FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide (Stormblood UPDATED)

STORMBLOOD UPDATED! How to level up Fishing Quickly!? Confused with Fishing Levequests? Looking for FIsh & Fishing Spots? Power Level your Fisher!

Ah, back to the rod in Stormblood, I see? Well, you came to the right place. Hopefully everything in our Fishing Leveling Guide will help you push forward!

Fisher Level: [Pre 50] | [50-55] | [55-60] | [60-70] : [Summary]

First of all, get your quest going into Stormblood FishingWhither Wawalago Wanders (Quest from Limsa, gives 3 engineering manuals) in the Fisherman’s Guild.

What next? Well, now all you need to do is  buy some bait. Pot Salmon Roe – it comes from many NPC’s but I guess the most generic one is in Rhalgr’s Reach (13,11).

We will start this page by posting the collectible table, as you might want to refer to it often:

Easy Reference: FSH Collectibles and Levequests

FSH Collectibles (All 60+)
L Fish Req Map Fishing Spot X Y
60 Velodyna Grass Carp 690 The Fringes Velodyna River 17 11
61 Butterfly Fish 115 Ruby Sea Shoal Rock 33 7
64 Yanxia Koi 451 Yanxia The One River (East) 20 25
64 Killifish 9 Azim Steppe Nem Khaal 33 30
66 Tao Bitterling 49 Azim Steppe Tao Khaal 16 17
66 Samurai Fish 14 Yanxia Doma Castle 16 9
68 Daio Squid 1034 Ruby Sea Isle of Zekki 9 26
68 Cherubfish 267 Yanxia The Sunken Junk (!) 10 35
68 Silken Sunfish 767 The Lochs Loch Seld Central Lakebed (!) 17 17
69 Eternal Eye 40 Azim Steppe Azim Khaat Eastern Lakebed (!) 25 23

Fishing Level 60 to 62

References here for easy access:

FSH 60 Levequests
FSH Lvl Levequest   Fish Qty Location Area X Y
FSH 60 If a Leaf Falls in the Water S Fallen Leaves 3 The Fringes Dimwold 10 28
FSH 60 Slow Wash, Rapids Jumper S Rapids Jumpers 3 The Peaks Slow Wash 23 8
FSH 60 There can only be one T Highland Perch 3 The Fringes Mirage Creek 28 15
FSH Collectibles
FSH Collectibles (All 60+)
L Fish Req Map Fishing Spot X Y
60 Velodyna Grass Carp 690 The Fringes Velodyna River 17 11
61 Butterfly Fish 115 Ruby Sea Shoal Rock 33 7
64 Yanxia Koi 451 Yanxia The One River (East) 20 25
64 Killifish 9 Azim Steppe Nem Khaal 33 30
66 Tao Bitterling 49 Azim Steppe Tao Khaal 16 17
66 Samurai Fish 14 Yanxia Doma Castle 16 9
68 Daio Squid 1034 Ruby Sea Isle of Zekki 9 26
68 Cherubfish 267 Yanxia The Sunken Junk (!) 10 35
68 Silken Sunfish 767 The Lochs Loch Seld Central Lakebed (!) 17 17
69 Eternal Eye 40 Azim Steppe Azim Khaat Eastern Lakebed (!) 25 23

FSH 60 to 61 getting over the bump

Just for some perspective – I tried to do this in “Serpentskin 3.0 tier” with the L60 Birch Fishing Rod. If your gear is less than that, I suggest picking up the Birch Fishing Rod and Serpentskin Vest.

Your goal is to get away from this “scrubby feeling” ASAP. Which means hitting 61 and getting gear upgrades. So how do we do that? Unfortunately, given your stats, your options are super limited. While I tried various things, here’s the best overall thing I found at the time.

Get your Commercial Survival Manuals. Go to The Fringes – Mirage Creek and farm that fishing hole. You will gather some pile of NQ and a few HQ Highland Perch – which is a fish required for levequests!

Other methods - for the curious

If you think you have the stats to attempt the Velodyna Grass Carp collectible, which is in The Fringes – Velodyna River; unless you have (estimated) 470~+ Perception, this isn’t a good idea.

The other levequest fish, aren’t too good right now. Fallen Leaves is unnervingly rare in the short time I tried to catch ’em. Rapids Jumper is decent to reach 62, but with your current stats now it’s just really inefficient.

Unlock SPEARFISHING, and other things

Spearfishing - where, how, why

How and where do I unlock Spearfishing? Go to Ruby Sea (Tamamizu Aetheryte), in Rasen Kaikyo. NPC name is Sumitsubo and quest name is “A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience”. The quest itself is just talking to a guy outside.

Spearfishing? Gigs? How? Spearfishing isn’t that special. It’s kind of like Mining and Botany except you have to time your strike when the node bubbles up. You can also select the size of your gig head (it’s free, unlike bait. And it never falls off or gets lost).

You can try out spearfishing, but there’s not much value to be gained from these lower level nodes right now.

FSH L61 Gear Upgrades

At this point, you may want to craft/use the general DoL gear upgrades I recommended for MIN and BTN. Here’s the table:

Slot Item Level From? Cheap Meld I Cheap Meld II
Main Muudhorn Fishing Rod 62 BSM Guerdon IV Any
Off Spearfishing Gig 61 BSM Guerdon IV Any
Chest Gaganaskin Vest 61 LTW Guerdon IV Guile IV
Head Gaganaskin Bush Hat 61 LTW Guerdon IV Guile IV
Gloves Gaganaskin Gloves 61 LTW Guerdon IV Guile IV
Leg Bloodhempen Trousers of Gathering 61 WVR Guerdon IV Guerdon IV
Boot Gaganaskin Fringe Boots 61 LTW Guile IV Guile IV
Belt Gaganaskin Belt of Gathering 62 LTW Guerdon IV Any

It’s the exact same upgrade set I recommended for the other DoL.

FSH 61 to 62: Nearly there…

Now that you have SOME gear upgrades, you can Fish a little more reliably  to get through to 62. Remember, no matter which method listed below that you choose to do, ALWAYS KEEP COMMERCIAL SURVIVAL MANUAL UP. This is the absolute best time to use them. I’ll list 3 decent ways to get EXP.

Rapids Jumper (levequest fish) was the best method I found to push past this mini speed bump. You can catch these straight and off of mooches which is great. You can go back to good ‘ol Highlands Perch but this is what I suggested doing from L61 so you might be sick of it. Overall it’s roughly equal to the Rapids Jumper fishing hole.

Grinding on the Spearfishing Node with Commercial Manuals on is decent EXP and more “active”. At around 80k per node with manuals, you can’t go wrong with this either.

Other Methods - for the curious

Same thing from the previous “tier”…

Velodyna Grass Carp is just too random for me… I would like to say this is legit but I had terrible luck with it. Try it out, but don’t get too excited…

Fallen Leaf (levequest fish) is a bad idea. I never seemed to fish them up. Could be personal bias, but I disliked this hole.


Fishing Level 62 to 64

FSH 62 Levequests
FSH Lvl Levequest   Fish Qty Location Area X Y
FSH 62 Lighter Wallets S Glass Manta 6 Ruby Sea Tamamizu 28 11
FSH 62 In a Pickle S Eastern Sea Pickle 6 Ruby Sea Sui No Sato 18 21
FSH 62 Perhaps Not-So-Common T Common Whelk 4 Yanxia The One River S Riverbeds 22 37

The first thing you should do upon reaching L62 is getting the new rod: Muudhorn Fishing Rod. Pick up 99 Live Shrimp (it’s a new bait) for your stockpile.

Grinding on Common Whelk up in Yanxia is probably the best thing to do. It’s roughly a 50/50 chance with Armored Crayfish. You can fish them up in The One River S Riverbeds (22,37). This is a levequest fish (a triple, too!).

Other Methods - for the curious

Looking at the data on ff14angler, it’s gotta be Eastern Sea Pickle, right? What I FOUND (Note: I, me, myself…) that GLASS MANTA has a massive drop rate (approaching 50%), and Eastern Sea Pickle at around 30%.

However, EASTERN SEA PICKLE IS DISGUSTINGLY CHEAP off the MB (NQ ones anyway). If you’re lazy, or have a ton of leves – go for it!

The collectibles… man… they’re straight trash. They’re too unreliable. But I just felt they weren’t too hot in comparison to Common Whelk. Maybe I should go back and try harder? But dude… the Common Whelk grind EXP is too real.

L63 FSH Class Quest - How to catch Deep Velodyna Carp

Catching the L63 class quest fish “Deep Velodyna Carp” was easy. I used Salmon Roe and NO SNAGGING, bagged 3 in 6 tries. The fishing hole is obviously right here, in Velodyna River. I didn’t use Patience or any Hookset… was I just lucky? Try Patience into Powerful Hookset if you’re not getting them.

Rewards are a choice of NQ Gyuki tier gear (sucky), and an NQ Muudhorn Fishing Rod, which you should already have an HQ of.

FSH Optional Upgrades @ 63

While I purposefully tried to survive with the L61 gear on FSH, upgrades are more welcome here with FSH as compared to MIN and BTN. Still, some slots still suck. So if you want the optional upgrades I’d recommend on the Shirt > Gloves > Head (HQ).

Though I feel the 63 tier is just bad in general, it’s too close to the 65 tier…

L63 Skill - Veteran Trade

At L63 you unlock Veteran Trade, and this changes the game. This allows you to “not catch the previous fish you caught” when spearfishing. It vastly narrows down the possible outcomes of a spear attempt, so you can zone in more easily on levequest fish and such.

The efficiency of this is largely dependent on fishing holes. The less fish possibilities, better chances you’ll get at isolating the one you want. THIS ONLY WORKS FOR SPEARFISHING.

Read the above clicky about Veteran Trade. Now, go back to Yanxia and try the Common Whelks again. If you catch an Armored Crayfish on the 1st or 2nd spear, use Veteran Trade, AND ALL REMAINING GATHERS WILL BE COMMON WHELK (since it’s 50/50, you eliminated the chances for the crayfish).

Value. Do this until you 64.

Fishing Level 64 to 66

FSH 64 Levequests
FSH Lvl Levequest   Fish Qty Location Area X Y
FSH 64 Catfish Scheme S Longhair Catfish 3 Yanxia The One River (East) 20 25
FSH 64 Curtains for Pleco S Curtain Pleco 3 Azim Steppe Hak Khaal 27 22
FSH 64 Marooned Minnow T Tall Mountains Minnows 3 Azim Steppe Upper Yat Kal 17 17

At 64 you unlock Calm Waters, which grants another attempt at spearfishing. You may be familiar with similar skills from BTN and MIN.

You’re better off recycling your method from the previous tier, which is farming Common Whelks and using Veteran Trade on Armored Crayfish… It’s a little unexciting, I know. But it is the fastest way going forward.

I don’t want to spearfish! I want to AFK fish! The best option in this tier is in Yanxia – The One River East (X:20, Y:24) using the bait Nightcrawler. Use Patience > Powerful Hookset as often as you can. I won’t lie though, even though this is the “next best thing”, I still found it garbage tier compared to the Common Whelk spearfishing.

First thing to do once you hit 65: HQ Pine Fishing Rod. Meld Gathering III+ on it, and overmeld it with whatever (trash materia if you must) so it Spiritbonds faster. Your next rod is at 67 and it might not bond in time…

Other methods - for the curious

The levequest fish are all unnervingly rare or difficult to snag. You can try them out, but none of the other “new” methods in this tier were any good.

FSH Optional upgrades @ 65

Same story here with the upgrades. While you can survive off the L61 gear (and I did so until 70), looking back, I HEAVILY SUGGEST YOU PICK THESE UP:

Cheaply meld them with gathering so the bond quicker.

L65 FSH Class Quest: How to Catch HQ Harutsage Sprag

Catching Harutsage Sprag HQ:

Fishing Hole: Shoal Rock (34, 8)

Bait: Live Shrimp
Patience II -> Precision Hookset
No Snagging.

Use Cordials to speed it up a bit.

This wasn’t so bad. Keep in mind its NOT at the beach where the quest NPC is. It’s in the water surrounding Shoal Rock (that large coral thingy).

You get a selection of NQ Tiger Leather gear, an NQ Pine Fishing Rod (none of which you need…) and 99 Nightcrawler.

You also Learn double Hook which increases Yield for one cast… not bad I guess.

Fishing Level 66 to 68

FSH Lvl Levequest   Fish Qty Location Area X Y
FSH 66 Step By Steppe S Redfin 6 Azim Steppe Azim Khaat E Lakebed 25 23
FSH 66 Peculiar De-light S Sea Lamps 6 Ruby Sea The Kobayashi Maru 39 8
FSH 66 Unbeliebubble T Doman Bubble Eye 4 Yanxia The Sunken Junk 10 35

66 Truth of Oceans and Stealth XII. While we’re all familiar with Stealth, Truth of Oceans is basically Ephemeral Nodes for Spearfishing. They’re pretty terrible… Don’t worry if you’re confused – it’s part of your L68 class quest and you’ll experience it first hand.

As for leveling up – thankfully we have great Spearfishing Levequests again! Better yet – TWO OF THEM!

If you want to do the triple leve: Doman Bubble Eye from The Sunken Junk (Yanxia X Y) Small Gig Head. It’s a “50/50” so using Veteran Trade on Yanxian Tiger Prawn for value of the heavens.

If you want the single leve: Sea Lamps from The Kobayashi Maru (Ruby Sea X Y) Small Gig Head. It’s a “50/50” yet again – something something Veteran Trade on Bashful Batfish.

Other Methods - for the curious

I honestly didn’t really bother trying too hard. My, admittedly, not-so-long time in Yanxia (Doma Castle) to fish up Samurai Fish yielded next to no notable results…

If you can find one, lemme know! But the spearfishing is just TOO GOOD to pass up!!!

STOP ONCE YOU HIT level 67 and pick up the L67 Fishing Rod – Gazelle Horn Fishing Rod. As always, main hand upgrades are amazing. Cheaply meld it with Gathering so it bonds faster.

67 unlocks Salvage: Occasionally finds treasure maps while spearfishing. Meh.

Fishing Level 68 to 70

FSH Lvl Levequest   Fish Qty Location Area X Y
FSH 68 Blood in the Water S Steelsharks 3 The Peaks Heather Falls 31 6
FSH 68 To the Teeth S Tawny Wench Shark 3 Ruby Sea The Isle of Bekko 33 15
FSH 68 Pre-octopied T Koromo Octopus 3 Ruby Sea The Isle of Zekki 9 26

Before you set out to leveling in this tier, do the optional upgrades and class quest first!

SPOILER FSH Optional Upgrades @ 68

I found this pile COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, whether you’re stuck with 61 gear or bought the optionals along the way, the fishing hole(s) you’re going to grind here are pretty friendly. But, they’re not entirely useless so here they are just in case:

But why not, right? You will be able to bond them fast enough anyway with cheap melded gathering.

L68 FSH Class Quest - HQ Dafangshi

How to catch HQ Dafangshi

Go to the fishing spot in Yanxia – The Sunken Junk (It’s in the lower leftmost area, same area you get Doman Bubble Eye).

On your Truth of Oceans.

Equip Large Gig head.

There are three possible fish here. By rarity:

Yanxian Tiger Prawn > Cherry Salmon > Ichthyosaur

Preferably, use Veteran Trade to toss out prawns. After farming 10 (or so) Ichthyosaurs a new node will spawn. Think of it like Ephemeral nodes for fishing.

Once in this new node (it has a large % bonus to HQ gathers) switch to Small Gig head and go to town. Use Veteran Trade to toss out Bubble Eyes. Use Calm Waters to increase your gathering chances – try to get all 3 in one go, because the spawning process sucks…

God… that quest was pretty terrible. Let’s go onto leveling again. Finally, in this tier we get a truly valuable STANDARD FISHING METHOD, as well as a nice fallback spearfishing method.

I want to use basic Fishing! Isle of Zekki in Ruby Sea is by far the best grinding spot in this tier. It yields both a levequest fish (Koromo Octopus), and a collectible fish (Daio Squid) using the same bait – Bream Lure.

HOWEVER – you must use Patience II + Powerful Hookset. Using that nets you a ton of Daio Squid and Koromo Octopus. Sadly, the effectivity of this hole sucks without the Patience + Powerful combo so bring Cordials (and maybe watch that series you’ve been wanting to catch up on).

This is a great option, as submitting Daio Squids give Red Scrip, which you’ll be needing quite a bit of.

I want to Spearfish! Then you’ll have to go back to the previous tiers options, Doman Bubble Eye or Sea Lamps. Although I’m pretty sure you’re sick of spearfishing by now. The standard fishing method listed prior is actually really really good.

L69 Skill Nature’s Bounty: I’ll be honest. I have no clue what this does for you in a leveling perspective, given there’s only 1 level left. It’s worded very poorly as well. I ASSUME it helps out with collectability rating?

L70 FSH Class Quest - Giant Plesiosaur

How to catch Giant Plesiosaur

I HIGHLY SUGGEST UPGRADING YOUR GEAR TO WHATEVER L70 GEAR YOU HAVE, or buy up / craft your L70 DoL gear. This one can get frustrating with sub 700 stats.

At the very least make a L70 Rod – Zelkova Fishing Rod.

This is a straight catch. Old school fishing.

Fishing Spot: Onokoro (go to the pier nearest that Aetheryte)
Bait: Live Shrimp

Red Scrips! I need a lot of them! – Honestly, I dislike farming scrip on fisher. You’re better off doing it on Miner or BTN. Chime in on this if you find a good way.

Well, congrats on hitting L70 Fisher and hopefully our Fishing leveling guide helped you out! The only thing I can improve on is “non spearfishing node options” but they’re simply too good to not use! Have fun reeling!

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Fisher Level: [Pre 50] | [50-55] | [55-60] | [60-70] : [Summary]

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  1. Please consider updating the links on this page, as XIVDB no longer “exists”.. I know it’s an older guide that has been updated.. but just thought to leave a comment to bring it to your attention that all your links lead to dead pages. :)

  2. As far as Boltfish go, I found constant good luck fishing for them in The Tangle during Gloom weather, 6pm to 859am Eorzea Time. Glowworm, Sinking/Floating Minnows had the highest results.

  3. Worth mentioning that you’ll get one of those pieces of gear plus the fishing rod while doing the class quest. This is the second tier I’ve bought everything then immediately gotten it again by doing the quest. lol Even spending the money on the class quest fish would be a smarter investment.

  4. “L68 FSH Class Quest – HQ Dafangshi … Once in this new node (it has a large % bonus to HQ gathers)”
    Actually, that is a random proc. I ended up having to spawn the Teeming Shadows node twice (painful, I know…) and the first time didn’t have any bonuses, while the second time had an additional gathering attempt.

  5. I’m currently level 40 and I’m trying to do the level 30 class quest. Went to “Isles of Umbra Northshore” but that spot requires Skyfishing now I think… and you don’t get that until Level 45.

  6. for the 40-45 tier, instead of farming at The Nail, go into Daniffen Pass. The Golden Loach, Bronze Lake Trout, and Abalathian Smelt are all here and able to be caught with Honeyworms. Since that covers 3 of the four leves for the tier you should be able to stock up prettty easily and compelte whichever ones pop up.

  7. you may want to add that in order to catch the deep velodyna carp you MUST be on the quest. i got pretty discouraged after 150 or so fish and hadn’t seen a single one lol. looks like it was to keep ppl from buying it, which seems completely unnecessary with them so easy to catch (once you pick up the quest)

  8. Voor Sian Siran in Sea of Clouds (not coerthas) with stonefly nymph bait is a really good spot to grind around 50.

  9. For grinding lvl45-50 I found the best place to be was cloud fishing in Coerthas.
    I had my other gatherers on a higher level, so I had easy access to commercial survival manual.
    With Gatherer’s Grace turned on, a hq Rift Sailor will net you 40K xp, without rested xp turned on.
    I skipped the leves because I found the items to be worth more on the market than the 30-90xp I got for them.

  10. I found doing the Silken Sunfish collectible turn in was very worth it from 69-70 because it gives about 800k exp a piece when it’s a starred item, and with nature’s bounty and a full gp bar (roughly 700) even with veteran trading the Mosasaur, yielded upwards of 5 Silken Sunfish!

  11. Just wanted to say thank for this guide, I got to lvl 44 so for with little to no effort taking long breaks while following this guide. And this has only been a few days of nearly a week of fishing, and only using food for the exp boost, no other exp enchantment.

    To clarify:
    Went from 0-44 in just a few days with minor fishing, and no exp boost outside of food.

  12. i leveled my fisher from 50 till 55 today and noticed that the best thing to do when you reached level 51 is going for the icepick collectible. I fished at unfrozen pond in Coerthas Wester Higlands. This is the place where you also find the collectible sorcerer fish and you can allready catch it when you are lvl51. The collectability has to have a minimum of 646 and it appears in the list of collectibles when you reach lvl52. I don’t know if it was luck or not, but when i reached level 52 i turned instant 53 with turning in the Sorcerer Fish. I used the action patience and powerful hookset to get a higher collectability. (sorry for my English, it’s not so good ^^)

  13. Just wanted to throw out there that Golden Loach can be found quite easily in Daniffen Pass using honey worm (along with Alabathian Smelt), just south-west of The Nail.

  14. I wanted to let you know about the lvl 50 glacial core bait is incorrect. It is not red balloon; you cant use that until lvl 53. The bait would be Balloon Bug.

    1. To clarify: RED BALLOON has the highest catch-rate.. its the “best bait”, but yes balloon bug is the “Earliest bait”. Check the table above, I’ll clarify this in other instances of glacier core in the guide.

  15. On the Level 54 fishing writeup, you include this part:

    Alternative Grinding: Mogpom, fished from Greensward in Churning Mists – is a great fishing hole to grind on. Not only do mogpoms hold a bit of crafting material value, the fishing hole has 100% chance to catch this level 55 fish, meaning it’s a very stable choice for mindless grinding.

    Problem is, Mogpom cannot be fished until lvl 58, as it needs a goblin jig or steel spinner jig to be caught.

  16. I tried fishing Ceruleum Field last night with Chocobo Fly. 4 straight non-Grip Killifish, level 5 Rock whatevers. Moondrip is way better. Switched over and started catching nothing but Blindfish and Killifish. Ceruleum Field with Chocobo Fly is not best 27-30, Moondrip is.

    1. I was confused about this too, but the farm spot is directly south of the Ceruleum Processing Plant crystal.
      You’ll see a long chasm and some metal tubes, just cast the fishing rod there and it will work as instructed.
      Every catch yielded over 3500xp and HQs about 10k. Went from 27 to 30 in a flash!

  17. Guide is either out-of-date or the level 45 quest changes if you’ve (completed?) HW prior to leveling Fisher. Just hit 45 and I’m being sent to sky-fish for Cloud Cutters in Sea of Clouds. Hoping grind spots are up-to-date :)

  18. Hello, don’t know if anybody did tell about grand company Company-issue survival manual II. it gives+50% up to 40k exp… Cool, init?
    Thank you for your guide

  19. I’m going through this atm and just want to point out, you say for the lvl 35 quest, Desert Catfish, that they can be caught from either of the Sagolii Desert sandfishing spots, but they can only be caught from the one on the east side.

    1. Red Balloon is 53 – YOU’RE CORRECT! It’s also the BEST LURE for Glacier Core. However, Since you cannot equip it – use BALOON BUG in the meantime.

      I’m sorry for the confusion, I specifically remembered the exact point in time wherein I asked myself as I was coding the table “Hmm.. which lure should I put for Glacier Core?” I ended up going with Red since it’s the BEST, and hoping people would click on the more info or figure out that Balloon Bug was the only other choice.

      Thanks to your comment, maybe I was wrong. /fixed – added balloon bug.

      Even if I didn’t help you one damned bit – I appreciate your feedback.

  20. How I can visit CERULEUM FIELD? Please tell me ;) Yesterday I tried to find there with my fellow fishers but we could not find it (with two 50 lv fishers..)

    1. same thing happened to me. i put a brass spoon lure on and could catch things during the day. just try different baits/lures for day time

  21. Just to let you know for 30-35 Black sole, Sea Pickles and Ash Tuna can all be caught in north bloodshore, with Indigo caught in costa del sol, right next to it

  22. I’m rather new to FFXIV, having played on a month, or so. I’ve found all your gatherers’ guides particularly helpful. I started my Fisher only about a week ago and reached level-50 today. I did only a couple of levequests — I’ve also got a Culinarian and have set a personal goal of catching one HQ of everything. It still didn’t seem to take very long. I’m into the game more for gathering/crafting than fighting; so, slow leveling is okay with me.

    One comment per the Level-50 Class Quest: I found it rather simple; I caught three HQ Mazlaya Marlins and two NQ ones in about 30 minutes. Yes, “Hello Marketboard” for a nice profit on my extra Marlins, and I shall return often.

    Again, thank you for your terrific guides.

  23. I noticed there was no grinding spot for 30-35. I’ve been doing The Juggernaut fishing hole in 17.31 Eastern La Noscea.
    With a chocobo fly I get about 90% Grip Killifish which are about 3k exp per fish (I do have rested xp atm though)

  24. So I am currently in the 40-45 fishing range. Based on primarily grinding from 35 to my current level of 43, I would say sticking with the Nail until 45 is probably better than moving to the Burning Wall. The rate at which I am catching the three choices of level 40 fish is pretty low with the mix of the salmon and boneytongue, it seems quite a bit slower.

    I think the more steady higher exp (compared to salmon and boneytongue at the wall) catches at the Nail make it faster.

  25. In the 20-25 grinding spot, you suggest the Yugr’am river in W.Thanalan, which is inocrrect. Yugr’am river is in E.Thanalan.

    1. I’ve been grinding in Yugr’am river for a while and noticed that Black Eel with Butterworm nets 100% ALL DAY not just at night. Don’t know if this was mentioned in a patch note somewhere.

      1. Correction, just hit the “nothing bites” slump. But it does keep going into the daytime quite a bit. Til 10 am I think.

  26. So I noticed that you suggest Cape Westwind for level 30 to 35 leveling. What I also noticed when I got there is that the enemies are kevel 48, and thus not affected by Stealth until level 38. Is there a better place to level for those 5? Love your guide by the way!

  27. Love your guides! Pretty sure I’ve used all of the crafting and gathering ones to level up. Have any idea when the 50-60 guide will be ready?

  28. I’m sorry, but please use the full name on the locations and please use cordinates, it takes forever to figure out were you accually mean.. If you allready are taking the time to make this guide, why be so lasy as to use shortened words.. Not trying to be rude, just telling you that this guide is a pain in the behind to use.

    1. I’m sorry, but refinement to pre-50 FSH will be done after I’m done with the 60 chunk. I’m sure you can manage, you’re a grown up :)

    2. Saying “not trying to be rude” doesn’t make it not rude… Calling a person who voluntarily made a nicely-written guide “lazy” isn’t really nice.. I’ve only started playing the game recently and it doesn’t really take long on finding these locations. You get move your lazy bum and look for these yourself! :)

    3. To end this mini-scuffle let me clarify a few things…

      It’s a far cry from laziness. A lazy person cannot create this entire site by themselves. Which I am doing. I realize the site is not perfect, and neither is this guide. I cannot explain all choices I made but I’ll make an exception for this…

      Coordinates are a great idea, I definitely want to do this! And I appreciate your reminder. I simply cannot backtrack this guide at this time… the FSH leveling guide has great info (IMO), and is definitely usable at this point… I’m sorry if the coords aren’t listed and this is very much a great addition in the near future.

      I used the shortened location names for many reasons. the primary one? SPACE. Especially in the tables. These abbreviations are commonly used in many FFXIV related communications, within and without Eorzea… It would be beneficial to you to learn them! But as I said earlier it’s primarily a SPACE issue… it may not seem like a big deal but trust me it is…

      FSH Guide in general is a pain in the ass even to write… I mean.. the uniqueness of the class and the personalities of people trying to level fishing are wildly varied! As wildly varied as the ways and methods and goals of those attempting to max the class. I’m just here trying my best to even give a sliver of a guideline to those who may seek it. I appreciate any feedback, good or bad.


  29. Thanks so much for the guide!
    However, I noticed that on the 30-35 leves, you have listed Indigo Herring twice. The repeatable one should be Sea Pickle!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I will be updating this to 60 shortly, and i’m wishing to refine the pre-60 half of this after that.

  30. You’re guides have been a real life saver,

    I did come across one mistake, you say that Yagram river is in Western Thanalan, but it is in Eastern Thanalan.

    Thanks for the guide. :D

  31. bit late to reading these guides but u know a lot more fun stuff than fishing lol but I notice u say that yugram river is in W.thanalan but its actually in E.thanalan

  32. I noticed that you put the level 40 fishing hole Burning Wall, which requires Gulleye II, as a recommended grinding spot for level 26-30. Is there a good fishing hole for grinding that is actually possible for this level range? Love your guide!

    1. Burning Wall seems to be accessible even before Gulleye II. This was done long ago, but I can try to verify this through another recently leveled fisher?

      1. i was able to fish there at 25 also there was a place i couldnt fish not mentioned here the pond in wt near moon drop

      2. i was just there lvling my fisher i dont think i went there at 23 i belive it was 25 i went there i had no problem fishing there where misses and eventualy one stole my spoon but i did lvl there to 27 before moving off to Ceruleum Field the only gear i had on was from fishing guild quest rewards no extras or special bennys through the free company

      3. One other note I had some trouble finding vendors that sell the needed lure or bait for the different areas. I think adding a vendor location for the different baits needed as your lvling would be a good thing to include in your guide.

    1. I’m sorry, but this is somewhat used quite commonly in my server – i apologize. If you haven’t discovered by context… “NSH” would be North SHroud, WLN is Western La Noscea… ETH is Eastern Thanalan. Hopefully that helps!

      1. No apology required IMHO. Players need to figure SOMETHING out for themselves. THX for your guide. Just turned in my Raincallers and gonna farm CCuttters next. GG

        1. WTH does “THX” mean and why would anyone expect people that would be looking for a “guide” to already know this stuff?

  33. Just wanted to say this guide has been fantastic. Currently at level 46 and about to get more grinding on. Comp Bryagh on Excalibur says Thanks a bunch!

  34. May have been noted already, but Yugram River is in Eastern Than, as opposed to Western which it states in the 20-25 section. Fantastic guide, would be lost without it!

  35. Just want to point out that the info for level 15 levequests is wrong. They are in Aleport. Moraby Drydocks are level 20.

    1. The info on the 1-15 page is incorrect. The 16-35 reflects correct information. Also, I’m having better luck finding Helmet Crabs and White Coral at Brewer’s Beacon with Rat Tail. Skull Valley is where I’m getting Razor Clam and Rothlyt Oyster, also with Rat Tail.

  36. Loved the guide ty for your time and effort to putting this together. I just want to throw in here that I got my mazlaya marlin at 32x 25y e. LA noscea with a rattail it’s 100% harbor herring the rest is rngesus I got mine on second cast :-D

      1. I also wanted to say, great guide, I’ve followed it from lvl 15 to lvl 50, and it’s really helped me out a lot. Keep up the good work!!

  37. “Where to find Shadow Catfish? Using low level bait Moth Pupa, you can mooch a Striped Goby(HQ) to get your Shadow Catfish rather easily! You cannot pre-emptively finish your L25 Class Quest since you need to mooch – which is a skill you gain at 25.”

    Didn’t say where ^.^

    1. Oh man.. is the location in the first page? I just got back and replying to comments quickly. AFAIK it shold be in fallgourd float (checking)

    1. Yes I’ve been itching to find the best way to implement that… Any Ideas? If I use a bunch of images… man.. load times? hmm…

        1. I will be fixing this up pre-3.0, in terms of showing a map of where these locations are. :) yes that is a great supplementary resource!

  38. An alternative for White Coral, if your having trouble catching it. I found is if you have a retainer with atleast 5 levels in fishing they can gather it for you.

  39. Here’s an alternative for Boltfish…instead of using just about anything else, you can use honeyworm to catch about 3 times as many Silverfish…GREATLY increases your odds of getting an HQ quicker and mooching.

  40. So much incorrect information… Yugr’am River (not yugram) is in Eastern Thanalan, and the bait this guide suggests does not work there. Wish there was a more reliable guide somewhere.

    1. Please read it again :D, Butterworm to catch eels only work DURING NIGHT TIME… otherwise you will not be able to catch anything! Don’t be so hasty to post!

    2. Would it actually hurt to be constructive and polite? OP writes a guide–If it’s not up to your personal standards, or if you don’t feel like properly reading, move the hell on. Do you actually need to be a prat about it? Thank you goes a long way. Constructive criticism goes a long way. Being an entitled sounding asshat only makes people not want to help, advise or otherwise be kind to you.

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