FFXIV ARR Halatali Dungeon Guide


Originally a holy place for the first Lalafell arrived in Eorzea, the twisting labyrinth of natural caverns which wind through this massive mesa were transformed by the Pugilists’ Guild into a series of training pits, animal pens, and holding cells to accommodate the ever-growing popularity of Ul’dah’s coliseum. After the Calamity, however, the location was abandoned – those remaining in the pens, left for dead. Not all of them, however met that fate and now the tunnels are rife with those who survived…as well as the tormented spirits of those who did not.

The setting of Halatali showcases an abandoned holding pit for Ul’dah’s coliseum. The further you get, the more challenging the encounters become! Halatali has several mini-boss fights and after defeating each an Aetherial Flow appears, which you will need to interact with to go deeper into the dungeon.


  • Party Size: Four
  • Either a disciple of war or magic
  • Level: 17 (sync from 19)
  • Time Limit: 90mins
  • Must have completed all 3 previous dungeon story quests. (Sastasha, Tam-Tara Deepcroft and Copperbell Mines)
  • Acquire Halatali quest (Hallo Halatili) from Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay

Where is Halatali?

Located in Eastern Thanalan, near Camp Drybone, due west from Ul’dah (Steps of Nald).


Halatali Map/General Strategy/Tips

FFXIV-ARR-Halatali-Mapclick on image to enlarge

  • Random Treasure drops: Besides the points located in the map, there are some monsters that may drop treasures, from our experience this is totally random.
  • Wandering Bombs: You will find random bombs popping up in the dungeon, it’s best to keep them at bay or dispose of them first before luring in other mobs. Note that, once they are engaged and left unattended, they will self-destruct, if this happens to your party make sure no one is in the red blast radius that shows up on the ground.
  • Aetherial Flow: Two of the sub-bosses in Halatali, once defeated will spawn an Aetherial Flow, you must interact with this in order to proceed deeper into the dungeon.

Halatali Boss Strategy


  • Firemane will dish out fire based abilities (hehe kinda obvious)
  • When it reaches about 75% life, a series of Damantus (ADS) will start appearing approaching the pit in the middle of the map, once they reach the pit they explode and do AOE damage. Honestly, at how the dungeon is balanced now, there is no need to worry about the ADS because the AOE damage not significant. By the time the first AD reaches the pit Firemane would be close to 1/4 life or so.
  • If your DPS can use a limit break when Firemane reaches low life, have them do so as it will charge in enough time for the next sub-boss
  • Once defeated, interact with the Aetherial Flow to progress with the dungeon


Thunderclap Guivre

  • Thunderclap is an interesting fight, it is the first time a boss becomes invulnerable during a fight.
  • As his name states, he is a Lightning based monster and the arena you fight him in is filled with water… We lure him to one of the ramps and engage him there because once he becomes invulnerable his form changes and Lighning surrounds him (wouldn’t wanna be near the water when this happens!)
  • In his invulnerable state, he will summon 2 rounds of 4x Lightning Sprites, they are easy to defeat, at the same time though, Thunderclap throws an electric ball causing AoE damage to those caught in the radius. Be sure to watch the AoE circle and stay away from it when he casts.
  • Once defeated, interact with the Aetherial Flow to progress with the dungeon



  • This is an optional sub-boss, and triggered if you decide to retrieve the treasure in the area before the you encounter Tangata. (see map above)
  • There will be monsters surrounding the area, it is best to dispose of them first before engaging with the Peiste
  • We’ve gotten some decent loot from this, and he is a relatively straightforward fight if the other monsters are disposed of first.


  • Tangatas mechanic has is a combination of Firemane and Thunderclap.
  • At about 75% Noxius (ADS) will start spawning and make their way towards Tangata, once they reach, they will explode doing AoE damage.
  • Tangata also becomes invulnerable at random, when he does, there will be lava that appears around him that does DoT damage (quite large in fact) – stay away from that! Fire Sprites will also appear, once the sprites are defeated he will no longer be invulnerable. Note: Haven’t tested this fully, but before Tangata becomes invulnerable, we have tried to stun him and sometimes it works, preventing him from becoming invulnerable. He casts a spell called ‘Double Smash‘ and if caught at the right time can prevent him from becoming invulnerable.
  • Be careful, because at any point in he me be both Invulnerable and have Noxius spawning towards him.
  • What works for us is to have one of your DPS engage the ADS while the rest of the party engages Tangata.


What dungeons can I do next?

Once you reach level 23, you may enter The Thousand Maws of Toto Rak.

We ran Halatali a few times to get some gear and did some leveling up (Quests, Guildhests, Levequests) before we could reach Toto Rak.

FFXIV ARR Copperbell Mines Dungeon Guide


Abandoned once purged of ore, the Copperbell Mines laid abandoned for nigh on three centuries until Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern reclaimed the shafts – the guild’s sights set on expanding the mines downward in an attempt to tap yet undiscovered veins of valuable metal. Unfortunately, it was not riches the powder kegs uncovered, but sheer terror, for when the smoke cleared, out poured an army of raging giants from the darkest recesses of the mines. The hecatonchires – thrlls of the lost Thorne dynasty – were, at last, free from their lightless prison; three hundred years of hate fueling their madness.

So here is where things start to get interesting! In the previous Dungeons (Sastasha and Tam-Tara Deepcroft) we were given the chance to get used to dungeons and how your role in a party will be. In Copperbell Mines, each player has a role to play, both teamwork and knowing the dungeon dynamics is critical to finishing this efficiently.


  • Party Size: Four
  • Either a disciple of war or magic
  • Level: 17 (sync from 19)
  • Must be on Level XX story quest ‘To be updated – missed this one out
  • Time Limit: 90mins

Where is Copperbell Mines?

Located in Western Thanalan, west of Horizon camp and east of Ul’dah (Steps of Nald) exit.


Copperbell Mines Map/General Strategy/Tips

click to enlarge image

Lifts: There are 3 lifts in the whole dungeon, be mindful that if you miss to ride the lift with your party, one person needs to operate the lift and come back for you.

Spriggans: There will be random spriggans that are wandering around the mines, so be on the lookout for any that come your way. Make sure your TANK picks them up during any fight.

Hecatoncheir Stonehaulers: These guys pop up from various crevices, you cannot put them to sleep and are immune to CC, so make sure your TANK picks them up too.


Blasting Devices & Firesand: There are several Blasting Devices that you will need to activate to progress in the dungeon. Just remember this simple rule, Firesand -> Powder Chamber -> Blast, before you can activate a device, you need Firesand which can be found nearby any blasting chamber, load the powder chamber with the firesand and hit the Blasting Devices once loading is complete. After every blast, you will unlock a new part of the dungeon.

Copperbell Mines Boss Strategy

This is the first dungeon which showcases unique mechanics for each of the bosses. I enjoyed Copperbell so much I repeated this dungeon a few times to level up. If I might add, this place gives some decent loot that will help on your next story quests and dungeons.


  • Before you get to fight Kottos, you will need to kill a few waves of monsters.
  • The trick here is to make sure your TANK picks up as much as they can while focusing on killing them one by one or lump them into one place to do some AoE and kill them faster.
  • If you have a THM in your party, Sleep will be a useful skill to use if you have proper coordination.
  • You will also notice some Flambeau (Bombs) pop in every now and then, make sure your DPS picks them up before they explode
  • Kottos himself is not so difficult, when he finally shows up, make sure the TANK positions him to face away from the party


Ichorous Ire (the Copperbell Mine Ooze)

Ah, the infamous Copperbell Ooze Boss. The ooze is INVULNERABLE to damage. The first boss with unique a mechanic! It’s always fun to watch first timers try to burst Ichorous down and even use their limit breaks on them (Ok, I’m one of those guilty noobs! lol) Here’s how to beat it:

  • The goal is to lureBlasting Caps‘ to Ichorous Ire and when the caps are ready to explode, make sure Ichorous is in the blasting radius.
  • Spriggan Quencher (Adds) – these little buggers will spawn to quench the Blasting Caps flames, make sure your DPS kills them before they do!
  • Every time you successfully blow up a Blasting Cap near him, it will split into pieces. After about 4 or 5 successfull blasts, you can DPS the little oozes.


Gyges the Great

The mechanic here is simple, after beating up about 75% of Gyges life, he will start moving to a boulder and destroy it. This will signal the entrance of adds.

  • Collosal Slam (Front facing AoE cone attack) – this is one of the abilities Gyges will dish out, make sure your TANK positions him facing away from the party
  • Stone Servants (Adds) – the servants will move up to nearby boulders and try to destroy them, summoning more servants.
  • You have two choices, kill the adds before they open up more boulders, or simply focus on killing Gyges while taking the pain of the adds. If you feel confident in your party’s DPS / Healing capabilities, go for the latter (Not Recommended).


FFXIV ARR Tam-Tara Deepcroft Dungeon Guide


Since its establishment during Gelmorran times, this subterranean crypt has been used for generations as a final resting place for the remains of rulers and nobles. Since the Calamity, however, the tunnels have become overrun with the Lambs of Dalamud – a deadly cult who worships the now-fallen satellite as their savior. It is in the Deepcroft that these twisted souls silently plot revenge against those who fought to prevent the advent of Dalamud, summoning any dark presence who will aid them to this end… no matter what the cost.


  • Party Size: Four
  • Either a disciple of war or magic
  • Level: 16 (sync from 18)
  • Must be on Level 15 story quest ‘Fire in the Gloom
  • Time Limit: 90mins


Where is Tam-Tara Deepcroft

Tam-Tara is located in the Central Shroud, near Bentbranch Meadows. From New Gridania, exit the Blue Badger Gate head south and Tam-Tara will be near Bentbranch Meadows.


Tam-Tara Deepcroft Map / General Strategy / Tips

click on image to enlarge

The objective of Tam-Tara Deepcroft is to disable Cultist Orbs. While exploring the dungeon you will find these Orbs closely guarded by enemies, you will need to defeat the enemies before you can disable the orbs. Before you reach the last two Cultist Orbs, you will notice it is Sealed by a Barrier.


In order to break the Sealed Barrier, you must obtain the Cultist Rosary which is nearby.


Tam-Tara Boss Strategy

Dalamud Priests & Octavel the Unforgiving

  • In order to destroy the cultist orbs, you must defeat the Dalmund Priest / Octavel the Unforgiving who will be guarding it
  • There are 3 locations where the orbs are, and the fight dynamics are simliar. The Priests/Octavel has his minions, simply defeat the minions first and you are left with the sub-boss, each priest has a second form after you deplete its first life bar, they will transform into a ‘Void Soulcounter‘ which is only slightly tougher to defeat.
  • Gravedigger count (ads): 2 in first encounter, 3 in second, 4 in third.


Galvanth the Dominator

  • This fight can be lengthy, depending on how you react to his attacks and the skill level of the group.
  • Galvanth has an PBAOE which you will notice him casting when the ground turns red (move away from that area). It is a spell that will cause paralysis to all who get caught by it.
  • There are 3 AD phases in the fight, from our experience they happen at 75/50/25 % health. Note that the ‘Imps’ can interrupt heals so it’s important to have your DPS take them out first.
  • Healer note: When ADS come in, stay close to your tank so they can manage the ADS better and in turn, make your life easier in healing land.
  • 1st ADS phase: 1 Imp
  • 2nd ADS phase: 1 Imp + trash mobs
  • 3rd ADS phase: 2 Imps + trash mobs (be careful with this phase, it will save you time and effort to save your Limit Break for either the Healer or if you have a THM in your party, let them use it in this phase)


FFXIV ARR Sastasha Dungeon Guide


After a period of relative silence following the Calamity, the Serpent Reavers have once again taken to terrorizing the inland hamlets of La Noscea, killing the men, kidnapping the women and children, plundering the storehouses, and burning what little they leave behind. For years, it was not known how the pirates were able to raid areas so far from the coast, until a local shepherd sighted a band of painted ruffians entering the Sastasha Seagrot, carrying large quantities of sacks and crates. Could it be that there is more to this cave than meets the eye?


  • Party Size: Four
  • Either a disciple of war or magic
  • Level: 15 (sync from 17)
  • Must be on Level 15 story quest ‘Must be pirates
  • Time Limit: 90mins

Where is Sastasha?

The Sastasha dungeon is located in Western La Noscea.

From Limsa Lominia Lower Decks go to Western La Noscea (Aleport) and follow the map below, don’t forget to attune with the Aetheryte on the way to Sastasha.


Sastasha Map / General Strategy

click on image to enlarge

Giant Clams: In the first parts of Sastasha, you will fight ‘Giant Clams‘ who are closely guarded by ‘Shade Seekers‘. The clams will keep on spawning seekers until you kill them. Make sure to have your DPS kill the clams and note that Clams cannot be damaged unless their shell is open. 


The Cattery: You will enter an area with 3 coral switches, get a hint from the message to determine which color switch to activate. Activating the wrong color will poison you.


Pirate Mobs: Beware of pirate mobs that heal each other, it’s best to engage these mobs one group at a time.

Locked doors: As you explore Sastasha you will notice some locked doors, the keys may be found nearby, sometimes after defeating the nearest guard.

Sastasha Boss Strategy


This is a fairly simple fight, no strategy needed


Captain Madison

You will encounter Captain Madison twice throughout Sastasha

  • On your first encounter, he will be accompanied by two ‘Shallowtail Reaver’s’, defeat the reavers before focusing on Captain Madison
  • On the second encounter, he will again be with reavers and when he reaches about 25% health he will unleash ‘Scurby Dogs’, make sure you defeat the reavers and the dogs before focusing on the Captain


Denn the Orcatoothed

  • There are four ‘Unnatural Ripples‘ surrounding Denn
  • Interacting will deactivate them, otherwise ‘Baleen Guards‘ will spawn


[Video links to be posted when NDA is lifted]

FFXIV ARR Reborn Crafting Leveling & EXP Guide

Do not make leveling up crafting in a realm reborn any harder than it has to be! Use these extremely helpful tips, and you’ll find yourself at 50 in no time! And start making money from FFXIV’s Marketplace!

If you somehow got to this page, but you’re rather new or haven’t crafted yet, you should try reading our General Crafting Guide & FAQ first.

Maximizing Each Craft

Make no mistake, 99% of the ways you’re going to get crafting exp is, you guessed it, crafting. Maximizing each craft is probably the most important tip when leveling crafting classes in FFXIV.

In ARR, gaining crafting exp and levels comes through the successful synthesis of items. However, you can try to squeeze as much EXP out of a single item each time you craft. (Often granting +200% bonuses and more!) How do you do it? By attempting for a high quality item each time. Take a look at these two examples.

ffxiv arr reborn crafting guide high quality vs no quality


The above example shows crafting two of the same items, “Ash Lumber”. One was quickly crafted without attempting to for high quality, which only got 298 experience. The second example, while it did not yield a high quality ash lumber, the resulting craft gained a bonus +233% exp. 

So when you’re crafting, always try to reach the highest quality percent possible, since crafting in a Realm Reborn seems to reward “effort”.

Completing your crafting log

Completing every entry in your crafting log is the next logical step WHILE maximizing each craft. Completing your crafting log  gives a chunky exp bonus. Do not sell or throw away the stuff you crafted just yet! Some items you craft will eventually be asked for to fulfill Tradecraft Levequests, or Grand Company Supply Missions. Which is discussed below.

Tradecraft Levequests

As we all know, Levequest allowances are pretty valuable. Spending them on craft leveling is one of the better ways to use them in FFXIV ARR. Tradecraft Levequests are issued through any Levemete. They also come in different difficulties, every batch increasing by 5 levels. You cannot undertake Tradecraft Levequests in groups. You simply need to give an item you crafted (or obtained through other means) Check out the picture below.

ffxic arr reborn crafting leveling guide tradecraft levequests

If you submit a high quality item, the reward is tripled(+200% bonus). This is why completing your crafting log (being ready with the required stuff) and maximizing each craft really helps you pile up on the exp down the line.

At level 20, repeatable Tradecraft Levequests become unlocked. You are required to submit (usually) 3 of an item, and this can be done thrice. Submitting HQ also works with this, resulting in a massive amount of EXP. Repeatable or not, Levequests are currently the best method of gaining DoH levels quickly.

Grand Companies and Crafting

In A realm Reborn, Grand companies can help you level up your crafting class in two ways. Grand Company Supply Missions, and Company-issue Engineering Manuals.

Grand Company Supply Missions

Grand company deliver missions are always running, and are accessed from the personnel officer of your grand company. Aside from being great ways to earn grand company seals, they are also great ways to gain crafting exp. You can also see this from your respective Grand Company Leve officer.

ffxiv arr reborn crafting leveling guide delivery missions

The interface is pretty self-explanatory. On the first column you have requested item (and what crafting class it comes from). The “Requested” column indicates how many times you can submit this mini-quest. It also shows you how many seals and exp to be granted to the respected crafting class upon turning it in. “Quantity” is how many of the item you currently own.

As far as I can see, it never asks for an item far above your crafting capability.  You should always be trying to fulfill this, It’s basically 8 free leve allowances.

Company-issue Engineering Manuals

Company-issue Engineering Manuals are bought from your respective grand company. The item description pictured below.

ffxiv arr reborn crafting guide engineering manual

The item is pretty useful, as you can see. It boosts EXP gained from crafting by 50%, up to a specified cap. There are more powerful manuals available the higher your rank is in your Grand Company. The downside is, these things cost Grand Company seals. But if you did the supply missions above, you shouldn’t be in a shortage of seals. Which is another reason you should really be doing supply missions. There is a higher level one available, but I wouldn’t recommend using either past level 20~.

Class specific leveling guides

Very soon, we will be including craft specific leveling guides. Make sure to like us on Facebook or check us out on YouTube so you’ll be the first to know!

FFXIV ARR: Guide for how to get a Chocobo in a Realm Reborn!

So if you’re like us, and want to travel Eorzea, the fastest way that we know of right now is by Chocobo. Besides, who doesn’t want a Chocobo? First of all, it looks cool, you can give it Barding (change how it looks) and you simply save so much time riding a Chocobo vs. walking around.

The moment we stepped foot in FFXIV, we wanted a Chocobo. The problem was, searching for a step by step guide on how to get a Chocobo in FFXIV was not easy! A couple of forums gave hints on what level you get a Chocobo, some sites showed the requirements for a Chocobo, some sites suggested various levels… We also had questions about how to use a Chocobo, and how Chocobo’s can be used as pets for fighting, etc. So here we go! As detailed as possible, FFXIV A Realm Reborn Chocobo Guide!



  1. You must be at least Level 20
  2. You should have completed the Level 20 story quest ‘Hero in the Making
  3. You must be part of a Grand Company (click here for our guide) [link to Grand Company guide]
  4. Finish the quest ‘My Little Chocobo’ given by your Company Commander.
  5. Have a ‘Chocobo Whistle‘ in your inventory to summon your Chocobo as a mount
  6. Use a ‘Gysahl Green’ to summon your chocobo for battle***

Quest to receive your Chocobo: My Little Chocobo

1. After pledging allegiance to your chosen Grand Company, speak to your Grand Company Commander to get the quest


2. [EDIT] You will now need 2,000 company seals to purchase a Chocobo Issuance.

  • The quickest way to earn 1,000 seals, we noticed, is to do Company Leves, it takes only a few to earn 1,000 seals, if you maximize the bonuses. Company Leve locations are as follows:
    • Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea for The Maelstrom
    • Hawthorne Hut in the East Shroud for The Order of the Twin Adder
    • Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan for  The Immortal Flames
  • If you have started crafting, you can also submit crafted items to earn seals through Delivery Missions.
  • To see how many seals you have, click on your Gil indicator and it will show your Seals
  • FATES are a great way to farm seals and EXP! Never pass up on a FATE!

Delivery Missions and Company Leves Interfaces:

FFXIV-ARR-Grand-Company-Delivery-Missions FFXIV-ARR-Company-Leves

3. Purchase a Chocobo Issuance from your Grand Company Quartermaster


4. Present the Chocobo Issuance to the stablemaster at the Chocobo Stable located in the city of your allegiance and receive a Chocobo Whistle.


5. Name your new Chocobo


Notes on How to use your Chocobo

  • You will find your Chocobo Whistle in your inventory, we suggest equipping this to an action bar, using the whistle will summon your Chocobo as a mount.
  • Locations where you cannot use Chocobos: city-states and dungeons.
  • Dismount from your Chocobo by clicking on the Chocobo Whistle.
  • Personal chocobos are faster than rental chocobos.
  • You will be detected by enemies as they would if they were on foot.
  • While mounted, if a chocobo takes too much damage, it will escape back to his stables.


How to fight with your Chocobo? or include in your Party

1. You must first be Level 30 with a Disciple of War of Magic class to unlock the needed quest! The quest is located in Camp Tranquil, South Shroud (Gridania).

2. Where do you buy Gysahl Greens? Without greens you cannot use your Chocobo in battle.

  • Gridania: Maisenta – Vendor NW of Aetheryte Plaza
  • Limsa Lomania: Bango Zango – Only vendor in Aetheryte Plaza
  • Ul’dah: Roarich – Vender SE of Aetheryte Plaza, Ruby Road Exchange

3. How to summon your chocobo, or how to fight with a Chocobo? Use a Gysahl Green to summon your chocobo.

  • Gyashl Greens will be in your inventory
  • Use a Gyashl Green to summon your chocobo, it will now be part of your party, and hence take a party space
  • You can order your Chocobo to take on different roles in the party (Free, Attacker, Defender, and Healer Stances)


4. To withdraw your chocobo from the party, use the Withdraw command, see details below

What can I do with my Chocobo? Chocobo Actions & Traits?

In the Actions & Traits screen, click on Companions to see what actions you can do with your Chocobo.



Chocobo FAQ’s

Q. How long will a Gysahl green last?
A. 30 Minutes.

Q. Do certain Grand Companies give Chocobos?
A. All Grand Companies will have a quest to obtain a Chocobo!

Should you have any questions/comments/corrections, please reply in the comments below. Subscribe so you won’t miss out! How? Just follow or like us on Facebook / YouTube! Thanks! and see you in Eorzea!

FFXIV ARR Reborn Crafting Guide & FAQ

Everything you need to know about crafting in FFXIV! From becoming one, to leveling up to 50, you’ll find the info you need right here.

So you wanna be a crafter in a realm reborn ey? Well you came to the right place! Everything you need to know about crafting is found right here!

How do I become a crafter?

Once you pass your level 10 story quest, you can gain different jobs and classes. Crafting classes are no exception. Basically, just like choosing any class for the first time, any Disciple of Hand class you pick up starts at level 1, and you begin the cycle of leveling up yet again. Luckily, crafting is fun (for us at least) and we found out some great tips to make leveling as quick and easy as possible.

Also, just like any combat class, you can switch into any Disciple of Hand class by changing your mainhand weapon.

“I already know the basics to crafting! I want to know how to level up fast!, Don’t worry, we have a crafting leveling guide right here.

Where are the crafting guilds?

The different guilds are located in different cities. We have all of that listed down here: Crafting (and other) Guilds Locations

Talking to the guild receptionist in any guild should point you to the guildmaster. Who gives you a small task (Quest) to begin your career as a crafter!

Crafting: The basics

You can access your item recipes through your crafting log. As pictured below.

ARR Crafting menu location

Your crafting log acts a lot like your hunting log, which is different for each Disciple of Hand class you have. Similarly, completing an entry in your crafting log grants bonus EXP. More on this later.

Once you select an item you want to craft and press “Synthesize”, you will be brought to what we like to call the crafting mini-game interface. But first, here’s a small explanation of the different things found in the crafting UI.

Crafting UI Explanation

ARR Crafting Log UI

The crafting Log

1. Class Selector
You can easily choose which crafting class you wish to use/level with this little selector.

2. Level Selector
“Recipe Level” shows you the recipes you have, sorted by levels, depending on what crafting class you selected above.

3. Recipe List
Clicking on the level selector now populates this field with the different recipes you have of the selected level.

4. Item Stats
This shows you a preview of how much durability the item starts with. Durability determines how many steps you can take “working” the item before you fail or succeed. Also you can see the items base “difficulty” to craft.

5. Base Quality Indicator
By selecting High quality base materials, you can increase the amount of quality the item has even BEFORE you begin crafting. This makes high quality base materials very valuable.

6. Materials Required
Here you can see the various materials you need to begin crafting. Pretty self-explanatory.

7. No Quality / High Quality Material Selector
These little boxes give you the choice whether you wish to use a No Quality or High Quality base material.

8. Synthesize Button
Clicking on this begins the actual crafting process. Pictured below.

Crafting UI

Crafting and synthesis UI

1. Item preview
Shows you what item you’re crafting.

2. Current Step
Shows you how many times you have ‘worked’ this craft.

3. Durability
Shows current / max amount of durability. Durability goes down by 10 (normally) for every time you work the item. When it reaches zero, and the progress bar isn’t full – you fail the craft.

4. Material Condition
Material condition indicates how ‘responsive’ the current step is when trying to add quality. Normal grants no bonus, Perfect gives a huge bonus to quality if successful, and Poor material states should be avoided by waiting, or by adding synthesis.

5. Progress Bar
Shows you the current ‘completion’ level of the item you’re trying to craft. Adding to this bar is based on your Craftsmanship stat.

6. Quality Bar
Indicated how much ‘quality’ the item has. Note that there is no middle-ground. Either the item comes out as normal or high quality. You do not need 100% to get a HQ item. The higher the bar goes, the better chance you have in obtaining a HQ item (see the box above which says “HQ 2%”). You can increase this before you even start crafting by adding HQ base materials. Adding to this bar is based on your Control stat.

7. Quit
Cancels your current crafting attempt.

Crafting Actions

Disciple of Hand classes currently do not have traits, but they do have skills. Many skills are shared among all Crafting / Disciple of Hand. Below are a table of skills shared between all crafting classes.

Name LevelCost 
Basic Synthesis1FreeIncreases Progress
Efficiency: 100%
Success Rate: 90%
Basic Touch524 CPIncreases Quality
Efficiency: 100%
Success Rate: 70%
Masters Mend794 CPRestores item durability by 30.
Steady Hand922 CPImproves action success rate by 20% for the next five steps.
Inner Quiet1118 CPGrants a bonus to control with every increase in Quality.
Observe1312 CPDo nothing for one step.
Standard Touch1838 CPIncreases Quality.
Efficiency: 125%
Success Rate: 80%
Great Strides2132 CPDoubles the efficiency of the next touch action.
Effect Active for the next three steps.
Masters Mend II28150 CPRestores item durability by 60.
Standard Synthesis3315 CPIncreases Progress.
Efficiency: 150%
Success Rate: 90%
Advanced Touch3752 CPIncreases Quality.
Efficiency: 150%
Success Rate: 90%

Each class currently offer three unique crafting skills, all learned at level 15, 25 and 43. Descriptions and discussions of these skills are found on their respective pages.

Check on your guildmaster every 5 levels

Just like combat classes, crafting classes also have class-specific quests. They seem to come every 5 levels as far as we could gather. Doing these give you a free equipment upgrade, as well as some important skills to be unlocked for your class. Usually, they also “send you on the right direction” if you feel lost about what to craft, or what kind of materials you need.

Crafting gear!?

Yes, you need gear to craft too. Crafting level isn’t the only thing to consider when trying to craft higher level stuff. Crafting gear plays a big part in increasing your crafting stats. The different crafting classes each have a unique Main and Off-hand weapon (Tools). For example, equipping a Saw makes you a carpenter, and it’s unique offhand tool is a Claw Hammer.

Obtaining the much sought after high-quality items will be nearly impossible without a great set of crafting gear. We will be making a guide on that too, soon enough!

Check out: Crafting Gear Guide

Crafting Leveling Guide

You can check out our Crafting leveling guide, for tips on how to gain EXP fast. Hurry up and be well on your way to 50!

There are also Class Specific Leveling Guides:

Check out our other crafting class guides:
Alchemist | Armorsmith | Blacksmith | Carpenter | Culinarian | Goldsmith | Leatherworker | Weaver

FFXIV ARR: Guide on How to Dye in a Realm Reborn!

How do I dye in FFXIV ARR? Who gives the dye quest? Can you walk me through how to get dye? Here it is, a step-by-step FFXIV ARR Dye Guide!

Let’s all admit, we want our characters to look good right! Dyeing has always been an important part of every MMO, it promotes choice and differentiates your character from the rest.

Ok, so a lot of folks have been asking us… How do I dye in FFXIV ARR? Where do I go to dye? Who gives the dye quest? How come I can’t apply dye? Can you walk me through how to get dye? Where is the Coffer & Coffin? Where is Western Thanalan? Where is Vesper bay… You get the point… So here it is, the much awaited step by step FFXIV A Realm Reborn Dye Guide!

Please note that the Dye system can only be unlocked by Completing the Quest: Color Your World


  1. You must be at least Level 15
  2. You have access to Ul’dah – or have passed the Level 15 story quest to gain access via Airship to travel to Ul’dah
  3. Finish the Quest to unlock Dye system
  4. Of course, have some Dye in your inventory!

Quest to unlock Dye system: Color Your World

1. Go to Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan (see Map below)

  • From Ul’dah, exit Gate of Sultana aka Western Thanalan
  • Head to the NW of the map, you will see Vesper Bay (don’t forget to sync with the Aetheryte in Horizon)

2. Speak to Sweigym near the plaza of Vesper Bay (Pictured above)

  • To complete this quest you need to give Sweigym Orange Juice
  • Where to get Orange Juice? There are many ways to get Orange Juice, and in case you do not have a few in your inventory the closest place to buy is in Central Thanalan – The Coffer & Coffin. Take a Chocobo to Horizon and walk a bit to Central Thanalan. (Edit: You can also buy Orange Juice in the ‘Merchant and Mender’ in Vesper Bay)
  • When in the Coffer & Coffin, buy Orange Juice from the ‘Alehouse Wench‘ – stock up on Food while you’re at it!

(Pictue of Alehouse Wench in the “Coffer & Coffin”)

3. Head back to Sweigym and complete the Quest! You can now begin Dyeing! Below, you can find a map summarizing the process.

Color your world guide FFXIV ARReborn Dye quest guide map

Q. How do you change dye in FFXIV A Realm Reborn?

  1. After successfully completing the Color Your World quest, a new action will be available in your Action & Traits screen called Dye.
  2. Simply use that action and an Item Dying screen will pop up which will show you all items in your inventory which can be colored. (Note that not all equipment can by Dyed)
  3. There are different shades of Dye’s available according to what type of Dye you have in your inventory, click the dye you wish to use and hit the button ‘Dye


Q. Where do I buy/get dye in FFXIV A Realm Reborn?

There are Dye vendors in each town. All of them are located in the respective marketplaces of each town. Or in Vespa Bay itself!

  • Ul’dah: Nanabe <Independent Merchant>
  • Limsa Lominsa<Unsynrael>
  • Gridania: Alaric <Independent Tinkerer>


Q. How does Dye look like?

Here is a gallery showing how Dye colors could look like (Note that dye color on clothes will change based on what the base color is so make sure to experiment until you get the right look)

ffxiv arr dye preview chart comparison a realm reborn


FFXIV Botanist Leveling Guide (Updated 50 to 60)

UPDATED level 50 to 60! Level up Botany Quickly! Botany Quests Items? Finding Botany Nodes? Stop wasting time! Power Level your Botanist!


First of all, you might want to check out our Gathering General FAQ, and Botany General FAQ before you begin. All Good? Let’s go.

Are you leveling your Botanist 50 to 60? Go there now. Seriously.

Navigation: [01-15] [16-35] [36-50] [50-60]

Key Info per section:

  • Botany quest requirement & location.
  • Botany Levequests location.
  • Nodes unlocked, and material list.
  • If grinding, what’s the best item to farm? (Most useful)

Before you begin…

For those who haven’t even unlocked the botany class: The Botany Guild is in Gridania.

Familiarize yourself with gaining EXP most efficiently! We have a gathering General Leveling Guide for this. Key points are: Choosing the right levequests (Ones with evaluation can potentially give insane EXP), Keeping key pieces of gear up to date (For getting maximum EXP per node), and making the most out of every node (Using skills properly)

Our Gathering Gear Guide is useful to have around when leveling your botanist!

Regarding Botany Class Quest Items, It’s ideal to farm for them BEFORE you hit the next quest. (For example, farm 99 Crow Feather before you reach Level 10). As a quick reference, we will put all items needed here (They are mentioned again in more detail on every section).

Our Botany Node / Material Locations Guide will help you with this, and when looking for specific items.

Botany Class Quest Items

Botanist 1: Latex 10
Botanist 5: Maple Sap 50
Botanist 10: Crow Feather 99
Botanist 15: Marjoram (HQ) 15
Botanist 20: Grade 1 Carbonized Matter 99
Botanist 25: Chamomile (HQ) 15
Botanist 30: Alligator Pears (HQ) 15
Botanist 35: Laurel (HQ) 20
Botanist 40: Ramhorn Zucchini (HQ) 20
Botanist 45: Mistletoe (HQ) 20
Botanist 50: Spruce Log 3

Useful links to have openBotany Node Locations | Gathering Gear Guide.

Botany Level 1-5

Botany Quest Level 1: 10 Latex 
Botany Quest Level 5: 50 Maple Sap
Level 1 Botany Levequests:
Gridania Adventurers Guild & The Bannock
Level 5 Botany Levequests: Gridania Adventurers Guild & The Bannock

Where to find Latex and Maple Sap? You can complete both of these quests in one go, to save time.  Get 10 Latex, and 50 Maple Sap before returning to Fufucha. You can also pick them up from Tradecraft NPC’s but I do not recommend it.

Level 5 Node Locations Unlocked:
Central Shroud (Jadeite Thick), North Shroud (Blessed Bud)

Level one to five Botany Nodes and Materials Locations:

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Allagan Snail2195Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Maple Branch5225Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Latex1185Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Ice Shard15Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Wind Shard15Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Maple Log3205Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Beehive Chip5225Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Cinnamon4215Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Maple Sap2195Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Earth Shard15Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b

Suggested Stockpile:

  • 20 Allagan Snail, Beehive Chip, Cinnamon
  • 70 Maple Sap (50 for the quest)
  • 99 Maple Log (Optional)

Easy part, gather all of the Latex and Maple Saps, and you should be well into level 5. Return to Fufucha and get your gear upgrades.
IF Grinding: farm Maple Log.

Botany Level 6-10

Botany Quest Level 10: 99 Crow Feather
Level 5 Botany Levequests:
 Gridania Adventurers Guild & The Bannock
Level 10 Botany Levequests:
Central Shroud, Bentbranch Meadows

Where to find Crow Feather? Yes.. 99 . You can farm these from Central Shroud (East Vein) or buy these from the Carpentry Guild Supplier.

Level 10 Node Locations Unlocked:
Central Shroud (East Vein)North Shroud (E-tatts Spire)
Central Thanalan (Spineless Basin)
Lower La Noscea (Cedarwood)

Level six to ten Botany Nodes and Materials Locations:

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Crow Feather102710East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Ash Branch92610East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Wind Shard110East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Ash Log82610East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Tinolqa Mistletoe62310East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Cock Feather62310Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Cloves102710Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Lightning Shard110Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Ash Branch92610E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Earth Shard110E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Ash Log82610E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Tinolqa Mistletoe62310E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Kukuru Bean92610CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
La Noscean Orange72410CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
Earth Shard110CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d

Suggested Stockpile:

  • 20 Ash Branch, Tinoqla Mistletoe, Cock Feather, Cloves
  • 20 Kukuru Bean, La Noscean Orange
  • 119 Crow Feather (99 for quest)
  • 99 Ash Log

Farming 99 of something is something you should get used to!
IF Grinding: Farm Ash Log.

Botany Level 11-15

Botany Quest Level 15: 10 High Quality Marjoram
Level 10 Botany Levequests:
 Central Shroud, Bentbranch Meadows.
Level 15 Botany Levequests: 
East ShroudHawthorne Hut.

Where to find Marjoram? The HQ Marjoram shouldn’t be hard to get. You can harvest them from Central Shroud (The Matron’s Lethe). Use your new skill, Leaf Turn, which increases HQ gathering chances.


Level 15 Node Locations Unlocked:
A strangely huge amount of nodes are unlocked in this level. Refer to the chart below.

Level 11 to 15 Botany Nodes and Materials Locations:

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Gridanian Chestnut143815The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Wind Shard115The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Elm Log123515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Buffalo Beans123515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Wind Shard115The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Marjoram153915The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Tree Toad113515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Carnation133615Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Cotton Boll143815Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Wind Shard115Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Lavender123515Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Chanterelle113515Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Black Pepper143815The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Lightning Shard115The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Yellow Ginseng113515The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Alpine Parsnip153915The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Rye113515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Moko Grass113515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Water Shard115Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Coerthas Carrot133615Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Grass Viper123515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Ruby Tomato153915Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Sunset Wheat113515Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Straw123515Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Fire Shard115Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
La Noscean Lettuce133615SummerfordMiddle La Noscea15f
Cinderfoot Olive133615La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Lowland Grapes113515La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Earth Shard115La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Cieldales Spinach143815La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Highland Parsley153915La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Ogre Pumpkin133615Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Garlean Garlic111115Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Water Shard115Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Wild Onion123515Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i

Suggested Stockpile:

  • 20 of EVERYTHING (lots of stuff  unlocked at this level!!)
  • 30 Marjoram (20 for the quest)
  • 99 Elm Log(++!)

Leaf Turn is good: in case you need reminding.
IF Grinding: Farm Elm Logs. Many.

Botanist Level: [01-15] : [16-35] : [36-50] : [50 – 60]

FFXIV ARR Racial Stats and God stats guide.

No more stressing out in character creation! We’ve compiled sortable tables of the race/stats and gods/resists. Also, our insights on choosing correctly!

starting race and god statsWhen choosing your character Race and God in FFXIV A Realm Reborn, It’s kind of annoying since we aren’t given a table view of what the differences are of each pick.

Well, not anymore.




If you have found this older guide, I highly suggest you check out our updated permanent ones



FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Race / Stats Chartmoogletest

RoegadynSea Wolves221823172119
Mi'QoteSeekers of the Sun212220181920
Mi'QoteKeepers of the Moon182117192322
Au Raffxiv au ra racial stats raen portraitXaela232021201719
Au Raffxiv au ra racial stats xaela portraitRaen172118202222

See also: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats & Attributes Guide. (Opens in new Tab)

Key points:

  • The total stats of each race and subrace is equal at 120.
  • Character customization can pretty erase all cosmetic distinction between subraces. Choose whatever you want!
  • All races have a subrace which is more suited towards “Physical” classes, and a subrace more suted towards “Magical” classes.
  • Ultimately, as long as you chose appropriately and build properly, the small differences in starting stats accounts for much less than a 0.5% difference end-game.

So what are the decent choices?

Pugilists, Gladiators, Lancers, Marauders (Monk Paladin Dragoon Warrrior) : Sea Wolves, Highlanders, Wildwoods, Seekers, and Plainsfolk.

Conjurers, Thaumaturges and Arcanists (White Mage, Black Mage, Scholar, Summoner) : Hellsguard, Midlander, Duskwight, Keepers, Dunefolk.

Archers (Bard) : Wildwoods, Seekers, Keepers, and Plainsfolk.

Again, Each race has a subrace more suited to physical jobs, and a race more suitable to magic jobs. The recommendations above only serve as a general guideline. Since you can make one subrace almost look exactly like the other subrace, you might as well get the better stats.

*update* For more advanced recommendations: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Racial Stats Guide. (Opens in new tab)

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: God Elemental Attributes / Resists Chart

The other choice given to us (without a table comparison) is god choice. Your choice of god will give you small bonus Elemental Attributes.


See also: FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats & Attributes Guide. (Opens in new tab)

Key Points:

  • The total Elemental Attributes of each god is equal at 313.
  • Gods are “paired”, and don’t seem to have any distinction between their counterpart. (Example: Halone, Menphina)
  • Each god pair has one high stat of 54, one secondary stat of 53, three tertiary stats of 52 and one neutral stat of 50.
  • Even if we assume 1 point equals 1% damage, the difference between picking for a 54 versus a 50 is only 0.3%.

So what are decent choices?

For now, and I think this won’t change, God choice doesn’t account for much. If it ever does, I’m sure there will be a way to change what god you worship. (Same with race)

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Race / God Summary:

All in all it seems right now that the choices for race and god are pretty much for flavor. However, there are some of us who want to squeeze every bit of juice out of our characters. Unfortunately we do not have the kind of information right now to make a proper analysis on that.

Is this a good thing? Yes, I think it is. It doesn’t force people to be a certain race when playing a certain class, and allows people to pick whatever kind of look they like. It prevents people getting called names just because they didn’t “pick” properly.

**For Archiving purposes, we will be splitting this guide into two which will be found here(Racial Stat Info) and here(God Stat Info). We are more likely to update those two separate links. Also, updates on our knowledge of the stats here(General Stat Info).

Either way, we will be working on better informed Race/Class/Job/God combinations, information on each Stat, and more on Elemental Attributes. Subscribe so you won’t miss out! How? Just follow or like us on Facebook / Twitter! Thanks! and see you on Eorzea!