FFXIV Armorsmith Levequests (UPDATED)

All Armorsmith Levequests Information. ARM Levequest locations, leve items needed – and more!

Hey guys! Here is a listing of ALL ARMORSMITH LEVEQUESTS Below level 60. If you’re reading this – you’re going to want to open our Armorer Leveling Guide!

We have a listing of all 3.0 (50+) Levequests here.


Armorsmith Leves level 20 and above which have marked (R) are REPEATABLE (Thrice). Submitting High-quality Armorsmith crafted items give DOUBLE EXP REWARDS. 

ARM LEVELv#ItemFromToRecipe
Skillet Labor11Bronze SkilletLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/175/Bronze-Skillet
Ain't Got No Ingots13Bronze IngotLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/170/Bronze-Ingot
Eyes Bigger Than The Plate13Bronze PlateLimsa LominsaRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/173/Bronze-Plate
Distill it Yourself11Bronze AlembicRed Rooster SteadLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/174/Bronze-Alembic
Don't Hit Me One More Time11Bronze HoplonRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/176/Bronze-Hoplon
The Alloyed Truth11Bronze RivetsRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/171/Bronze-Rivets
Headbangers' Thrall51Bronze BarbutLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/183/Bronze-Barbut
You've Got Mail51Bronze HaubergeonLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/177/Bronze-Haubergeon
Bronzed and Burnt51Bronze SalletLimsa LominsaRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/180/Bronze-Sallet
Get Into Their Heads51Bronze Chain CoifRed Rooster SteadLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/179/Bronze-Chain-Coif
Strait Ain't the Gate51Bronze ScutumRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/184/Bronze-Scutum
Rodents of Unusual Size51Bronze SolleretsRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/178/Bronze-Sollerets
All Ovo That101Iron SkilletLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/196/Iron-Skillet
Waist Not, Want Not101Bronze Plate BeltLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/186/Bronze-Plate-Belt
Greavous Losses101Bronze SabatonsLimsa LominsaSwiftperchhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/190/Bronze-Sabatons
Stadium Enironment101Bronze GauntletsSwiftperchLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/193/Bronze-Gauntlets
Still The Best101Brass AlembicSwiftperchSwiftperchhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/197/Brass-Alembic
Cook Intentions101Amateur's SkilletSwiftperchSwiftperchhttp://xivdb.com/?item/2495/Amateur%27s-Skillet
Fashion Weak151Iron CuirassLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/207/Iron-Cuirass
Cover Girl151Decorated Bronze BarbutLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/198/Decorated-Bronze-Barbut
Kiss the Pan (Good-bye)151Initiate's SkilletLimsa LominsaAleporthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/202/Initiate%27s-Skillet
Still Crazy After All These Years151Initiate's AlembicAleportLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/201/Initiate%27s-Alembic
A Firm Hand151Iron GauntletsAleportAleporthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/206/Iron-Gauntlets
A Well-rounded Crew151Iron HoplonAleportAleporthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/200/Iron-Hoplon
Get Me the Hard Stuff [R]203 (9)Ironclad Bronze BucklerLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/209/Ironclad-Bronze-Buckler
Night Squawker201Iron Lantern ShieldLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/211/Iron-Lantern-Shield
246 Kinds of Cheese201Iron FrypanLimsa LominsaQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/218/Iron-Frypan
Not Enough Headroom [R]203 (9)Iron CelataQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/208/Iron-Celata
No Hand-Me-Downs201Iron VambracesQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/210/Iron-Vambraces
I Was a Teenage Wailer201Iron AlembicQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/214/Iron-Alembic
Tisket Tasset [R]253 (9)Steel TassetsLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/232/Steel-Tassets
Ingot We Trust251Steel IngotLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/225/Steel-Ingot
A Leg to Stand On251Heavy Iron FlanchardLimsa LominsaQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/224/Heavy-Iron-Flanchard
Get Shirty [R]253 (9)Steel ChainmailQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/233/Steel-Chainmail
Need for Mead251Conical AlembicQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/226/Conical-Alembic
Hot for Teacher251Heavy Iron ArmorQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/222/Heavy-Iron-Armor
Romper Stomper [R]303 (9)Steel-plated JackbootsLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/241/Steel-plated-Jackboots
Aurochs Star301Bull HoplonLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/244/Bull-Hoplon
Eyes on a Hard Body301Decorated BucklerLimsa LominsaCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/249/Decorated-Buckler
They've Got Legs [R]303 (9)Steel SabatonsCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/239/Steel-Sabatons
Skillet Scandal301White SkilletCosta del SolCosta del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/250/White-Skillet
Kitty Get Your Helm301Steel ElmoCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/245/Steel-Elmo
Get Me the Usual [R]353 (9)Heavy Steel FlanchardLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/256/Heavy-Steel-Flanchard
Hollow Hallmarks351Mythril IngotLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/260/Mythril-Ingot
Very Slow Array351Mythril PlateLimsa LominsaCCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/265/Mythril-Plate
I've Got You under My Skin [R]353 (9)Steel-plated CaligaeCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/257/Steel-plated-Caligae
Skillet to the Stars351Steel FrypanCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/261/Steel-Frypan
War Is A Pain In The Back351Mythril Plate BeltCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1232/Mythril-Plate-Belt
Distill and Know that I'm Right [R]403 (9)Mythril AlembicLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/268/Mythril-Alembic
Everybody Cut Footloose401Mythril-plated JackbootsLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/269/Mythril-plated-Jackboots
Liquid Persuasion401Mythril Chain CoifLimsa LominsaCCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/276/Mythril-Chain-Coif
Employee Retention [R]403 (9)Mythril ElmoCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/267/Mythril-Elmo
Family Secrets401Mythril BarbutCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/270/Mythril-Barbut
Metal Fatigue401Mythril VambracesCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/274/Mythril-Vambraces
Some Dragoons Have All the Luck [R]453 (9)High Mythril ArmorLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1245/High-Mythril-Armor
Cobalt Aforethought451Cobalt PlateLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/278/Cobalt-Plate
Feasting the Night Away451Hell's KitchenLimsa LominsaMD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1251/Hells%27-Kitchen
Dealing with the Tough Stuff [R]453 (9)Cobalt IngotMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/273/Cobalt-Ingot
Booty Call451Cobalt-Plated JackbootsMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/285/Cobalt-plated-Jackboots
Parasitic Win451Cobalt-plated CaligaeMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/289/Cobalt-plated-Caligae
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FFXIV Goldsmith Levequests (UPDATED)

All Goldsmith Levequests Information. GSM Levequest locations, leve items needed – and more!

Hey guys! Here is a listing of ALL GOLDSMITHING LEVEQUESTS Below level 60. If you’re reading this – you’re going to want to open our Goldsmith Leveling Guide!

We have a listing of all 3.0 (50+) Levequests here.


GSM Leves level 20 and above which have marked (R) are REPEATABLE (Thrice). Submitting High-quality Goldsmith crafted items give DOUBLE EXP REWARDS.

GSM LEVELv#ItemFromToLink
Needful Rings11Copper WristletsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/recipe/669/Copper-Wristlets
Copper and Robbers11Copper IngotUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/663/Copper-Ingot
Arms for the Poor11Bone BrandUl'DahScorpion Crossinghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/665/Bone-Brand
Water of Life15Copper RingsScorpion CrossingUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/666/Copper-Rings
Bad Bromance11Bone StaffScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossinghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/667/Bone-Staff
Hora at Me11Bone HoraScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossinghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/664/Bone-Hora
I Ram What I Ram51Ramhorn ClawsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/680/Ramhorn-Claws
Gods of Small Things51Copper EarringsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/671/Copper-Earrings
Let's Talk about Hex51Bone NecklaceUl'dahScorpion Crossinghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/675/Bone-Necklace
A Needle is a Small Sword51Copper NeedleScorpion CrossingUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/674/Copper-Needle
Horn of Plenty51Bone ArmillaeScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossinghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/679/Bone-Armillae
A Ringing Success51Copper RingScorpion CrossingScorpion Crossinghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/672/Copper-Ring
The Tusk at Hand101Fang EarringsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/695/Fang-Earrings
All That Glitters101Copper Ear CuffsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/681/Copper-Ear-Cuffs
An Offer We Can't Refuse101Decorated Bone StaffUl'dahHorizonhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/687/Decorated-Bone-Staff
Better Four Eyes than None101Bass SpectaclesHorizonUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/692/Brass-Spectacles
Gorgeous Gorget101Brass GorgetHorizonHorizonhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/696/Brass-Gorget
Point of Honor101Amateur's NeedleHorizonHorizonhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/683/Amateur%27s-Needle
Forever 21K151Brass RingUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/694/Brass-Rings
Brothers in Arms151Brass Wristlets of CraftingUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/699/Brass-Wristlets-of-Crafting
Bad to the Bone151Brass Circlet (Sunstone)Ul'dahCamp Drybonehttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/703/Brass-Circlet-(Sunstone)
I Am a Rock151Brass Circlet (Danburite)Camp DryboneUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/704/Brass-Circlet-(Danburite)
Bad Guys Eat Brass151Brass Ring of CraftingCamp DryboneCamp Drybonehttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/714/Brass-Ring-of-Crafting
Sharp Words151Bat Fang NeedleCamp DryboneCamp Drybonehttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/698/Bat-Fang-Needle
King for a Day [R]203 (9)Decorated Copper ScepterUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/712/Decorated-Copper-Scepter
Perk of Fiction201Coral RingUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/716/Coral-Ring
You Burnt It, You Bought It201Wind BrandUl'dahQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/726/Wind-Brand
Dog Tags Are for Dogs [R]203 (9)Brass RingsQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/713/Brass-Ring
Music to Their Ears201Brass Ear CuffsQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/717/Brass-Ear-Cuffs
One and Only201Staghorn StaffQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/710/Staghorn-Staff
All Booked Up [R]253 (9)Silver MagnifiersUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/731/Silver-Magnifiers
Love in the Time of Umbra251Silver RingUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/727/Silver-Rings
Thaumaturge Is Magic251Fluorite RingUl'dahQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/756/Fluorite-Ring
Dancing with the Stars [R]253 (9)Toothed Staghorn StaffQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/733/Toothed-Staghorn-Staff
Keep the Change251Fluorite EarringsQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/755/Fluorite-Earrings
Necklet of Champions251Horn NecklaceQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/740/Horn-Necklace
A Little Bird Told Me [R]303 (9)Malachite BraceletsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/765/Malachite-Bracelet
One Man's Trash301Horn RingUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/770/Horn-Ring
He Has His Quartz301Silver Circlet (Goshenite)Ul'dahCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/783/Silver-Circlet-(Goshenite)
Get the Green Stuff [R]303 (9)Malachite EarringsCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/766/Malachite-Earrings
Renascence Man301Worn Fang NeedleCosta del SolCosta del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/779/Worm-Fang-Needle
It's Only Love301Silver ChokerCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/768/Silver-Choker
Burning the Midnight Oil [R]353 (9)Fire BrandUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/recipe/796/Fire+Brand
Lode It Up351Mythril RingUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/recipe/802/Mythril+Ring
Actually, It's Loyalty351Aquamarine BraceletUl'dahCCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/810/Aquamarine-Bracelet
Faith and Fashion [R]353 (9)Myhtril EarringsCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/799/Mythril-Earrings
Dead Can't Defang351Wolf NecklaceCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/800/Wolf-Necklace
Wear Your Patriotic Pin351Peridot ChokerCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/808/Peridot-Choker
It's My Business to Know Things [R]403 (9)Red Coral ArmillaeUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/831/Red-Coral-Armillae
When We Were Blings401Mythril Ear CuffsUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1451/Mythril-Ear-Cuffs
Coral on My Mind401Red Coral RingUl'dahCCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/854/Red-Coral-Ring
If You've Got It, Flaunt It [R]403 (9)Peridot EarringsCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/829/Peridot-Earrings
Tough Job Market401Horn StaffCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/838/Horn-Staff
North Ore South401Electrum GorgetCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/857/Electrum-Gorget
The Big Red [R]453 (9)Red Coral NecklaceUl'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/863/Red-Coral-Necklace
Gold Is So Last Year451Electrum Circlet (Amber)Ul'dahUl'dahhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/865/Electrum-Circlet-(Amber)
Green and Bear It451Tourmaline ChokerUl'dahMD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/880/Tourmaline-Choker
Light in the Darkness [R]453 (9)Amber ChokerMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/864/Amber-Choker
Sweet Charity451Amber RingMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/879/Amber-Ring
Sew Not Doing This451Electrum NeedleMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/872/Electrum-Needle
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FFXIV Culinarian Levequests (UPDATED)

All Culinarian Levequests Information. CUL Levequest locations, leve items needed – and more!

Hey guys! Here is a listing of ALL CULINARIAN LEVEQUESTS Below level 60. If you’re reading this – you’re going to want to open our CUL Leveling Guide!

We have a listing of all 3.0 (50+) Levequests here.


Culinarian Leves level 20 and above which have marked (R) are REPEATABLE (Thrice). Submitting High-quality Armorsmith crafted items give DOUBLE EXP REWARDS.

CUL LEVELv#ItemFromToLink
Trout Fishing in Limsa11Grilled TroutLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/911/Grilled-Trout
Pork Is a Salty Food19Table SaltLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/901/Table-Salt
In Hot Water11Boiled EggLimsa LominsaRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/905/Boiled-Egg
It's Always Sunny in Vylbrand13RaisinsRed Rooster SteadLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/904/Raisins
Meat Lover's Special11Marmot SteakRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/910/Marmot-Steak
What a Sap15Maple SyrupRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/902/Maple-Syrup
Jack of All Plates51Jack-o'-lanternLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/922/Jack-o%27-lantern
Whip It55Sweet CreamLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/912/Sweet-Cream
A Real Fungi51Chanterelle SauteLimsa LominsaRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/917/Chanterelle-Saute
Fishy Revelations51Braised PipiraRed Rooster SteadLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/918/Braised-Pipira
Butter Me Up55Kukuru ButterRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/921/Kukuru-Butter
Putting the Squeeze On51Orange JuiceRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Steadhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/913/Orange-Juice
Pretty Enough to Eat101Grilled CarpLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/936/Grilled-Carp
Keep Your Powder Dry105Kukuru PowderLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/925/Kukuru-Powder
Go Ahead and Dig In103Mole LoafLimsa LominsaSwiftperchhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/930/Mole-Loaf
The Bango Zango Diet
101Parsnip SaladSwiftperchLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/recipe/931/Parsnip+Salad
Fisher of Men101Salt CodSwiftperchSwiftperchhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/935/Salt-Cod
Chew the Fat101Grilled DodoSwiftperchSwiftperchhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/926/Grilled-Dodo
Shy Is the Oyster151Raw OysterLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/947/Raw-Oyster
Omelette's Be Friends151Dodo OmeletteLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/939/Dodo-Omelette
A Total Nut Job151Walnut BreadLimsa LominsaAleporthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/946/Walnut-Bread
Rustic Repast151Chicken and MushroomsAleportAleporthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/948/Chicken-and-Mushrooms
Sweet Smell of Succes155Lavender OilAleportAleporthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/938/Lavender-Oil
Flakes for Friends151Apple TartAleportLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/945/Apple-Tart
Brain Food [R]203(9)Walnut BreadLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/946/Walnut-Bread
A Grape Idea201Grape JuiceLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/952/Grape-Juice
Feast of All Soles201Salmon MeuniereLimsa LominsaQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/958/Salmon-Meuniere
Picnic Panic [R]203(9)Apple TartsQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/945/Apple-Tart
For Crumbs Sake201Honey MuffinQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/953/Honey-Muffin
Food Fight201Shepherd's PieQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/957/Shepherd%27s-Pie
Fever Pitch [R]253(9)Chamomile TeaLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/960/Chamomile-Tea
Conv Precedes Essence251Ginger CookieLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/962/Ginger-Cookie
Cooking with Gas259Chicken StockLimsa LominsaQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/968/Chicken-Stock
I Love Lamprey253(9)Eel PieQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/961/Eel-Pie
Whirled Peas251Pea SoupQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/963/Pea-Soup
Love's Crumpets Lost251CrumpetQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/970/Crumpet
True Grits [R]306(18)CornmealLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/971/Cornmeal
Bloody Good Tart, This301Blood Currant TartLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/978/Blood-Currant-Tart
Pretty as a Picture305Dark VinegarLimsa LominsaCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/973/Dark-Vinegar
Sole Survivor [R]303(9)Baked SoleCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/972/Baked-Sole
Point Them with the Sticky End301Tuna Miq'abobCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/979/Tuna-Miq%27abob
Gegeruju Gets Down301CornbreadCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/975/Cornbread
Feeding Frenzy [R]353(9)Acorn CookieLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/980/Acorn-Cookie
Don't Turn Up Your Nose351SauerkrautLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/984/Sauerkraut
No More Dumpster Diving351Knight's BreadLimsa LominsaCCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/988/Knight%27s-Bread
Leek Soup for the Soul [R]353(9)Cawl CenninCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/982/Cawl-Cennin
Rise and Dine351Cheese SouffleCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/985/Cheese-Souffle
Winter of Our Discontent351Mugwort CarpCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/987/Mugwort-Carp
Made by Apples in Coerthas [R]403(9)Apple JuiceLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/991/Apple-Juice
The Perks of Life at Sea401Jerked BeefLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/993/Jerked-Beef
Moving Up in the World405Rolanberry CheeseLimsa LominsaCCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/995/Rolanberry-Cheese
Pagan Pastries [R]403(9)Pastry FishCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/992/Pastry-Fish
Good Eats in Ishgard401Salt Cod PuffsCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/994/Salt-Cod-Puffs
Rolanberry Fields Forever405Rolanberry CheeseCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/995/Rolanberry-Cheese
Bread in the Clouds [R]453(9)La Noscean ToastLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1000/La-Noscean-Toast
The Egg Files451Deviled EggsLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1001/Deviled-Eggs
Culture Club451Crowned PieLimsa LominsaMD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1003/Crowned-Pie
Red Letter Day [R]453(9)Rolanberry LassiMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/999/Rolanberry-Lassi
Drinking to Your Health451Mulled TeaMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1002/Mulled-Tea
Comfort Me With Mushroom451Buttons in a BlanketMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1004/Buttons-in-a-Blanket
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FFXIV Carpentry Levequests (UPDATED)

All Carpentry Levequests Information. CRP Levequest locations, leve items needed – and more!

Hey guys! Here is a listing of ALL CARPENTRY LEVEQUESTS Below level 60. If you’re reading this – you’re going to want to open our CRP Leveling Guide!

We have a listing of all 3.0 (50+) Levequests here.

Carpentry Leves level 20 and above which have marked (R) are REPEATABLE (Thrice). Submitting High-quality Carpentry crafted items give DOUBLE EXP REWARDS.


CRP LEVELv#ItemFromToLink
Touch and Heal11Maple PatternsGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1012/Maple-Pattens
In with the New11Bone HarpoonGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1011/Bone-Harpoon
A Clogful of Camaraderie11Maple ClogsGridaniaThe Bannockhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1009/Maple-Clogs
Gridania's Got Talent13Maple LumberThe BannockGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1008/Maple-Lumber
Got Your Back11Square Maple ShieldThe BannockThe Bannockhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1014/Square-Maple-Shield
Bowing Out11Maple ShortbowThe BannockThe Bannockhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1010/Maple-Shortbow
Shields for the Serpents51Round ShieldGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1022/Round-Shield
Bows for the Boys51Maple LongbowGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1018/Maple-Longbow
Spears and Sorcery51Maple CrookGridaniaThe Bannockhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1020/Maple-Crook
Compulsory Conjury51Maple CaneThe BannockGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1016/Maple-Cane
A Sword in Hand51Ash MacuahuitlThe BannockThe Bannockhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1024/Ash-Macuahuitl
Leaving Without Leave51Bronze SpearThe BannockThe Bannockhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1017/Bronze-Spear
On the Move101Ragstone Grinding WheelGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1026/Ragstone-Grinding-Wheel
Citizens' Canes101Ash RadicalGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1030/Ash-Radical
Raise the Roof103Ash LumberGridaniaBentbranch Meadowshttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1023/Ash-Lumber
Shielding Sales101Square Ash ShieldBentbranch MeadowsGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1036/Square-Ash-Shield
Lifes a Stitch101Ash Spinning WheelBentbranch MeadowsBentbranch Meadowshttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1027/Ash-Spinning-Wheel
Say It with Spears101Feathered HarpoonBentbranch MeadowsBentbranch Meadowshttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1029/Feathered-Harpoon
Nightmare on My Street151Elm CaneGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1040/Elm-Cane
Re-crating the Scene151Iron SpearGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1039/Iron-Spear
Driving up the Wall153Elm LumberGridaniaHawthorne Huthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1037/Elm-Lumber
Bowing to Necessity151Ash ShortbowHawthorne HutGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1035/Ash-Shortbow
What You Need151Square Ash ShieldHawthorne HutHawthorne Huthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1036/Square-Ash-Shield
Nothing to Hide151Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli)Hawthorne HutHawthorne Huthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1044/Ash-Mask-(Lapis-Lazuli)
Behind the Mask [R]203 (9)Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli)GridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1044/Ash-Mask-(Lapis-Lazuli)
As the Worm Turns201Yew RadicalGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1049/Yew-Radical
Militia on my Mind201Iron LanceGridaniaQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1046/Iron-Lance
Polearms Aplenty [R]203 (9)Iron SpearsQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1039/Iron-Spear
Grinding It Out201Mudstone Grinding WheelQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1050/Mudstone-Grinding-Wheel
Wall Not Found203Walnut LumberQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1056/Walnut-Lumber
Armoires of the Rich and Famous [R]255 (15)Walnut LumberGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1056/Walnut-Lumber
Daddy's Little Girl251Viper-crested Round ShieldGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1059/Viper-crested-Round-Shield
Tools for the Tools251Silver Battle ForkGridaniaQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1061/Silver-Battle-Fork
Heal Away [R]253 (9)Yew CrooksQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1055/Yew-Crook
Toys of Summer251Steel SpearQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1066/Steel-Spear
Storm of Swords251Elm MacuahuitlQuarrymillQuarrymillhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1062/Elm-Macuahuitl
Ceremonial Spears [R]303 (9)Steel SpearsGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1066/Steel-Spear
An Expected Tourney301Ash Cavalry BowGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1068/Ash-Cavalry-Bow
Knock on Wood301Walnut MacuahuitlGridaniaCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1074/Walnut-Macuahuitl
The Long Lance of the Law [R]303 (9)Steel HalberdCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1065/Steel-Halberd
Live Freelance or Die301Heavy Steel LanceCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1075/Heavy-Steel-Lance
The Lone Bowman301Oak LongbowCosta Del SolCosta Del Solhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1077/Oak-Longbow
Flintstone Fight [R]353 (9)Walnut MacuahuitlGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1074/Walnut-Macuahuitl
A Tree Grew In Gridania351Pastoral Oak CaneGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1081/Pastoral-Oak-Cane
Stay on Target351Yarzonshell HarpoonGridaniaCCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1079/Yarzonshell-Harpoon
Bend it Like Durendaire [R]353 (9)Ash Cavalry BowCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1068/Ash-Cavalry-Bow
The Cold, Cold Ground351Oak PatternsCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1084/Oak-Pattens
Grippy When Wet351Mythril Cavalry BowCCH (Observatorium)CCH (Observatorium)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1078/Mythril-Cavalry-Bow
Spin It Like You Mean It [R]403 (9)Mahogany Spinning WheelGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1086/Mahogany-Spinning-Wheel
Greenstone for Greenhorns401Jade CrookGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1091/Jade-Crook
The Arsenal of Theocracy401Cobalt HalberdGridaniaCCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1090/Cobalt-Halberd
Ready for a Rematch [R]403 (9)Mythril LanceCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1082/Mythril-Lance
The Turning Point401Garnet Grinding WheelCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1088/Garnet-Grinding-Wheel
A Winning Combo401Oak Composite BowCCH (Whitebrim)CCH (Whitebrim)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1085/Oak-Composite-Bow
You do the Heavy Lifting [R]455 (15)Mahogany LumberGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1083/Mahogany-Lumber
Clogs of War451Mahogany PatternsGridaniaGridaniahttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/1097/Mahogany-Pattens
Trident and Error451Cobalt TridentGridaniaMD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1096/Cobalt-Trident
Incant Now, Think Later [R]453 (9)Jade CrookMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1091/Jade-Crook
Bowing to Greater Power451Yew LongbowMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1095/Yew-Longbow
Bow Down to Magic451Crab BowMD (St. Coinach's Find)MD (St. Coinach's Find)http://xivdb.com/?recipe/1099/Crab-Bow

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FFXIV ARR Titan Hard Mode

Getting tired of Titan? Are you stuck in Titan Hard Mode? Keep your hopes up and let us guide you through one of the most fulfilling fights in FFXIV ARR.


From deep within their mines, the kobolds have watched and waited for another opportunity to summon their Great Father and wreak havoc on Limsa Lominsa. With the destruction of Ultima Weapon, the final obstacle to their plans was removed, allowing the beastmen to summon their god without fear of imperial reprisal. Once more, it falls to you to ensure that the Lord of Crags never sees the light of day.

The first LEGIT Gear check in the game, and if you have lag issues, get ready to die in this fight! We had fun learning how to play Titan and beat him. We will show you two videos below, one is our first defeat of Titan and the second is where we helped a few of our FC members get past him.

Our very first Titan HM Kill:

One important thing to note is, all non-tank players must ideally have more than 3,500 life to survive this fight (specially important in the last phase where he does 6-8 Tumults straight). Lag and slow reaction time also play a major factor in beating Titan, you must be focused, know his rotation and position yourselves carefully in order to win.

Team Compositions:

  • PUG: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS (The type of party you get from duty finder)
  • 3 Healers: 1 Tank, 3 Healers, 4 DPS (Safest run, best for lesser geared groups)
  • 5 DPS: 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 5 DPS (Ideal for more experienced groups)
  • Carry: 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 3-4 DPS, 1-2 Carry (when we want to get a guild member through)


In hard mode, Titan has some a new rotation with new abilities also

  • Landslide (Pushback): Like in Titan Story mode, watch out for this frontal pushback ability, if you get hit chances are you will fall from the stage, and the moment one party member falls its practically a wipe.
  • Tumult (AoE): Back with a vengeance, in post heart phase, Titan can dish out 6-8 Tumults in succession.
  • Weight of the Land (Plumes): Another skill from Titan Story mode, this time with a vengeance. It’s important the team positions themselves so that when he casts this they can move away to a safe position.

FFXIV-ARR-Titan-Hard-Mode-Bomb-1 FFXIV-ARR-Titan-Hard-Mode-Bomb-2 FFXIV-ARR-Titan-Hard-Mode-Bomb-3

  • Bomb Boulders: A new mechanic, Titan calls down bombs that explode in a certain pattern, there are 3 types to watch out for but the rule of thumb is, the first bomb to light up is the first bomb to go
    • Type 1: Clockwise detonation, tanks will either take one bomb damage or hide between two bombs so they do not get hit (takes practice to hide believe me!)
    • Type 2: We call this the easy bombs, just find a safespot in either the N,S,W or E areas of the map
    • Type 3 (Post heart only) : This is where it gets tricky, 3 bombs get dropped parallel to each other. In this set the middle group of bombs always blow up first. So you want to stay where the last set will blow and immediately move to the middle once it blows up. (Titan usually casts Landslide right after these bombs show up, the moment he lets go of Landslide is when we move to the center)
  • Gaol: Much like the Story Mode mechanic, a random party member will get imprisoned and will be tagged with a determination down debuff (it’s important that the healers strip this debuff after the party member gets freed from the Gaol). Also, Titan sometimes casts Landslide on an imprisoned member of the team, make sure you wait till after he casts Landslide to free your team member.
  • Geocrush (Jump): Just like in Story Mode, Titan Jumps up and after each jump the stage gets smaller, key position here is to group up so that healers can cast their AoE heals before going back into position
  • Earthen Fury (Ultimate): Same mechanic in story mode, if you do not defeat his heart in enough time Earthen Fury will destroy you! This is a DPS check and you will need to your whatever limit break you have to kill the heart. We usually time this right after the last Weight of the Land in the heart phase.
  • Mountain Buster: Heavy hitting frontal cone attack (never stay near the tank in this phase or you will fall. Tanks need to time their mitigation for this skill if they are not topped up.


General Strategy for roles:

Tank: Positioning is important, mitigation should be timed. You want to position Titan as close to the edge as possible to give your party enough space behind to move around and dodge ‘Weight of the Land’. Positioning is also important during the ‘Bomb Boulder‘ phases. In our FC, it is the tanks job to memorize Titan’s rotation and call out ‘Weight of the Land‘ and ‘Mountain Buster


Healer: Healers are the key to this fight, if one falls you are in for a ride! Positioning is important for healers to make use of their AoE abilities, after each Geocrush, Healers need to pre-cast their heals so the party gets topped up and during the post heart phase the healers need to ensure they top-up the tank before ‘Mountain Buster’ and also pre-cast AoE heals before he does ‘Tumult

DPS: All the DPS need to be careful of is avoiding Landslide, Weight of the Land and getting to know positioning during the bomb phases. They must also be conscious of their position so that the healers can have a place to run to when weight of the land hits.

Titan Hardmode Infographic


1st Phase (Pre-heart)

Skill rotation: Landslide, Tumult, GEOCRUSH (Jump), REPEAT > Weight of the Land, Landslide, Tumult, GEOCRUSH (Jump), REPEAT > Landslide, Weight of the Land, Bombs, Landslide, Weight of the Land, Gaol, Tumult, GEOCRUSH (Jump)


In the first phase we see Titan showcase some of his new abilities namely the Bomb Bomb rotations. This phase will test how well the group can dodge Landslide and Weight of the Land. You will also be able to get a feel for how much DPS your group can do. Remember to save DPS cooldowns for when he reaches the heart phase

2nd Phase (Heart) 50% life

Skill rotation: Gaol, Landslide, Weight of the Land, Tumult, Gaol, Landslide, Weight of the Land, EARTHEN FURY

One the heart pops out, pop all DPS cooldowns and make sure to free whoever is in a Gaol. Note that when he casts Gaol the second time, the party should ignore the Gaol and focus on defeating the heart. We suggest to use your limit break, whether level 1 or 2 right after he casts the last Landslide or Weight of the Land. Once the heart is defeated immediately focus your attention on the imprisoned party member, if they are not freed from the Gaol before he casts Earthen Fury, the party member will fall.

3rd Phase (Post-heart)

Skill rotation: Mountain Buster, Tumult, Weight of the Land, Bombs, Landslide, Gaol, Mountain Buster, Weight of the Land, Landslide


The scary phase here are the first 3, most specially for the healers who will need to ensure the tank is topped up just before Mountain Buster and immediately focus on healing the group in time for Tumult. Swiftcast for healers is an awesome and almost critical mitigating skill in this part of the fight.

The Bomb phase always takes first timers by surprise. The key to dodging the bombs in this phase is not to PANIC. in the Bombs Type 3, always remember that the middle bombs will explode first, simply find where the last exploding set of bombs are and stay in that area (dont be afraid to stand next to a bomb! you will need to move because he casts landslide) just remember to move to the center right after he lets go of landslide.

One more thing to note is that when he reaches about 25% life he increases the amount of Tumults he does from 6 to 8 times, this is where AoE healing and positioning is key.

Visual Notes on the Titan Hard Mode Fight

Dont Release your Party Members from the Gaol until after he casts landslide on them like so:


This is an example of Type 3 Bombs, in this case I move with the party to my left, and wait for Titan to cast landslide and then move to the middle



Sample Positioning for Weight of the Land


The three main reasons people die at Titan hard:

  1. Weight of the land: Your dps and healers should already look for where to run BEFORE weight of the land hits. Because of this, unnecessary movements should be avoided. If you know WHEN the next weight hits, and WHERE to run beforehand, you will dodge it 100% of the time, believe me.
  2. Type 3 Bombs: The triple line bomb formation is the reason most people die. To be honest, it’s largely because they panic. All non-tank players should simply move to the middle-bomb of the last set that spawned. Once titan punches the ground, move towards the center. Simple as that!
  3. Mountain Buster: Both the tank and the healers should be aware of when the next “table flip” occurs. Tanks can pop a cool-down, and healers can pre-cast shields and heals. Note that every random damage that happens to the raid makes it harder for healers to keep the tank up to 100%. As a DPS, you got one job: Avoid damage.

Finally, Good Luck in your fight with Titan!


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FFXIV ARR Botany Node Locations

Where is that Mature Tree? I can’t find that Lush Vegetation!! NO MORE!

Remember on the upper right of the table you can use the Search/Filter box. For example you can search for Specific Materials, Areas, Node Levels or a combination of all (Ex. 15 shroud).


Mature Tree & Lush Vegetation Materials & Locations

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Allagan Snail2195Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Maple Branch5225Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Latex1185Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Ice Shard15Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Wind Shard15Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Maple Log3205Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Beehive Chip5225Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Cinnamon4215Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Maple Sap2195Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Earth Shard15Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Crow Feather102710East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Ash Branch92610East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Wind Shard110East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Ash Log82610East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Tinolqa Mistletoe62310East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Cock Feather62310Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Cloves102710Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Lightning Shard110Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Ash Branch92610E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Earth Shard110E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Ash Log82610E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Tinolqa Mistletoe62310E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Kukuru Bean92610CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
La Noscean Orange72410CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
Earth Shard110CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
Gridanian Chestnut143815The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Wind Shard115The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Elm Log123515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Buffalo Beans123515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Wind Shard115The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Marjoram153915The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Tree Toad113515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Carnation133615Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Cotton Boll143815Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Wind Shard115Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Lavender123515Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Chanterelle113515Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Black Pepper143815The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Lightning Shard115The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Yellow Ginseng113515The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Alpine Parsnip153915The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Rye113515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Moko Grass113515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Water Shard115Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Coerthas Carrot133615Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Grass Viper123515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Ruby Tomato153915Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Sunset Wheat113515Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Straw123515Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Fire Shard115Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
La Noscean Lettuce133615SummerfordMiddle La Noscea15f
Cinderfoot Olive133615La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Lowland Grapes113515La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Earth Shard115La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Cieldales Spinach143815La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Highland Parsley153915La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Ogre Pumpkin133615Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Garlean Garlic111115Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Water Shard115Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Wild Onion123515Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Faerie Apple165820Nine Ivies (W)East Shroud20a
Yew Branch206520Nine Ivies (W)East Shroud20a
Wind Shard120Nine Ivies (W)East Shroud20a
Yew Log196320Nine Ivies (W)East Shroud20a
Wind Shard120Nine Ivies (SW)East Shroud20b
Galago Mint165820Nine Ivies (SW)East Shroud20b
Belladonna186220Nine Ivies (SW)East Shroud20b
Gil Bun196320Nine Ivies (SW)East Shroud20b
Grade 1 Carbonized Matter2020Aleport (N)Western La Noscea20c
Ice Shard120Aleport (N)Western La Noscea20c
Lightning Shard120Black BrushCentral Thanalan20d
Nopales186220Black BrushCentral Thanalan20d
Lalafellin Lentil176020QuarterstoneWestern La Noscea20e
Paprika165820QuarterstoneWestern La Noscea20e
Ice Shard120QuarterstoneWestern La Noscea20e
Fire Shard120SandgateEastern Thanalan20f
Popoto186220SandgateEastern Thanalan20f
White Scorpion206320SandgateEastern Thanalan20f
Sun Lemon176020CedarwoodLower La Noscea20g
Earth Shard120CedarwoodLower La Noscea20g
Gridanian Walnut217225Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Ice Shard125Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Walnut Log247825Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Matron's Mistletoe237625Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Noble Grapes227425OakwoodUpper La Noscea25b
Pixie Plums217225OakwoodUpper La Noscea25b
Sticky Rice258025OakwoodUpper La Noscea25b
Earth Shard120OakwoodUpper La Noscea25b
Chamomile247825OakwoodUpper La Noscea25b
Ala Mhigan Mustard237625Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan25c
Pearl Ginger247825Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan25c
Millioncorn258025Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan25c
Fire Shard125Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan25c
Button Mushroom227425Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan25c
Chocobo Feather2910130Silent ArborSouth Shroud30a
Alligator Pear3010430Silent ArborSouth Shroud30a
Moor Leech3010430Alder SpringsNorth Shroud30b
Wizard Eggplant279730Alder SpringsNorth Shroud30b
Jade Peas269530Alder SpringsNorth Shroud30b
Midland Cabbage289930Alder SpringsNorth Shroud30b
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter3030Three-malm BendMiddle La Noscea30c
Fire Crystal2630Three-malm BendMiddle La Noscea30c
Red Pigment2830Three-malm BendMiddle La Noscea30c
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter3030Upper PathsSouth Shroud30d
Ice Crystal2630Upper PathsSouth Shroud30d
Grey Pigment2830Upper PathsSouth Shroud30d
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter3030BloodshoreEastern La Noscea30e
Water Crystal2630BloodshoreEastern La Noscea30e
Blue Pigment2830BloodshoreEastern La Noscea30e
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter3030BentbranchCentral Shroud30f
Wind Crystal2630BentbranchCentral Shroud30f
Green Pigment2830BentbranchCentral Shroud30f
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter3030PeacegardenNorth Shroud30g
Earth Crystal2630PeacegardenNorth Shroud30g
Brown Pigment2830PeacegardenNorth Shroud30g
Yellow Pigment2830PeacegardenNorth Shroud30g
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter3030Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan30h
Lightning Crystal2630Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan30h
Purple Pigment2830Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan30h
Tarantula3511535Lower PathsSouth Shroud35a
Oak Branch3110635Lower PathsSouth Shroud35a
Oak Log3210835Lower PathsSouth Shroud35a
Desert Saffron3511535Broken WaterSouthern Thanalan35b
Laurel3411335Broken WaterSouthern Thanalan35b
Aloe3210835Broken WaterSouthern Thanalan35b
Wildfowl Feather3411335Camp TranquilSouth Shroud35c
Flax3110635Lower PathsSouth Shroud35c
White Truffle3311035Lower PathsSouth Shroud35c
Dragon Pepper3511535BloodshoreEastern La Noscea35d
Midland Basil3210835BloodshoreEastern La Noscea35d
Mandrake3311035BloodshoreEastern La Noscea35d
Salt Leek3411335BloodshoreEastern La Noscea35d
Iron Acorn3611740Raincatcher Gully (Docks)Eastern La Noscea40a
Almonds4012640Raincatcher Gully (Docks)Eastern La Noscea40a
Nutmeg3912440Raincatcher Gully (Docks)Eastern La Noscea40a
Mahogany Log3711940Raincatcher Gully (Docks)Eastern La Noscea40a
Maiden Artichoke3812240Raincatcher Gully (Docks)(S)Eastern La Noscea40b
Ramhorn Zucchini3912440Raincatcher Gully (Docks)(S)Eastern La Noscea40b
Mugwort3711940Raincatcher Gully (Docks)(S)Eastern La Noscea40b
Blood Currants3611740Lower Paths (E)South Shroud40c
Thyme3912440Lower Paths (E)South Shroud40c
Rolanberry4313345Camp Bronzelake (E)Upper La Noscea45a
Sagolii Sage4112845Camp Bronzelake (E)Upper La Noscea45a
Dart Frog4513745Camp Bronzelake (E)Upper La Noscea45a
Black Scorpion4213145Camp Bronzelake (E)Upper La Noscea45a
Mirror Apple4213145Camp Dragonhead (W)Coerthas45b
Mistletoe4413545Camp Dragonhead (W)Coerthas45b
Rosewood Branch4716150The Bramble PatchEast Shroud50a
Rosewood Log4615550The Bramble PatchEast Shroud50a
Grade 3 Carbonized Matter50050The Unholy HeirCentral Thanalan50b
Maiden Grass5016850Forgotten Springs (S)Southern Thanalan50c
Thanalan Tea Leaves4816450Forgotten Springs (S)Southern Thanalan50c
Lava Toad4916650Forgotten Springs (S)Southern Thanalan50c

To be added: 40-50+ nodes to follow.

More Info:
Gathering General Guide |
Botany FAQ | Botany Leveling Guide

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FFXIV ARR Cross Class Skill Guide

Read our Role Actions Guide
for an update version of cross class skills. 


So we’ve been getting a lot of request for listing a cross class table that is up to date. Here it is, we have also listed separate cross class tables per Job/Class which we will update in this page in the next few days.

Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments.

Few things to note:

  1. Hover over a skill name to see their entry in XIVDB (note that not all skills are up to date in XIVDB)
  2. All skill tooltips from XIVDB seem to be TRAITED. The actual skills useable as cross-class are UNTRAITED.
  3. All descriptions are up to date as of 12-Oct-2014.
Straight Shotx
Raging Strikesxxx
Venomous Bitex
Hawk's Eyexxx
Quelling Strikesxxx
Cleric Stancexx
Savage Bladexx
Skull Sunderxxxx
Mercy Strokexxxx
Second Windxxxx
Internal Releasexxxx
Keen Flurryxxx
Impulse Drivexx
Blood for Bloodxxx
Eye for an Eyexxxx


We also have a discussion and recommendation guide for each class:

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FFXIV ARR Amdapor Keep

Things to look out for

A special pet “Demon Brick” drops with a 100% chance from a treasure chest just before the room of the first boss, on the left.


The fight start out with ‘Lunatic Priest’. After he hits around half health he will summon the real boss, Psycheflayer. Make sure you kill the Lunatic Priest as fast as possible once Psycheflayer is up.

  • Tanks – Make sure you hold aggro on Psycheflayer when he spawns. He can one-shot your healer. If you let go of Lunatic Priests enmity, it’s okay.
  • Healers – Use Stoneskin on your tank to prevent getting enmity when Psycheflayer spawns. Don’t use regen before this either. Make sure to use Esuna on “Disease”, as it halves healing.
  • DPS – Kill Lunatic Priest ASAP.

Psycheflayer has two main abilities. A heavy single target nuke, and an AoE attack. He will use this abilities throughout the fight.

Phase 2

Psycheflayer will periodically animate golems. These golems have 2 main abilities, A frontal line attack which should be dodged, and a heavy AoE attack.

  • Tanks – should try to stick to golems. As long as they dont go to your healer, you’re okay.
  • Healers – AoE damage can get pretty out of hand – get ready for it.
  • DPS – Save offensive cooldowns for when golems spawn. The faster they die, the less damage your team takes.

At lower life, Psycheflayer animates a Giant Golem, which does a massive AoE attack. This can be dodged by taking cover behind pillars, or simply moving out of the way. He will die when Psycheflayer dies.


Demon Wall

Demon Wall may seem like a daunting fight, but once you (literally) get the rhythm down, he’s not that bad.

The main mechanic of this fight is the “dance” you have to do. Demon Wall will spawn a black stripe you must avoid at the center of the lane. Following that, 2 black stripes at each side. This process repeats twice, after that he does Repel. Repel will push you off (resulting in KO), if you are not in the center of the lane.

After 2 Repels, he will spawn adds. These bees have very powerful AoE attacks that should ideally be dodged or avoided.

Helpful tips:

  • Stay at the edges after each repel since the first area to avoid is always the middle.
  • DPS Limit Break of any kind should be used on the bees if you have it. (Still totally doable otherwise)
  • Tanks / DPS – Stop the bee’s AoE if you can.
  • Healers – Spam healing if you have to. It’s a very short fight.

Also, after each repel he will move closer to the ooze at the end of the lane. Eventually resulting in a wipe if he is not killed on time.


This fight is very easy, but one wrong move can cause things to go in an uncontrollable spiral. Anandaboga has three moves to look out for.

  • A frontal cone attack that should be avoided at all times.
  • A rear cone attack that should be avoided at all times.
  • >He periodically summons a ball of energy in the center of the room. Take cover behind the Gargoyle statues.
  • Healers : You must dispel disease at all times.

After a set amount of time, the statues will animate to become adds, in this order: Upper Left, Lower Left, Lower Right, Upper Right. Because of this, Anandaboga should be tanked in the right side of the room. Needless to say, kill gargoyles immediately after they spawn.

After two Gargoyles, he gains a new ability. A bright pink line will appear to be connected to a random non-tank party member. Whoever is affected by this line must run as far as you can from your team. A ball will soon appear where this party member is, and continue to damage anyone in a large area of effect around it. As you can imagine, you want this as far from your party as possible.

Since these gargoyles also serve as cover from his ultimate, once the last one turns into an add Anandaboga must die quickly after. You won’t have any cover left after the fourth one!

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FFXIV ARR Mining Node Locations

Where is that Mineral Deposit? I can’t find that Rocky Outcrop!! NO MORE!

Remember on the upper right of the table you can use the Search/Filter box. For example you can search for Specific Materials, Areas, Node Levels or a combination of all (Ex. 05 thanalan).


Mineral Deposits & Rocky Outcrop Materials & Locations

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Bone Chip0505Four SistersCentral Thanalan05a
Wind Shard010005Four SistersCentral Thanalan05a
Lightning Shard010005Four SistersCentral Thanalan05a
Muddy Water0305StonesthrowCentral Thanalan05b
Copper Ore0105StonesthrowCentral Thanalan05b
Wind Shard010005StonesthrowCentral Thanalan05b
Lightning Shard010005StonesthrowCentral Thanalan05b
Muddy Water0305Gate of the SultanaWestern Thanalan05c
Copper Ore0105Gate of the SultanaWestern Thanalan05c
Fire Shard010005Gate of the SultanaWestern Thanalan05c
Water Shard010005Gate of the SultanaWestern Thanalan05c
Tin Ore062310The East HammerWestern Thanalan10a
Zinc Ore092610The East HammerWestern Thanalan10a
Soiled Femur082610The East HammerWestern Thanalan10a
Water Shard010010The East HammerWestern Thanalan10a
Obsidian1010The East HammerWestern Thanalan10a
Tin Ore062310Royal Allagan StarwayCentral Thanalan10b
Zinc Ore092610Royal Allagan StarwayCentral Thanalan10b
Soiled Femur082610Royal Allagan StarwayCentral Thanalan10b
Lightning Shard010010Royal Allagan StarwayCentral Thanalan10b
Earth Shard010010CedarwoodLower La Noscea10c
Raw Sunstone072410CedarwoodLower La Noscea10c
Iron Ore1415Copperbell MinesWestern Thanalan15a
Water Shard0115Copperbell MinesWestern Thanalan15a
Iron Sand1415HorizonWestern Thanalan15b
Cinnabar1515HorizonWestern Thanalan15b
Copper Sand1115HorizonWestern Thanalan15b
Water Shard0115HorizonWestern Thanalan15b
Rock Salt1215Western ThanalanCentral Thanalan15c
Ragstone1315Western ThanalanCentral Thanalan15c
Lightning Shard010015Western ThanalanCentral Thanalan15c
Sunrise Tellin1920SastashaWestern La Noscea20a
Ice Shard0120SastashaWestern La Noscea20a
Raw Danburite1820SastashaWestern La Noscea20a
Mudstone2020AleportWestern La Noscea20b
Ice Shard0120AleportWestern La Noscea20b
Grade 1 Carbonized Matter200020Three-malm BendMiddle La Noscea20c
Fire Shard010020Three-malm BendMiddle La Noscea20c
Earth Shard010020The HedgetreeNorth Shroud20d
Raw Sphene1720The HedgetreeNorth Shroud20d
Alumen196320Royal Allagan SunwayEastern Thanalan20e
Fire Shard010020Royal Allagan SunwayEastern Thanalan20e
Raw Malachite165820Royal Allagan SunwayEastern Thanalan20e
Raw Flourite176020Royal Allagan SunwayEastern Thanalan20e
Effervescent Water247825Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Ice Shard010025Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Silver Ore2525Upper PathsSouth Shroud25a
Silver Sand2225QuarrymillSouth Shroud25b
Earth Rock2125QuarrymillSouth Shroud25b
Ice Shard010025QuarrymillSouth Shroud25b
Ice Rock2325QuarrymillSouth Shroud25b
Wind Rock2425QuarrymillSouth Shroud25b
Fire Rock2325ThalaosUpper La Noscea25b
Earth Shard010025ThalaosUpper La Noscea25b
Water Rock2525ThalaosUpper La Noscea25b
Lightning Rock2425ThalaosUpper La Noscea25b
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter30030Wellwick WoodEastern Thanalan30a
Fire Crystal30030Wellwick WoodEastern Thanalan30a
Red Pigment20030Wellwick WoodEastern Thanalan30a
Fire Shard01030Thal's RespiteEastern Thanalan30b
Wyvern Obisidan289930Thal's RespiteEastern Thanalan30b
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter30030Broken WaterSouthern Thanlaan30c
Lightning Crystal26030Broken WaterSouthern Thanlaan30c
Purple Pigment28030Broken WaterSouthern Thanlaan30c
Bomb Ash269530EAST of Forgotten SpringsSouthern Thanlaan30d
Silex279730EAST of Forgotten SpringsSouthern Thanlaan30d
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter30030Blind Iron MinesLower La Noscea30e
Earth Crystal26030Blind Iron MinesLower La Noscea30e
Yellow Pigment28030Blind Iron MinesLower La Noscea30e
Brown Pigment28030Blind Iron MinesLower La Noscea30e
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter30030The FlockWestern La Noscea30f
Ice Shard01030The FlockWestern La Noscea30f
Ice Crystal26030The FlockWestern La Noscea30f
Grey Pigment28030The FlockWestern La Noscea30f
Siltstone3010430OakwoodUpper La Noscea30g
Brimstone2910130OakwoodUpper La Noscea30g
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter30030Little SolaceEast Shroud30h
Wind Crystal26030Little SolaceEast Shroud30h
Green Pigment28030Little SolaceEast Shroud30h
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter30030Nophicas WellsWestern Thanalan30i
Water Crystal26030Nophicas WellsWestern Thanalan30i
Blue Pigment28030Nophicas WellsWestern Thanalan30i
Myhtril Sand3311035Burnt Lizard CreekSouthern Thanalan35a
Raw Heliodor3210835Sagoili Desert (S)Southern Thanalan35b
Mythril Ore3411335Sagoili Desert (S)Southern Thanalan35b
Raw Peridot3311035Sorrel HavenCentral Shroud35c
Raw Amethyst3411335Sorrel HavenCentral Shroud35c
Raw Garnet3110635Costa Del Sol (N)Eastern La Noscea35d
Raw Aquamarine3511535Costa Del Sol (N)Eastern La Noscea35d
Raw Goshenite3311035Costa Del Sol (N)Eastern La Noscea35d
Jade3912440Dragonhead (S)Coerthas40a
Raw Zircon3812240Dragonhead (S)Coerthas40a
Grenade Ash4012640Camp Bluefrog (N)Northern Thanalan40b
Black Alumen4012640Silent ArborSouth Shroud40c
Raw Tourmaline3611740Silent ArborSouth Shroud40c
Raw Spinel3711940Silent ArborSouth Shroud40c
Electrum Ore4313345Camp Bronze Lake(S)Upper La Noscea45a
Raw Turquoise4112845Camp Bronze Lake(S)Upper La Noscea45a
Electrum Sand4213145Came Bronzelake (W)Upper La Noscea45c
Raw Amber4413545Camp Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan45d
Raw Rubellite4513745Camp Drybone (N)Eastern Thanalan45d
Cobalt Ore4716150BluefrogNorthern Thanalan50a
Adamantoise Shell4916650BluefrogNorthern Thanalan50a
Basilisk Egg4615850BluefrogNorthern Thanalan50a
Ogre Horn5016850BluefrogNorthern Thanalan50a

To be added: Needed Perception for 1% HQ chance gather. 30-50+ nodes to follow.

More Info:
Gathering General Guide |
Mining FAQ | Mining Leveling Guide

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FFXIV ARR Aurum Vale


Soon after its discovery, miners from across the realm flocked to the Aurum Vale, driven by rumors that deep within lay endless veins of mythril. What they found instead was gold, but not the sort which would make them rich. Believing the substance precious aurum, miners unknowingly stumbled into deep pools of glowin venom thereafter known as goldbile. Not only did the liquid burn their skin, but the noisome fumes given off by the foul ooze cooked their lungs when inhaled, bringing on a quick, yet excruciating death. These truths, however, have done little to prevent new miners from braving the suffocating shafts, now even more driven to find what those who entered before could not.

Where is Aurum Vale: Located in Coerthas Central Highlands, South West of Camp Dragonhead, South West of First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (mouthful huh!) near Dzemael Darkhold actually.

Aurum Vale General Information

Aurum vale is all about poison, so you can imagine… Ochu’s and Malboro’s! Wohoo! Bad Breath time… Watch out for the Goldbile (map traps) and while fighting the bosses make they stack a poison type debuff called ‘Gold Lung‘ which you can cleanse yourself from eating the morbol fruits in the map. There are also mini-boss Malboro’s called Goldvines (there are 3 in the dungeon). Before fighting each Goldvine there will be morbol eggs that will spawn morbol’s if you do not defeat them in time.

FFXIV-ARR-Aurum-Vale-toxic-pool FFXIV-ARR-Aurum-Vale-morbol-fruit FFXIV-ARR-Aurum-Vale-goldvine


Aurum Vale Boss Strategy


This is a straightforward fight, everyone should be careful of the number of ‘Gold Lung‘ stacks you have on you, once they hit 2-3 stacks make sure you cleanse them off by eating a Morbol Fruit. Tanks should keep locksmith facing away from the party and also stun his AoE when possible.

  • Hundred Lashings: Targetted attack to person who has emnity
  • Gold Dust (PBAoE): This can be stunned, deals pretty big damage and poison
  • Gold Lung Blast: This is an instant AoE that Locksmith casts which hits the whole area, players then



Coincounter is a giant cyclops, what a cyclops is doing in this dungeon… Who knows! But I see what they are doing with the name and the theme of the dungeon, being a Cyclops does make someone a good Coincounter… LOL. One thing to note while fighting him he sometimes, even if your tank has full emnity, runs to a random party member and attack them.

  • 10 Tonze Swipe (frontal cone): This is an instant cast skill, but nothing to worry too much about just position Coinconter away from the other party members for this.
  • 100 Tonze Swipe (frontal cone): Position away from Coincounter to avoid this attack, trust me… It hurts!
  • Glower (targetted attack): Coincounter targets a random party member and shoots a laser from his eye… YUP!
  • Eye of the Beholder (massive frontal cone rage): at about 50% health and below, he will face a random party member and do this ability, if you are targetted try to position away as far as you can. This can be disrupted by stun BTW.

FFXIV-ARR-Aurum-Vale-coincounter-swipe FFXIV-ARR-Aurum-Vale-coincounter

Miser’s Mistress

The Mistress is a yup… Another Malboro/Morbol. This fight has the same mechanics as the fight with Locksmith, you stack up ‘Burr‘ counters and you must cleanse them by eating ‘Morbol Fruits‘. ‘Burr’ is a poison stack similar to the Gold Lung stat inflicted by the first boss you fight in Aurum, Locksmith

  • Vine Probe: Frontal line attack targeted at the party member who has emnity
  • Burr Burrows: Map wide AoE which damages and gives party members ‘Burr
  • Bad Breath (Frontal Cone): The infamous Malboro skill, you know the drill – stay away from this!
  • Hooked Burrs (Targetted attack): Mistress targets a random party member, hits them and inflicts a ‘Burr’ counter

Phase II (50% life and below)

  • Sow & Germinate: Miser’s Mistress spawns multiple ‘Morbol Fruit’ around him. Don’t be fooled, and just like the fight with Goldvine, defeat these fruits before they become ADDS


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