FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)

STORMBLOOD UPDATED! “I need to kill what?!” Alchemy Leveling to 70 in no time! ALC Levequest Items comparisons and value moves per tier!


Welcome back! Here you’ll find info on Alchemist Leveling 60 to 70! If you’re here, “it ain’t yer first trasmuteo” – so let’s get right to it.

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If you’re rushing in from 3.x, and your Alchemist gear is subpar, don’t worry! While your Alchemist leveling journey will be harder, don’t worry so much! Read the clickies, they may help you!

Your gear is bad, and you feel bad. Playing catch up
What do I do to reach 61? 62?
When does ALC leveling get better!?
Level up your crafters simultaneously! (+DoL)

Alchemist Leveling 60 to 62

L60 Fixing up your cross-class skills
L60 40DUR 558 DIFF
L60 80DUR 1116/1400 DIFF ???CP

Alchemist Levequests @ 60

Type: S is for leves which are Single Submit; Type: T is for Triple Submit. Won’t remind you again.

Class Level Qty Item Type Levequest Name Best?
ALC 60 1 Enchanted Koppranickel Ink S Whinier Than the Sword 1
ALC 60 1 Koppranickel Index S Spellbound 3
ALC 60 1 Growth Formula Eta T Magic Beans 2
ALC 60 Levequest discussion

ALC 60 to 62: What I did in this tier

Here’s what I personally did in this tier:

Craft Enchanted Koppranickel Inks – submit to reach L61. Upgrade your gear as outlined below.

Then craft -> submit -> craft -> submit until 62. You don’t really want many excess inks around. You can keep a few.

Don’t bother with manuals, this tier is best powered through via Levequests.

Grinding Alchemist 60 to 62

I’d like to state it now that grinding on 40 durability ingots is a huge part of crafting leveling (you’re gonna end up using the materials, anyway…) so always try to optimize your rotation for those.

HOWEVER, having said that this exact tier is an exception. There’s nothing really valuable to grind here. Smash this tier with leves. If you must, Ink is your best bet. Reisui’s may be a long shot for some.

The only reason to grind Koppranickel Ink is for others to buy and submit ’em. I kept a small NQ stockpile for myself. Never hurts.

Important notes and events in this tier

Gear Upgrades: 61 Left side (Bloodhempen & Gaganaskin Tier)
61 Hasty Touch II
L61 Rotation Upgrades
ALC 62 Weapon


Alchemist Leveling 62 to 64

Simultaneous leveling & Retainers

Alchemist Levequests @ 62

Class Level Qty Item Type Levequest Name Best?
ALC 62 1 Gyuki Leather Codex S Official Strategy Guide 3
ALC 62 3 Grade 1 Reisui of Intelligence S Scroll Down 2
ALC 62 3 Potent Spiritbond Potion T Materia Worth 1
ALC 62 Levequest discussion

ALC 62 to 64: What I did in this tier

Here’s what I personally did in this tier:

P O T E N T  S P I R I T B O N D  P O T I O N

Ahhh, a fine levequest submission if I ever saw one! I never felt bad overstocking the materials because it’s the type of item people like to use.

You can also craft a small stockpile of Reisuis – a welcome boost to EXP and your stash.  (Do not attempt Reisuis if you’re weak – wait for L63 upgrades).

Finish up this tier and reach 64 by submitting any remaining HQ inks from the previous tier, and capping it off with Potent Spiritbond Potion submissions.

Grinding Alchemist 62 to 64

Potent Spiritbond Potion rears its head yet again. You’ll never feel bad grinding on these for many reasons. A) It’s a triple leve submission. B) It has an actual use to people.

Any and all Reisui’s will hold some value over time, these are super annoying to craft as a high level guy (AKA going to Retainers to get materials). Having a small stockpile of each can improve sanity.

Important notes and events in this tier

ALC L62 Mainhand: (and belt)
L62 Careful Synthesis III
Rotation: ALC L62 40DUR 842DIFF 365CP
Rotation: ALC L62 80DUR 379CP
L63 Alchemist Quest: Quality Assurance Trait
Ruby Cotton / Gyuki Leather tier?
63 Gear Update: Off-hand & Accessories
Gear Check: Just a reminder

THERE IS A L64 ROTATION UPDATE – but I’ll put that in the next tier.

Alchemist Leveling – Navigation:
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With this you’ve gotten past “the hard part”, which is catching up to the required gear power levels! Congrats!

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13 thoughts on “FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)”

  1. (15-20 range) Ash Branches actually aren’t purchased from the Guild Supplier, only their logs are. But I heard something about unlocking materials…? It’s not there at-level, at least.

  2. Just wanted to throw this out there,

    Lv30 Alchemist LeveQuest (Just Give Him a Serum), actually gives a little more EXP compared to the other Singles of the Lv35 Alchemist LeveQuest tier.

    Just Give Him a Serum (47.8k EXP for NQ / 95.6k EXP for HQ)
    Majority of Singles at Lv35 only gives roughly 41k EXP for NQ (with the exception of the Wand).

    So IMO, I think it should also be in that tier considering the amount of EXP it gives and how easy the recipe is.

  3. at lvl 56 you can spam hardsilver ink collectables for cheap and fast exp, got to 60 in 2 hours and made enough blue scrips for my books

    1. Yes they should be HQ because even for class quests, if you turn in an HQ item it will give you DOUBLE the XP

  4. 53 ALC quest is HQ Enchanted Mythrite Ink (x3)
    55 ALC quest is HQ Bottles of Grade 1 Intelligence Dissolvent (x3)
    58 ALC quest is HQ Draconian Potion of Strength (x1)
    60 ALC quest is HQ Noble Gold (x1)

  5. You might want to update the level-30-35 range that you can make Growth Formula Gamma with NPC bought materials… its just that you have to unlock them first…!

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