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Where is the Chefs Guild? The Culinarians Guild is Located in Limsa Lominsa, and is Headed by Lynsgath, who is pictured above.
[City & Guild Locations]

If you’re new to crafting, you might want to check out Crafting General Guide / FAQ first, and our Crafting General Levelling Guide.

What do Culinarians craft?

Battle Food
Crafting Food
Gathering Food

What classes should be Chefs?

Culinarians are special. They need ingredients from all gathering classes (more on botany and fishing), but don’t really offer anything to other classes. Any class can become a chef, and is considered the most general crafting class.

We can assume that high level crafted food beats vendor bought food. In that sense, culinarians are extremely important for any group wanting to tackle end-game content. As food easily represents a 5-10% increase in power.

Chef skills

Every Crafting (Disciple of Hand) class has 14 skills, 11 of which are common among all of them, while three are unique to each class. Below are the Culinarian only skills.

Name LevelCost 
Hasty Touch15FreeIncreases Quality.
Efficiency: 100%
Success Rate: 50%
Steady Hand II2535 CPImproves action success rate by 20% for the next 5 steps. (Bugged Tooltip)
Reclaim4355 CPIncreases the chance materials will not be lost after botched synthesis to 90%

Culinarian Skill Discussion

Hasty Touch: Low efficiency and success rate don’t really justify the zero CP cost. The only situation where this is useful is if you have extra Durability and little or no CP. Could work well with Steady Hands or Waste Not (Leatherworking Skill)

Steady Hand II: A great skill when trying things below a 70% Success chance. Otherwise, you’re going to use Steady Hand I most of the time.

Reclaim: Most of the time, this skill will be useless. But when dealing with ultra expensive materials – this is the best “get out of jail 90% of the time free” card. You’re gonna wish you have this crafting high-end gear.

Hasty touch is pretty much useless. Reclaim, I can foresee people saying “I wish I had Reclaim %$#%$#”. It’s worth nothing to help you succeed higher level crafts, but worth a million gil easily when things do not go your way. Steady Hand II

Culinarian Levelling Guide

We suggest starting crafting by levelling all crafting classes to 15 at once. Class specific levelling guides coming soon!

Where are the Culinarian Levequests?

  • Level 1-45 Levequests: Limsa Lominsa Adventurers Guild.
  • Level 1-5: Red Rooster Stead
  • Level 10: Swiftperch
  • Level 15: Aleport
  • Level 20 – 25: Quarrymill.
  • Level 30: Costa Del Sol
  • Level 35: Coerthas, Observatorium.
  • Level 40:  Coerthas, Whitebrim.
  • Level 45: Mor Dhona, St. Coinachs Find.


  • The culinarian is the most general crafting class.
  • Any class can become and benefit from being a chef. Every guild needs at least 1 high level chef!
  • Culinarian skills are okay. Reclaim is the “best” gil saving skill of all time. Of all time. 32 CP is often worth 400k, haha.

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For now, I guess that’s it! We will be working on class specific levelling guides, and other advanced information like most common materials used and so on. Please subscribe if you don’t want to miss out!

How 3.1 affects YOU - keep up! New Content: Void Ark, Minion BattlesDiadem (Exploratory Missions). Thordan EX guide soon! Remember to use the good 'ol Feedback Form or comment whenever you need!