we can only guess at this point. Determination is the ‘go-to’ stat for any DPS, and Machinists are no different.

(More info: MCH Stats & Materia)

What are the Machinist Skills & Traits?
MCH being their ‘lifespan’ at level 30. So you may get shocked at the amount of new skills you have. The skills and traits are listed near the bottom of the post.

What classes are Machinist Cross-class skills from?
Archer and Lancer. (More info: MCH Cross-class skills)

Crafting & Gathering classes suitable for Machinist?
Going by trends we can assume…
MCH Armor: Leatherworker (mainly)
MCH Gun: ??? (I assume metal-based crafters)
MCH Accessories: Goldsmith (mainly)

It’s hard to say clearly which gathering class is best. But I’m willing to bet guns need metal too, so I’ll go with primarily Miner. We all know how leatherworker rolls though…

Advanced Machinist resources

  • Machinist Best-in-slot & End-game gear: To find the droid components you’re looking for.
  • Machinist rotation: L2PewPew PROPERLY with your Machinist.
  • Anything else to add?

Machinist Skills

Split Shot1
Slug Shot2
Lead Shot6
Leg Graze10
Spread Shot18
Foot Graze22
Quick Reload26
Hot Shot30
Rapid Fire30
Head Graze34
Clean Shot35
Rook Autoturret40
Turret Retrieval40
Suppressive Fire45
Grenado Shot46
Bishop Autoturret50
Gauss Barrel52
Gauss Round54
Rend Mind56

Machinist Traits

>icon<8Enhanced DexterityEffect
>icon<14Lodged LeadEffect
>icon<16Enhanced Dexterity IIEffect
>icon<20Increased Action Damage IIEffect
>icon<24Enhanced Dexterity IIEffect
>icon<28Enhanced ReassembleEffect
>icon<32Quicker ReloadEffect
>icon<36Enhanced Spread ShotEffect
>icon<40Increased Action DamageEffect
>icon<44Enhanced Rapid FireEffect
>icon<48Enhanced WildfireEffect

Bring the damn GUN to the knife fight! Enjoy your Machinist! For more about MCH’s and anything about FFXIV, make sure to keep in touch! Like us on Facebook, communicate with us easily by Following us on Twitter. You can also check us out on YouTube and Twitch!

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