FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)

STORMBLOOD UPDATED! “I need to kill what?!” Alchemy Leveling to 70 in no time! ALC Levequest Items comparisons and value moves per tier!

Useful links to have open: ALC Leves List | DoH Gear Guide 

“But Severin… While all things are in the realm of science…
… some things should be willfully left out of it.”

– Mahiko ‘Holy Grail’ San

Ixal Beast Tribe Daily Quests Reminder

Just a quick reminder to do your Ixal Daily Quests!

These dailies are best used to push past “bad tiers”, or simply on your highest level non 50 crafter. I suppose you can also use them on crafting classes which are lagging behind for one reason or the other.

The special currency, Ixali Oaknots, can be used to pick up low-tier DoL and DoH materia! These can be super annoying to come across during melding season. So feel good while doing Ixal dailies knowing you’re pulling a profit on the side!

Alchemist Level 35 to 40

L35 ALC Class Quest Item: (HQ) Hi-Ether
L35 ALC Leves [L]ocation: Coerthas (Observatorium) | Ul’dah
L35 ALC Leves Items Discussion:

[H][R] 5x(15) Poisoning Potion: ALL INGREDIENTS FROM NPCs!
[H] 3x Blinding Potion: Is Blue Landtrap Leaf cheaper than Belladonna?
[C] 1x Budding Oak Wand: Meh, but if you’re hellbent on Courier…
[L][R] 5x(15) Paralyzing Potion: NPCable except: Mandrake.
[L] 3x Sleeping Potion: Is Belladonna cheaper than Blue Landtrap Leaf?
[L] 1x Embossed Book of Silver: Precursor.

NOTE: Doing courier past L30 is a little more time consuming since there is NO DIRECT AETHERYTE TELEPORT.

(You can buy Morbol Vine & Formic Acid from upper decks 11,8!)

Triples: Poisoning Potion is amazing since you can buy all the required materials from NPCs. It’s the levequest I used to level up. Paralyzing Potion has a very similar recipe with the exception of ‘Mandrake’. These are cheap, so triples may not be a bad idea for this tier.

Singles: First off, the Wand and Book are out of the question since the other 2 single leves require potions with a similar recipe, too! The only cost difference between the two is Blue Landtrap Leaf (Blinding) vs. Belladonna (Sleeping).

Courier: Personally, this tier can be done with triples (or singles)… I mean you don’t always get a tier wherein the mats are so cheap, so why not abuse it. If you do go courier, the wand isn’t the end of the world.

If in case you turned a blind eye to the paragraph above – abuse the triples in this tier because they’re damn cheap.

Alchemist Level 40 to 45

L40 ALC Class Quest Item: 3x (HQ) Hi-Potion of Strength
L40 ALC Leves [L]ocation: Coerthas (Whitebrim) | Ul’dah
L40 ALC Leves Items Discussion:

[H][R] 5x(15) Smelling Salts: Not bad – both triples are decent!
[H] 3x Shark Oil: No… Not like this…
[C] 3x Mega-Potion: Couriers not worth it this tier.
[L][R] 5x(15) Lanolin: Hard to HQ yourself, but CHEAP.
[L] 1x Book of Mythril: Probably the ‘best’ single leve.
[L] 3x Enchanted Electrum Ink: Time & HQ problems, but cheap.

Courier is worth it if you have the patience – Mega Potion is cheap to make or even buy.

Single leves? Shark Oil sucks – let’s get that out of the way. Book of Mythril (easy to HQ, takes less time to craft) vs Enchanted Electrum Ink (takes long and may be hard, but get better EXP via manual crafts) are your only choices.

Triple leves? Again both are good – I personally used Lanolin because I had good DoH gear, and didn’t mind the FIFTEEN CRAFTS per turn in (they’re DIRT CHEAP). Smelling Salts is the other triple, which is cheap too – and much easier to HQ.

While there’s hardly a clear cut answer in this tier – there’s no SUCKY choice except Shark Oil. Which route did I go in this tier personally? Lanolin of heavenly v a l u e.

If Grinding: Any stat mega-potion you’ll be using (or selling) for raiding. They’re great to practice potion timings on in progression fights.


Alchemist Level 45 to 50

L45 ALC Class Quest Items:
(All HQ) Mega-Potion of Intelligence / Mind / Vitality
L45 ALC Leves [L]ocation: Mor Dhona | Ul’dah
L45 Alchemist Leves Items Discussion:

[H][R] 5x(15) Mega Potion of Vitality: Best triple in this tier.
[H] 3x Gold Needle: I’d skip this, Local leves seem better.
[C] 3x Potent Sleeping Potion: Cheap and good – but travel time sucks.
[L][R] 5x(15) Mega-Potion of Strength: SHARK OIL! NO!
[L] 3x Potent Poisoning Potion: Same recipe below but: Pudding Flesh.
[L] 3x Potent Silencing Potion: Same recipe above but: Dart Frog.

Notes: Between the triples, Mega-Potion of Vitality > STR Potion due to the cost of Shark Oil. If you’re patient.

The Courier leve (Potent Sleeping Potion) is a nice option. Couriers to MD take forever, though.

For the single leves, Gold Needle is considerably worse than either of the Potent Status Potions. When choosing which one is best for you – simply compare the price of Pudding Flesh vs. Dart Frog.

Alchemist – 50 and beyond

So, finally got you to 50? What to do now? First of all, complete your Level 50 ALC class quest, to get your blue weapon.

Level 50 Alchemist Class Quest Item:
(HQ) Budding Rosewood Wand (Melded with: Quicktongue III Materia)

Then you might need to see what your Alchemist 50 gear should be: DoH End-Game Gear Guide / Max Melds.

ALC Level: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50] | [50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70]

Well, you’ve reached a milestone! 50 was the endgame back then, but congrats anyway. Now get to 60!!!

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15 thoughts on “FFXIV Alchemist Leveling Guide (Stormblood Updated!)”

  1. I know it’s early on in the class, but the materials for Roof Tiles are not all available from the Alchemy supplier. They don’t sell Straw (but you can take a quick Aethernet jaunt to the Weaver’s guild that does).

  2. Here’s a suggestion if you’re lazy like me, when you first get palace of the dead you need to spam that because it gives you HQ potions with needing to buy and it also lvls up your class for attacking so it’s a win win situation.

  3. (15-20 range) Ash Branches actually aren’t purchased from the Guild Supplier, only their logs are. But I heard something about unlocking materials…? It’s not there at-level, at least.

  4. Just wanted to throw this out there,

    Lv30 Alchemist LeveQuest (Just Give Him a Serum), actually gives a little more EXP compared to the other Singles of the Lv35 Alchemist LeveQuest tier.

    Just Give Him a Serum (47.8k EXP for NQ / 95.6k EXP for HQ)
    Majority of Singles at Lv35 only gives roughly 41k EXP for NQ (with the exception of the Wand).

    So IMO, I think it should also be in that tier considering the amount of EXP it gives and how easy the recipe is.

  5. at lvl 56 you can spam hardsilver ink collectables for cheap and fast exp, got to 60 in 2 hours and made enough blue scrips for my books

    1. Yes they should be HQ because even for class quests, if you turn in an HQ item it will give you DOUBLE the XP

  6. 53 ALC quest is HQ Enchanted Mythrite Ink (x3)
    55 ALC quest is HQ Bottles of Grade 1 Intelligence Dissolvent (x3)
    58 ALC quest is HQ Draconian Potion of Strength (x1)
    60 ALC quest is HQ Noble Gold (x1)

  7. You might want to update the level-30-35 range that you can make Growth Formula Gamma with NPC bought materials… its just that you have to unlock them first…!

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