Mahiko San Log: Let’s talk! Feedback & Communication (002)

In todays MSL, Mahiko San talks about how he wants to communicate more with YOU! And how talking in third person feels weird.

Hey guys welcome to the second installation of Mahiko San Log! Today, I want to talk to you guys about, well, talking to you guys! The readers! First, a small update on the sources of these changes… the FFXIVGuild ‘team’!

TL;DR Summary of high heaven: We’ve implemented THIS GOOGLE FEEDBACK FORM, that you’ll be seeing in many pages or accessed from the Feedback menu item up on the very top. Use it to point out our mistakes, shame and laziness)… (or other things)

Feedback is only bad for microphones! – Mahiko “Electric Fan” San

Mahiko “Virusbane” San Status:

So, It’s been a little more than a week since our site went up again, and my schedule is returning to normal. This means that more VISIBLE site updates will be more frequent. I didn’t leave you guys in the dark though, I’ve been stealth updating some older guides, as well as finalizing many of the BiS lists. The timing couldn’t have been any worse… I was busy IRL when this virus stuff hit, but thankfully to an extent working on the site relaxes and energizes me (To an extent, haha.)

Maruko “Antibody Incarnate” San Status:

He’s currently in a waaaaay different timezone than I am. It’s temporary but his company usually sends him away. Our scheduled mini-meetings are 12 Midnight my time – and 6pm for him. I wonder who got the short stick there… But this also serves as our time to catch up and play together!

Communication: Important for lovers – Important for us, too

So I noticed that when the site went down – people came out of the woods to message us. I greatly appreciated this! One of my concerns since forever was…

A lack of communication. I would very much love to interact with you guys!

… Does the site have to go down for us to talk!? Hahaha. Seriously though, the main reason I want to do this is to put a ‘human element’ to this site. I feel it will help with a lot of things, going forward. This ‘problem’ of communication should first be opened up by ME: and I can only hope that you guys will answer. First, let me discuss about the single most valuable form of communication I can get from you guys.

What we need most…

Okay, so for me, (and for you readers) there actually exists the MOST CRITICAL form of communication, namely…

Giving feedback on typos, misinformation or general suggestions to guides.

If you think about it, this is by far the most important. Guides & FFXIV info are why you stumbled on to our site in the first place. AS SUCH we have created a new system to track this…

–> This Google form <–

You can access it with the menu above. We will also be inserting links to this thing within ‘critical’ guides in the future. Honestly, I want to make it easy for people to LET ME KNOW when the site needs help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

So if theres one thing you should learn from this Mahiko San Log – it is this.  Or just like Michael Jacksons tribute film, “This is it”

Communication: Let me count the ways

We still have a long way to go in refining the ‘feedback loop’ with you guys, but I hope this is a start. Also, I apologize in advance, the word Facebook is automatically linked to our page. Deal with it. Here’s a list of communication lines and some small thoughts to go along with them…

>> Facebook: I’m telling you guys NOW – Facebook is the EASIEST and most reliable way to contact us. Most virusy conversations happened here. For readers, liking us on Facebook gives you massive value. We post major guide updates there, and many other useful tidbits.

To anyone who visits the site, Liking us on Facebook is mega VALUE.
It’s our primary form of general communication to you guys!

For the next 13 days I will be posting the finalized BiS list on Facebook. It’s a great time to subscribe, and a great time to test the feedback sheet.

>>Mahiko San Log: Was also started for the same reason… communication!

There’s a lot of ways to communicate, Twitter, comments, email and such… But I guess now isn’t the time to talk about those things (or the lack of effectivity some of them may have!)

Communication: The Future, where $h!t gets really real.

So I’ll just quickly talk about what else I want to do on this end…

Streaming: I’ve always wanted to do this. Like, whenever I’m playing I can just hop on to streaming and talk to you guys. For QnA and entertainment purposes.

Video: I don’t know why but I feel some sort of communication via video (or do some video guides) would be beneficial, and somewhere I can express a little more. But of course, usefulness to YOU is above all other elements. This is a bit time consuming, though…

And I’ve talked about giving a human face to the site… how about mine, perhaps? Care to guess what I look like?

So that’s it for today and thanks for reading! The next issue of MSL, hopefully I can give an update on how communication went… But mainly: Answering a few commonly asked questions by our audience. Please look forward to it! Again, Like us on Facebook, damnit. Oh and for the last time:

TLDR; Use the FEEDBACK FORM OF HEAVENS to let us know how we can help YOU

See: Mahiko San Log Archive

Mahiko San Log: Site Downtime, What happened!? (001)

What happened to FFXIVGuild!? Why our site went down, and our story on how it got back up. The first of a hopefully eternal series: Mahiko San Log 001!

Hey guys, It’s been a while! The last few weeks have been pretty rough on me, and I’d like to give an update to all the readers out there who might be curious of what was going on! Here goes! We have one main topic on today’s MSL- Site Downtime: What caused it, how it affected us and you, what happened after?

“Where are you, FFXIVGuild!?”

What happened, in a nutshell

Basically, an automated virus that finds weak-spots in websites or web hosts and injects funky stuff  into our code. The type of ‘funky stuff’ that happened to us specifically were either: Redirecting you when you visit or Spammy blocks of text with links appearing above our guides.

How did it affect us, and you?

It is extremely unlikely that YOU or your local PC got infected when visiting us during the time our site was up and infected. The viruses actually target is the site itself – Redirects their sites to gain more $$$, and  the spammy links appear for the same reason. In hopes you would click on it and go to “god knows where”. I’m sorry but any actions you took in Lalafell pr0n pages are not in our scope of responsibility…

What did we do once we found out infection was imminent?

It was so damn hard to track the issues down because they were difficult to recreate! Not all pages were infected (that’s TOO obvious), and the infected ones didn’t all have the same problem (There were 2 virus types). Ultimately, we also had to track how they got in. The decision was obvious… It was heartbreaking but…

The site was ultimately shutdown for YOUR protection

Many thanks to ALL PEOPLE who helped us out on FB/elsewhere who sent us screenshots/examples/links to the whatever they found was infected! It helped a ton. Anyways – We decided it’s time to fix many underlying back-end issues too, and make  security as tight as as Lala-sphincter.

How the admin ‘team’ responded

Let me preface this by saying we’re just two guys. I write 99% of the content, and about half the back-end stuff. Maruko helps me out with e-mails and other communication lines, while helping 50% of the back-end too. I’d like to remind the public two things:

1) We’re not a bunch of suits. We’re not even a “bunch”.
2) We’re 2 brothers who made a fansite.

So yes obviously that comes with a ton of limitations (more on that in the next journal!). I am quite an experienced “online guy” that’s done a ton of work online, managing a large website is a great learning experience. Sadly, some things are only learned the hard way. Security, in this case.

Maruko “The Unseen” San

I’d like to remind the viewers, and give a shout-out to the ultimate big brother. He’s really busy, but sacrifices a lot of his free time to help keep FFXIVGuild running! I dont know how, maybe via comment on FB, or comment here – let us all give thanks to Maruko San! 100% sure, I cannot have made it past this annoying roadblock without him.

The Virus Minigame

Thing were looking’ pretty bad, I wont lie. So me and Maruko began our two-fold quest to restore the site. After some time, it became obvious this was looking pretty similar to something…

We decided to think of this security threat as a raid boss.

Yeaaaahp. So our battle had three phases. (I could write a long post about how we did this, but you guys might get bored!)

Phase 1: Cleaning
Phase 2: Sealing vulnerabilities
Phase 3: Testing (repeat until enrage)

Our first problem was we COULD NOT RESTORE A BACKUP. Why? It wouldn’t do anything! The vulerabilities would still exist! So it became obvious that before the site could go up, we had to clean and patch as many known weak-spots we had. This  was NOT as easy as it sounds.

So the site comes back up six days later… and the real war began…

This is how our process worked. First we would check our logs for any suspicious activity. Then we would take steps to put up as many walls for any similar TYPE of attack, or outright blocking them. We furiously researched and applied best practices of securing high-traffic websites.

When we recieved more messages from people saying our website was hacked, our investigations turned up they were loading CACHED versions of the site! To think even a thing as this might happen! Some cached files were still stuck in our “CDN”!

For a few days, I would wake up every 2 hours and check our server logs. “Is there anything I can do better?”, “Is there a better way to secure the viewers?”, more and more… every implementation I felt more and more positive!

To beef up the security, this ‘raid boss mentality’ really worked! We were possessed! Before long, under this mindset, Maruko and I were in a frenzy! Like any raid, each time we shut the door on another type of vulnerability – we celebrated!

Finally, I can say… at least for now – we have won. We also fixed a lot of underlying site issues. As an great ‘side-effect’, our site loads much faster!


This wave of attacks apparently affected to A LOT of small to medium website owners. Hacking HOSTS isn’t actually as uncommon as it sounds! Ultimately, FFXIVGuild will have to move servers soon… we’ve GROSSLY OUTGROWN our type of hosting, and this will come with many changes in the near future. Which I’ll be discussing in the next journal!

To everyone who reached out saying “I need you guys back!”, you the real MVP

You know, running a fansite ain’t easy. But seriously thinking of those of you who took time out of their day to message us, and help us by showing screenshots and whatnot… I sincerely thank you! You were my inspiration to SMASH this threat!

Anyways, I’ve always wanted to have a ‘periodical’ type of post in FFXIVGuild, and I think having a personal blog regarding in-game or in-site matters would be the best. I’ve tried in the past as you may have noticed, but I think this is it. Mahiko Sans Log is here to stay! It’s a great way for me to communicate with you guys, which I think I want to do more of! And helps me let off some steam.

I’m guessing the next issue will contain what’s in store for FFXIVGuilds future – Please look forward to it(tm). Before all of this BS happened, I needed to refine all BiS lists… So I guess it’s back to business! I can finally work on FFXIVGuild in peace… Mahiko San signing out!

FFXIV 3.0 Dark Knight (DRK) BiS for Heavensward

HEAVENSWARD UPDATED! DRK Best in slot guide! “I need BALLAD AND PAEON!”, DRK Esoterics buy order, melding and more!

Sadly, there isn’t any Piety on ’em! Welcome to our Dark Knight Best-in-slot gear guide! We discuss here gearing options for BOTH DPS CENTRIC DRK’s and PARRY/EHP CENTRIC DRK’s. So no matter which camp of tanking you follow, or whatever your group needs – you can see both options right here!

Navigation: Dark Knight BiS
DRK BiS | Discussion | Esoterics Buy Order

Heavensward Dark Knight Best-in-Slot

TANK BiS DISCLAIMER: I don’t buy into the whole ALL TANKS SHOULD DPS or ALL TANKS SHOULD HAVE MAX EHP! It all depends on your group, level & speed of progression, and personal preference. As such, I will list both options. (Related Read: Parry vs DPS)

For the sake of “interchangeable filler slots”, Chaos <-> Gordian serve as natural replacements to each other (May or may not be discussed within guide, but take that as an ‘unspoken truth’).

DRK SlotDPSNo gil to meld?Parry & EHP
WeaponDeathbringer-Gordian Greatsword
HeadChaos BurgeonnetChaos Burgeonnet
BodyGordian Plate Mail of FendingChaos Cuirass
GlovesChaos GauntletsGordian Gauntlets of Fending
BeltFabled Belt of Fending Gordian Tassets of Fending
LegsGordian Breeches of FendingChaos Flanchard
BootsChaos SolleretsBest 210 MixGordian Sollerets of Fending
NeckFabled Necklace of SlayingGordian Neckband of FendingFabled Necklace of Fending
EarringsGordian Earrings of SlayingGordian Earrings of SlayingGordian Earrings of Fending
BraceletFabled Bracelet of SlayingFabled Bracelet of SlayingGordian Wristbands of Fending
RingGordian Ring of SlayingGordian Ring of SlayingGordian Ring of Fending
RingFabled Ring of SlayingFabled Ring of SlayingFabled Ring of Fending
FoodBaked Pipira Pira-Almond Cream Croissant
Liver Cheese Sandwhich
This guide contains critical info: Please use our Feedback form to let us know if you see something off, or want to suggest anything!

SINCE MELDED RIGHT SIDE IS SO STRONG FOR TANKS, tank gear should be thought as two separate entities: Leftside (armor) and right side (accessories). There’s a million ways to setup the right side, but the left is pretty much set in stone given your goals. (Purely ignoring the top accessories and using melded is A GREAT CHOICE / OPTION)

Dark Knight Accessories: Choices & Melding

Considering crafted right as BiS for tanks is 100% legit

Equip onSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5
Chrysolite Earrings of FendingSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR III
Chrysolite Bracelets of FendingSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR III
Chrysolite Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IVVIT IVFREEVIT III+
Chrysolite Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IVVIT IVFREEVIT III+

For the (FREE) Slot, you can put ACC, DET or SS (rings).

Here’s how it works. Melded accessories will always have the highest overall power level. However, they will never be as tanky as a Fending accessory, and never be as strong as a Slaying one. The melding strategy above makes it so you can wear crafted from A1S to A4S no problemo.

DRK BiS Discussion, Notes & Options


Going for PURE SLAYING right side is a bit greedy, but definitely possible with a competent team. So we identify the suckiest accessories to replace with crafted.

  1. Fabled Ring of Slaying: It has accuracy… so it has that goin’ for it. Personally, I wouldn’t waste eso on these.
  2. Fabled Wristband of Slaying… SS/DET. Again, I wouldn’t buy these and just go for crafted.

The A3S legs are a KEY PART of this set, and hopefully you’ll get em! The Chaos counterpart is a poor filler – I wouldn’t waste eso on it.

Tanking / Parry DRK Set

Legs & Head – interchangeable: In the tanking list above we use Chaos Head and Chaos Leg. Keep in mind that this can be changed for Gordian Head, Gordian Leg. So if you’re lucky enough to get one of the gordian pieces early, just shoot for the gordian counterpart as well. A small but worthwhile to note value point, thay may save you over 1k ESO.

Chaos Cuirass is a MASSIVE increase in HP, Armor, MRes, Parry… basically a huge part of your defensive game. Tanks who choose to Gobtwine the chests over weapon are very common, and you should be one of them!!!

3.0 Dark Knight Esoterics Buy Order

“What should I purchase first with Esoterics for my DRK!?” Well, here you go!

DPS Dark Knight

  1. Weapon: The Deathbringer should be bought FIRST for DPS DRK’s. No question.
  2. Chaos Helm: Might as well, plus save A3 pages for Legs!
  3. Chaos Boots
  4. Fabled Belt
  5. Fabled Necklace, Ring (Any Order)
  7. Chest can be bought if you want to help your raid group. It’s quite the upgrade still.

With very few pieces needed, this set is powerful and easy to obtain.

On belt: If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, buy it sooner than you would have.

PARRY / EHP Dark Knight

  1. Chest: Get these first and Gobtwine it if you can!
  2. Legs: Hmm.. (If you have the A3S legs – you can push this waaaaay down or optional)
  3. Weapon: You can buy this at any point during 1-3.
  4. Fabled Necklace, Ring (Any Order)

Navigation: Dark Knight BiS
DRK BiS | Discussion | Esoterics Buy Order

I hope you don’t break your back in search of your Dark Knight gear! For more FFXIV Updates, Dark Knight BiS & other things, Like us on Facebook, ask us anything on Twitter! Check us out on YouTube and Twitch! Ciao!

This guide contains critical info: Please use our Feedback form to let us know if you see something off, or want to suggest anything!

FFXIV Leveling Guide! Powerlevel quickly! (any class)

How to get EXP fast and powerlevel any DoW or DoM! Get to max level as fast as possible with the least BOREDOM :)

Leveling up quickly in FFXIV is harder than you thought? We’ve all been there – looking for ways on how to level up faster. Well in this general leveling guide I’ll be listing all ways I know of to make life to max level a little less painful. Just to clarify, this guide is for any combat class. And mostly does not apply to gathering or crafting classes. If you’re a new player, or an old-timer leveling an alt – it’s good to read this to remind yourself on what to do (and maybe learn something new).

Check out: Tips specific for Level 50 to 60

This guide is BEST used along with the class-specific leveling guides:
Are you Leveling up a: Gladiator, Marauder, Conjurer, Thaumaturge, Arcanist, Archer, Pugilist, Rogue, Lancer.
Are you already a: Paladin, Warrior, White Mage, Black Mage, Scholar, Summoner, Bard, Monk, Ninja, Dragoon,
Soon… Dark Knight, Astrologer, Machinist

Is this your first Character?

If yes – then the ultimate advice would be to FOLLOW YOUR STORY QUEST. Don’t stress out too much about random side quests. Keep following your story quest until you do not reach the level requirement, then read more below on how to gain EXP.

Side Quests: give the most bang for you buck in terms of time/exp, next to story quests. They’re also present anywhere you’re doing story quest. So pick them up. Do not linger in a zone to complete side quests. Once your story takes you elsewhere, go.

However, these above two points only apply to your “first” characters… for the rest of us, the below tips serves as a good reminder what to do when you need to gain levels. Ran out of level appropriate sidequests & story quests? Read below.

Level 1+: Challenge Log

This thing is chunky. Maximizing your challenge log is mega value EXP at any level. This is first unlocked at level 16 (15?), and can be abused by any level character thereafter. Completing any entry in the challenge log reaps you some sweet EXP and or Gil. New player? How do I unlock Challenge Log? Players can unlock the Challenge Log by completing the level 15 Rising To The Challenge. (Location/NPC: I’tolwann, Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y10)).

Here are the ones we’re aiming for in terms of leveling up a combat class:

challenge log for leveling up preview ffxivDungeons

  • 5x Dungeons
  • 3x Dungeons via Roulette
  • Guildhest
    • 3x Guildhest
    • 10x Guildhest
  • Levequests
    • 4x Unique Levequest types
    • 20x Levequests
  • Player Commendations Given: x5
  • Fates
    • complete FATE in 5 different zones.
    • complete 10x unique FATES.

All of the above give BONUS exp upon completion. It resets every week so you don’t have to rush! You gain bonus EXP depending on your current level, so the higher the better.


Level 1 (And every 10 levels after): Hunting Log

Hunting Logs. Basically a list of enemies to kill for large bonus EXP. I would suggest completing these each time you reach levels ending in 5 (5,15,25 etc…). Monsters can be difficult if you rush these, (IE trying to complete your level 20 log once you hit 20 or 21). Aside from dungeons, doing this triggers rested EXP so it gives quite a boost.

Don’t skip Hunting Logs! ALWAYS complete it before entering the next tier (20,30,40 etc). For example, before you hit 40, make sure your tier 3 hunting log is done with. You’ll regret it – trust me.

Level 10+: Guildhests

Starting at level 10, and every 5 levels thereafter, you get to do 2 new Guildhests. These give chunky as hell EXP, and is worth every second you spend queueing. Again for the sake of Challenge Logs, Guildhests contribute to quite a few: 3x Guildhests, 10x Guildhest, and indirectly 5x Player Commendations Given.

If you need to spam Guildhests, “Under the Armor” seems to be the de-facto spamming hest for the population at large.

Daily Roulette: Guildhest gives you 5-10% of your EXP bar.. so theres no reason not to do these.

Surprisingly a lot of people don’t know that the ‘first time completion bonus’ applies to each new class you do it with!

Level 10 to 15: The deadzone

There is a massive lull here for some reason. Remember to leverage all sources of EXP. Leveling up gets significantly easier once you hit 15 so, suck it up for for now. What’s the best way to get to 15? (without outside help)

Fategrinding + Levequests spamming in Aleport: Hands down this is the way.

Level 15+: Dungeons & Duty Roulette

The below image is the very essence of “GET EXP FAST”

ffxiv leveling tips daily roulette low level and guildhest

Dungeons are a massive source of EXP. The only bad thing about these are the queues. So if you’re DPS, you might want to look at other activities while waiting.

Duty Roulette: Low level almost GUARANTEES a level up. You also tick up one on the Challenge Log for dungeons completed via Roulette. This is THE goldmine for EXP and if you just did this once a day you’ll max out every class in no time. (This is first unlocked at level 16).

This is where your rested EXP gets chunked (good thing), and always remember to eat food prior to each dungeon. The 3% bonus EXP is always welcome.

There are 2 entries which relate to dungeons in the Challenge Log: 3x Dungeons via Duty Roulette, 5x Dungeons completed. While the bonus EXP isn’t huge – if you do Low level roulette for 5 days you’ll nail both. And you’ll probably have 5 more levels to show for it!

If you have rested exp, dungeons are the best source of EXP. If not then FATES are probably the next best thing…

Fate Grinding

Good ol’ Fates. Or bad ol’ Fates? Anyone whose been around certain has done their fair share of these. Whether you like emor not Fates are a great source of EXP. While you can fategrind in any map, there are generally some maps which are more popular than others. Here’s a quick list to find where you should be at:

10+ WLN Aleport
15+ ETH both sides of the map are serviceable…
20-26 STH Quarrymill
26-32 ELN Costa
32-39 CCH Coerthas
39-44 MD Mor Dhona
45-50 NTH Bluefog / CPP

These are by no means set in stone. Going earlier means better gains in EXP due to chains. However, being underleveled means you cannot solo these fates – so you’re going to need a party. Start one! Or put up a Party Finder! Getting maximum contribution in fates while in a party is much easier and faster compared to solo. The only downside is you cannot queue while in party.

Again, for the value moves, FATEs have 2 Challenge Log entries tied to them: 10x Unique FATES, FATE completed in 5 maps. These are quite easy to fulfill and you don’t even have to go out of your way much for them.


While not the fastest method, it fills out the gaps and gives the feeling of changing things up. Thankfully there are two Challenge Log entries related to Leves: 4x unique Levequest types, 20x Levequests completed. Not all levequests are equal: keep in mind that you do not need to kill all enemies – you must simply complete the levequest objective. This leads to some leves taking too long for good value. Keep this in mind when spamming – leave out the sucky leves.

The amount of levequests you can do are limited by your daily levequest allowances. You gain 3 Levequests allowances per 12 hours. This is only relevant when you’re newer or when level caps are raised, otherwise they will stockpile to 100 easily…

protip: 4x Unique Levequest types (Challenge log) can easily be completed by doing regular battlecraft leves and GC leves in any given town which offer them.

protip: 20x Levequests (Challendge log) : if you’re lazy, you can spam 19 low level crafting leves that you can buy from NPC’s, then complete the 20th one with your combat class. The Challenge Log EXP bonus is granted FULLY to the active class, regardless how you spread out the leves.

Small boosts, reminders and tips

ALLOCATE YOUR STAT POINTS: Don’t be like me who discovered I had 15 unused ones when I was leveling BLM. When you’re leveling up, always pick offensive stats. (STR, INT, DEX respectively). Healers pick MND of course… It’s a pretty huge boost! And it’s a lot better than having them un-allocated…

3% EXP from food buff: It may not sound like much but it’s a welcome bonus. You can buy any cheap food from NPC’s (Boiled Egg comes to mind).

Chocobo: While not super effective, having the trusty bird around will make life a bit easier.

Heat of Battle: Free Company boost “Heat of Battle” gives bonus exp % to enemy kills. Awesome for dungeons.

Accuracy problems: This hampers your leveling process more than you think! If you happen to come across gear with accuracy, keep it. Or craft/meld them yourself! Also, cheap accuracy food goes a LONG WAY.

Is there anything I missed? Or anything you want to add? Let us know in the comments!! Good luck leveling up, and hopefully you “have fun”. If you save even an hour by reading this, that’s one hour less lost to the void of leveling! As always, Like us on Facebook for more FFXIV updates!

FFXIV (50-60) All DoH Levequest Items (+Class Quests)

A table of ALL levequest items needed by every DoH class for level 50 to 60. Class quest Items are included, as well as recipes.

Hey guys! I made this reference guide because I’d always want to see all of this in one place. For those furious levelers (or scheming moneymakers) out there! Enjoy! Every possible levequest and class quest item required for Level 50 to 60 Disciples of Hand!


Table of Levequest Items & Recipe (DOH 50-60)

Use the sort and filter functions!

ClassLv.Type#Levequest NameItem NameRecipe Preview
ALC50S1The Moustache Suits HimEnchanted Mythrite Ink
ALC50S1Summoning for DummiesArchaeoskin Codex
ALC50T2Forged From The VoidVoid Glue
ALC52S1Steeling the Knife, Steeling the MindGrade 1 Mind Dissolvent
ALC52S1Can't Sleep, Inquisitors will Eat MeWyvernskin Grimoire
ALC52T2Consecrating CongregationHoly Water
ALC54S1Adhesive of AntipathyWing Glue
ALC54S1Tomes on the RangeDhalmelskin Codex
ALC54T2Warding Off TemptationEnchanted Hardsilver Ink
ALC56S1Cleansing the Wicked HumoursHallowed Water
ALC56S1Volunteering with StaffHallowed Chestnut Wand
ALC56T2Rolling on InitiativeDraconian Potion of Dexterity
ALC58S1Filling in the BlanksEnchanted Aurum Regis Ink
ALC58S1There was a Late FeeNoble Gold
ALC58T2The Grave of Hemlock Groves2 Growth Formula Theta
ARM50S3Rivets Run Through ItMythrite Rivet
ARM50S1Your Tassets Hanging outMythrite Tassets of MaimingMythrite Tassets of Maiming
ARM50T2Don't Scuttle with ScutumsMythrite Scutum x2
ARM52S1Cut the Alembical CordMythrite Alembic
ARM52S1Let Faith Light the WayMythrite Bladed Lantern Shield
ARM52T2Pan that Laid the Golden EggFrypan Caliente
ARM54S3As the Bolt FliesTitanium Nugget
ARM54S1Someone Put Dung In My HelmetTitanium Sallet of Maiming
ARM54T2Sometimes the South WinsTitanium Mail of Fending
ARM56S1A Halonic MasqueradeTitanium Headgear of Scouting
ARM56S1A Squire to InspireTitanium Tassets of Fending
ARM56T2Belle of the BrawlTitanium Vambraces of Fending
ARM58S1Look Before You LeapAdamantite Leg Guards of Maiming
ARM58S1Sir, Dost Thour Even Heft?Adamantite Chain Hose of Fending
ARM58T5The Mast ChanceAdamantite Rivets
BSM50S1Punching your Way to SuccessMythrite Patas
BSM50S1Barring the Gates to FoundationMythrite Katzbalger
BSM50T5With Bearings StraightMythrite Nugget
BSM52S1Freight and BarrelMythrite Stiletto
BSM52S1It's All About ExecutionMythrite Zweihander
BSM52T2Cautonary CutleryMythrtite Culinary Knife
BSM54S1I Saw the PineHardsilver Saw
BSM54S1I Could Feel That From HereTitanium Creasing Knife
BSM54T2Keep Up With The MechanicsTitanium Barreled Aquebus
BSM56S3UnbreakerTitanium Ingot
BSM56S1Diamond SawdustTitanium Battleaxe
BSM56T2Spirituality InspectorTitanium Lump Hammer
BSM58S3Through Thick and ThinAdamantite Nugget
BSM58S1Winter Weather ConditionsAdamantite Dolabra (M)
BSM58T2Sword For PlowsharesAdamantite Zweihander
CRP50S5Splinter in the SewersCedar Lumber x5
CRP50S1So You Think You Can Lance?Mythrite Trident
CRP50T2Almost as fun as Slingshotting BirdsCedar Longbow x2
CRP52S1Landing the Big OneCedar Fishing Rod
CRP52S1Do You Even String BowHoly Cedar Composite Bow
CRP52T2A Reward Fitting for the FaithfulHoly Cedar Necklace
CRP54S1The Darkest HearthDark Chestnut Spinning Wheel
CRP54S1License to HealDark Chestnut Rod
CRP54T5Walking on Pins and NeedlesDark Chestnut Lumber
CRP56S1The Long Armillae of the LawHallowed Chestnut Armillae
CRP56S1Don't Ask the WyvernHallowed Chestnut Composite Bow
CRP56T2Aim to PleaseHallowed Chestnut Mask of Aiming
CRP58S3Birch, PleaseBirch Lumber
CRP58S1Anatomy of a DrillbitDragonstone Grinding Wheel
CRP58T2Hold on, AdamantiteAdamantite Spear
CUL50S1Next to Last SupperStuffed Cabbage Roll
CUL50S1Little Orphan CandyFig Bavarois
CUL50T2Baked Onion SoupBaked Onion Soup
CUL52S1Loving the Muffin TopIshgardian Muffin
CUL52S5Such a Butter FaceFermented Butter
CUL52T2Persona non GratinDhalmel Gratin
CUL54S1Nutcrackers SweetsRoyal Eggs
CUL54S1Breakfast of ChampionsEmerald Soup
CUL54T2Old Victories, New TastesDhalmel Fricasee
CUL56S1It Goes Down SmoothlyFrozen Spirits
CUL56S5Saucy for a SuitorHollandaise Sauce
CUL56T2Persuasion For a Higher PowerBaked Pipira Pira
CUL58S5Let's not get SappyBirch Syrup x5
CUL58S1Soup that Eats like a KnightClam Chowder
CUL58T2Dont let it Fall ApartLiver Cheese Sandwich
GSM50S1Not on My TableMythrite Earrings of Healing
GSM50S1The Goggles, They do NaughtMythrite Goggles of Gathering
GSM50T2Halonic HermeneuticsYeti Staff x2
GSM52S1High Above Me, She Sews LovelyMythrite Needle
GSM52S1Sense of EntitlementMythrite Planisphere
GSM52T5Sky is The LimitMythrite Ingot
GSM54S1Citizen's ArrestMormorion Ring of Slaying
GSM54S1The Unfortunate RetironyHardsilver Bangle of Fending
GSM54T2The Monuments MagesHardsilver Magnifers of Casting
GSM56S1The Grander TempleDragon Fang Earrings
GSM56S3Needs more PrayerbellHardsilver Ingot
GSM56T2Appeasing the AstromancerHardsilver Plainsphere
GSM58S1Embroiling EmbroideryGriffin Talon Needle (MASTER)
GSM58S1Keeping Claw and OrderGriffin Talon Ring of Aiming
GSM58T2A Halo for Her HeadAurum Regis Circlet of Healing
LTW50S1Pummeling AbroadArchaeoskin Belt of Striking
LTW50S1From Mud to MourningArchaeoskin Jackboots of Gathering
LTW50T2Glorified Hole-punchersArchaeoskin Gloves of Aiming
LTW52S1Maybe He's a LionWyvernskin Mane of Fending
LTW52S3You Could Say It's a Moving TargetWyvern Leather
LTW52T2(Don't) Love the Skin You're InWyvernskin Belt of Scouting
LTW54S1Tally Ho, ChocoboDhalmelskin Leggins of Aiming
LTW54S1Overall, We Blend InDhalmelskin Vest
LTW54T2Dragoon Drop RateDhalmelskin Breeches of Maiming
LTW56S1Don't Sweat the Small FryDragonskin Wristbands
LTW56S1I Need your Glove TonightDragonskin Gloves of Healing
LTW56T5Trainin' the NeckDragon Leather
LTW58S1Starting Off on the Wrong FootSerpentskin Armguards of Maiming
LTW58S1Bar of the BannermenSerpentskin Ringbelt of Aiming
LTW58T2It Will Knock Your Socks OffSerpentskin Thighboots of Casting
WVR50S1Perfecting PostureRainbow Sash of Aiming
WVR50S3Pride up in SmokeRainbow Cloth
WVR50T2Ribbon of RemembranceRainbow Ribbon Of Healing
WVR52S1What Not to WearHoly Rainbow Shirt of Striking
WVR52S1Fashion PatrolHoly Rainbow Sarouel of Casting
WVR52T2An Account of My ApronRainbow Apron
WVR54S1Storm Upon Bald MountainRamie Turban of Crafting
WVR54S1Clothing the Naked TruthRamie Robe of Casting
WVR54T2Finger on the PulseRamie Halfgloves of Healing
WVR56S3Where the Dragonflies, the Net CatchesCrawler Silk
WVR56S1A Show of Ice and FireHallowed Ramie Sash of Casting
WVR56T2Investing in the FutureHallowed Ramie Doublet of Aiming
WVR58S3Felt for the FallenChimerical Felt x2
WVR58S1He Wears the PantsChimerical Felt Trousers
WVR58T2The Clothes of Her BackChimerical Felt Corset of Healing


Table of ALL DOH Class quest Items & Recipe (DOH 50-60)

Use the sort and filter functions!

AlchemyLvClass quest itemsRecipe
ALC53Enchanted Mythrite Ink
ALC55Grade 1 Intelligence Dissolvent
ALC58Draconian Potion of Strength
ALC60Noble Gold
ALCQuest NPCWiltaekMor Dhona
ArmorerLvClass quest itemsRecipe
ARM53Titanium Mask of Striking
ARM55Titanium Cuirass of Maiming
ARM58Titanium Hoplon
ARM60Adamantite Lorica of Fending
ARMQuest NPCBlanstyrLimsa Upper (Aftcastle)
BlacksmithLvClass quest itemsRecipe
BSM53Mythrite Rivets (x?)
BSM55Titanium Bastard Sword
BSM58Titanium Lump Hammer
BSM60Adamantite Winglet
BSMQuest NPCFremordainIshgard (Jewelled Crozier)
CarpenterLvClass quest itemsRecipe
CRP53Holy Cedar Composite Bow
CRP55Dark Chestnut Rod
CRP58Birch Lumber
CRP60Adamantite Trident
CRPQuest NPCBarthovieuIshgard (The Brume, lower)
CulinarianLvClass quest itemsRecipe
CUL53Ishgardian Tea
CUL53Sohm Al Tart
CUL55Kaiser Roll
CUL55Beet Soup
CUL55Grilled Sweetfish
CUL58Cockatrice Meatballs
CUL60Morel Salad
CUL60Deep Fried Okeanis
CUL60Marron Glace
CULQuest NPCMelkokoLimsa Upper (The Aftcastle)
GoldsmithLvClass quest itemsRecipe
GSM53Hardsilver Bangle of Casting
GSM55Hardsilver Ingot
GSM58Aurum Regis Cylinder
GSM60Star Sapphire Music Box
GSM60Star Ruby Music Box
GSMQuest NPCMarcelUl'dah (Merchants Strip)
LeatherworkerLvClass quest itemsRecipe
LTW53Wyvernskin Workboots
LTW55Dhalmelskin Leggings of Scouting
LTW58Dragonskin Choker
LTW60Chivalric Battledress of Aiming
LTWQuest NPCEldeIshgard (Jewelled Crozier)
WeaverLvClass quest itemsRecipe
WVR53Rainbow Gloves
WVR55Holy Rainbow Hat of Healing
WVR58Crawler Silk (3)
WVR60Chivalric Doublet of Healing
WVRQuest NPCAverilIshgard (Astrologicum)


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FFXIV Alexander (Normal): quick strategy guide

A quick and dirty guide detailing the simple strategies needed for Alexander Normal.

Hey guys! Here’s a quick little guide describing what you need to do in Alexander Normal. Each section will describe one boss, instead of one per page. Their difficulty isn’t that high, and having it all in one place is less of a hassle likely. Will update again tomorrow.

The first trash pile Faust – just burn it and have your OT pick up the adds and run around.

The Oppressor (Alexander Turn 1): Fist of the Father

  • ALARUM periodically spawn. Killing them leaves a field on the ground which minifies you if stepped on.
  • LASERS FROM THE SKY signify a huge missle coming.
  • Kill and leave the field on the laser target: minifying the missle (lol)
  • Avoiding the fly-up AoE: run furthest from its blast radius (remember ultima hm?)

Oppressor 0.5 and original must die within 30(?)s of each other, else wipe.

(Link to savage guide.)

‘Robot Gauntlet’ (Alexander Turn 2): Cuff of the Father

I honestly have no idea of the specifics in this fight. It’s easily doable in 1 pull, although making it faster is the point of doing this fight properly.

  • At least 1 guy should ride a robot. This robot rider has a few responsibilities.
  • Pull bombs away from raid using your pulling skill. Otherwise, raid simply moves away.
  • Riders can apply a VULN UP to mobs, which is mega value. Maxes out at 5 stacks on a mob.


(1) Man… I don’t know what exactly this does. Doesn’t seem too good.
(2) An AoE stun that’s pretty good at mitigating damage.
(3) Applies Vuln Up on target. Mega value
(4) Pull. Please, only use this on bombs *wink*

Alot of different setups work, the safest being 1 DPS riding. When his energy level goes low – use the other machine.

Adds? Kill the special looking guys before the chumps, or even spider-tanks. Boomtypes and Jagds kick ass.

(Link to savage guide.)

Living Liquid (Alexander Turn Turn 3): Arm of the Father

This guy has 3 forms which he cycles through for most of the fight.

“Human” form

  • Nothing I remember specifically – just some fancy AoE’s.

Hand form

  • During the “one chunky hand” both tanks should stay in front to share the cleave (Kaliya).
  • Once they split, just burn them. Use some defensive as they stack a resist down debuff over time.
  • Wash Away is a pushback – just get close to the center, or furthers from an edge.

Tornado form

  • Kill adds… nothing too notable.

TETHERS? We didn’t really try many things to cancel it. You get stunned, but otherwise inconsequential if done incorrectly. Feel free to comment. They were easy enough to ignore.

At a low health percentage – the final phase begins. It’s signaled by Cascade, a basic AoE damage skill. Nothing noticeably new here. I’ll check it out again tomorrow.

(Link to savage guide.)

The Manipulator (Alexander Turn 4): Burden of the Father

Choose and kill one leg to kill first. There’s no value in spreading damage as they heal per phase. DPS the manipulator when it comes out.

Deez ballz

  • Blue sign above head signifies where the balls will float towards.
  • 2 sets of 3 balls spawn from the outside travelling towards the point. Does semi-heavy damage, heal through it or cycle party.

Getting sucked in

  • a simple mini-dps check. Kill the add and you escape. Nothin’ else to it.

Healer debuffs

  • Boss casts a red and blue hammer debuff. These two afflicted people cannot touch, else they die.
  • It can spread to new members who were previously unaffected.
  • Obviously, stay away from them at this time.

Tethers (laser)

  • Avoid having one guy eat more than 1. Simply block the line. Best suggestion here is

(Link to savage guide.)

Again, sorry if I couldn’t write a novel about these ‘turns’. They’re quite intuitive, and fun. Don’t expect something too difficult but this little write up will help you out in the days to come. For updates like us on Facebook. Questions? Twitter us. Check us out on YouTube and Twitch.

FFXIV Alexander Loot List & System, Accuracy Caps

Loot list and loot system of Alexander: Gordias (Normal). Accuracy caps will be included!

Here we track various information regarding the current FFXIV Endgame raid: Alexander Gordias (Normal). Naturally, two weeks from now this very page will contain Alex ‘Savage’ information. Stay tuned!

How do I unlock Alexander normal? The quest details: “Disarmed”, Idyllshire (X:7 Y:6), NPC: Slowfix.

Alexander: Gordias (Normal) Loot system

Alexander normal has a token system, wherein completion of various parts of the dungeon rewards items you turn-in for high level equipment. YOU CAN ONLY LOOT 1 TOKEN PER TURN, PER WEEK. For a maximum of 4 tokens a week. In 5 weeks, you can have full i190.

Loot is exhanged in: Idyllshire (X:5 Y:5), NPC: Sabina

The items you can obtain off Alex Normal are iLevel 190, and have the Prototype Gordian prefix.

Item Type Required Token Number of Tokens
Head Tarnished Gordian Lens 2
Body Tarnished Gordian Shaft 4
Hands Tarnished Gordian Crank 2
Waist Tarnished Gordian Chain 1
Legs Tarnished Gordian Spring 4
Feet Tarnished Gordian Pedal 2
Accessories Tarnished Gordian Bolt 1

Which token drops where?

Each turn drops 2 tokens from a pool of possible tokens per turn (did that even make sense?). As we farm more tonight, we will learn more and update.

  3. LEG / HEAD
  4. LEG / CHEST

Prototype Gordian (Alex Normal) Gear: Stats table

Temporary formatting: will improve ASAP

Tank Accuracy Det Crit Skill Speed Parry
Hat 47 33
Chest 77 54
Gloves 33 47
Waist 36 25
Pants 77 54
Boots 32 47
Choker 36 25
Earring 34 25
Bracelet 25 36
Ring 36 24
HEALER Accuracy Det Crit Spell Speed Piety
Hat 47 33
Chest 54 78
Gloves 32 47
Waist 24 36
Pants 54 78
Boots 54 34
Choker 36 25
Earring 25 36
Bracelet 25 36
Ring 34 25
CASTER Accuracy Det Crit Spell Speed  
Hat 47 33
Chest 77 52
Gloves 33 47
Waist 36 25
Pants 74 54
Boots 47 33
Choker 24 36
Earring 25 36
Bracelet 36 25
Ring 25 36
DRAGOON Accuracy Det Crit Skill Speed  
Hat 47 33
Chest 77 54
Gloves 47 32
Waist 36 24
Pants 54 77
Boots 33 45
Choker 36 25
Earring 34 25
Bracelet 25 36
Ring 24 36
MONK Accuracy Det Crit Skill Speed  
Hat 47 32
Chest 54 77
Gloves 33 45
Waist 36 25
Pants 52 77
Boots 47 33
RANGED Accuracy Det Crit Skill Speed  
Hat 33 45
Chest 77 54
Gloves 33 47
Waist 25 36
Pants 52 77
Boots 47 33
Choker 34 25
Earring 25 36
Bracelet 24 36
Ring 25 34
NINJA Accuracy Det Crit Skill Speed  
Hat 47 32
Chest 54 74
Gloves 32 47
Waist 36 25
Pants 54 77
Boots 45 33

 Temporary formatting: will improve ASAP




Alexander: Gordias (Normal) Accuracy Cap

It’s currently impossible to accurately determine this. Wait for data collation. I wonder if this is even needed for Normal Mode. I secretly hope this isn’t needed as it’s a nightmare to obtain, haha.

Alexander: Gordias (Savage) Loot system


Alexander: Gordias (Savage) Loot system


Good luck out there with robot crunching! We will be updating the loot list and accuracy caps on Alex Normal consistently. Stay updated by giving us a Like on Facebook – ask us anything by following us on Twitter! Also, check us out on YouTube and Twitch!

FFXIV Gathering Rotation (Scrip farming & Collectibles)

How to get deez damn collectibles! If you’re short on collectability 0 find out some basic appraisal rotations here!

Hello guys, a preliminary guide here. Basically I’ll be listing down the rotations I used WHILE LEVELING UP. It’s no use discussing the “real” end-game collectability gathering rotations since we have no idea what numbers we’re reaching for, and how much GP we will actually have. (Yes I know there’s a current BiS… but how long will that last? Will keep an eye out for the recipe unlocks come Alexander). I personally had more than 600 GP, but it’s very unrealistic to make a rotation for LEVELING UP with 650+ GP, since not everyone had a pimped out Foragers Set.

TLDR: Gathering rotations for scrip farming & Collectibles!!!

End-game Gathering Rotations | Leveling up Rotations

Red scrip (470 collectability) Rotation (variable collects)

Thanks to my FCmate Tiffany Faye for this! This rotation can get at least 2, and up to 4!!!! 470 collectible items! Here’s the basic rotation

  • Reveal with a hit!
  • Discerning Eye
  • Impulsive Appraisal
  • IF PROC, Single Mind. NO PROC? Discerning Eye
  • Impulsive Appraisal
  • IF PROC, Single Mind, NO PROC? Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal

The above rotation seems damn good for me! While it requires brainpower, the eventual time saved is definitely something. I did not note the min perception needed but please mention your results.


End-Game Gathering Rotations (For now)

I’ll just copy the “1 collect” rotation from below. Since this is as good as it gets for 1 Collect @ 600 GP! Yes I do realize you can go much higher. But that’s for the minute few that have the 700++ GP for it. I’ll post those once I know more of what we need to reach, and how much GP people have on average.

Maximum Appraisal Potency for 600 GP 1 Collect

  • Reveal with a hit!
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Utmost Caution
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Utmost Caution
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Collect

!!VERY IMPORTANT!! >400 Appraisal Potency 3 Collect

at 570~ Perception you can easily 3 gather the high grade scrip unspoileds. I use this rotation to do so:

  • Reveal with a hit!
  • Single Mind
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Collect
  • Collect
  • Collect

Gathering Rotations used WHILE Leveling (Based on 600 GP)

If you have extra GP, use a Field Mastery. Or try something else. I personally didn’t see the need more than 600 GP in the road to 60~. If you’re a newer player, strive to get 600 GP somehow. Use food, cheaply meld gear… just find a way! These rotations DO NOT USE SINGLE MIND (For low level friendliness), but you’ll be more experienced by then anyway. So these rotations are really there to help those who are a little more confused.

These four basic rotations will help you gather almost any collectible. If you fail with the 1 collect – you’re undergeared.

The goal is you want AS MANY ITEMS as you can with the MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE COLLECTABILITY. So when you’re trying something new – go for the 1 collect. Go for more collects if you feel you can do it!

4 Collect, 250 Appraisal potency:

  • Toil of the Pioneer
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Collect
  • Collect
  • Collect
  • Collect

(Macro possible?) If you know of a 4 collect rotation with higher than 250 appraisal potency AT 600 GP, please let me know!

3 Collect, 350 Appraisal potency:

  • Toil of the Pioneer
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Collect
  • Collect
  • Collect

(Macro possible?) If you know of a 3 collect rotation with higher than 350 appraisal potency AT 600 GP, please let me know!

2 Collect, 450 Appraisal potency:

  • Reveal with a hit!
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Collect
  • Collect

Alternatively: Toil, Deep, Method x4, Collect x2 (400 potency, but executes a lot faster!)

(Macro possible?) If you know of a 2 collect rotation with higher than 450 appraisal potency AT 600 GP, please let me know!

1 Collect  Appraisal potency:

  • Reveal with a hit!
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Discerning Eye
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Utmost Caution
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Utmost Caution
  • Methodical Appraisal
  • Collect

(Macro possible?) If you know of a 2 collect rotation with higher than 500 appraisal potency AT 600 GP, please let me know!

In any case I’m excited for this whole new dimension in gathering! Good luck farming scrips! For more updates and awesome FFXIV updates, like us on Facebook! Ask us anything on Twitter! Check us out on YouTube and Twitch!

Heavensward Dungeons & Trials (Story) Quick Guides

A quick guide about all 3.0 dungeons and trials (storyline)

“If they do not know, teach them.” – Mahiko ‘Mister PUG’ San.

I don’t know what else to say about this page. Since I don’t feel storyline dungeons and trials need a full guide page each, here’s a compilation of all storyline dungeons and trials, with any notes to beat them. ***Forgive me if I use humor***, it’s to keep me sane during this hectic time.

This guide DOES NOT INCLUDE 60+ dungeons and EX primals (Stops at Aetherochemical RF)

Heavensward: Dungeons & Trials
Dusk Vigil | Sohm Al | The Aery | The Vault | The Great Gubal Library
Ravana, Thok ast Thok (Hard) | Bismarck, Limitless Blue (Hard)

Dusk Vigil boss strategy

Dusk Vigil itself has no notable trash mob or map mechanics.

Dusk Vigil boss 1: Elephant

  • Isolate targeted guy. If its you, GTFO from your team. If its your friend, abandon him.
  • He will get wombo combo. It’s fine.

Dusk Vigil boss 2: Ghost

  • He has many ghostly friends.
  • More friends from the beyond.
  • Kill them all, again. Twice.

Dusk Vigil boss 3: Bird

  • He’s casting tornado? Hide behind rocks. You don’t stay in the open in an IRL tornado, do you?

Sohm Al boss strategy

Sohm Al boss 1: Plant

  • Memories of T6… Avoid AoE after eat.
  • Hornet spawn. I assume it’s good to kill. We burned lel.

Sohm Al boss 2: Dino

  • Lookin at you? GTFO.
  • Lots of single spike damage. Keep party healthy.

Sohm Al boss 3: Dragon

  • Marker on top of you? It’s a meteor.
  • Land these on the OUTERMOST EDGE POSSIBLE.
  • Once the marker fades -> move back towards center.

Ravana (Hard) Thok ast Thok strategy

  • Butterfly kill. Fast.
  • Avoid knockback by having an intact wall behind you.
    • That’s 99% of the fight right there.

The Aery Boss Strategy

The Aery boss 1: Skinny Dragon

  • Tether to poles lel.
  • AoE 1: Safe spot is ring inside.
  • AoE 2: Melee proximity knockback.
  • AoE 3: targetted bolts.

The Aery boss 2: Medium Dragon

  • Poison clouds spawn.
  • Mustard Gas eats Clouds.
  • I cant tell you exactly what happens here. I assume killing adds is good. We burned.

The Aery boss 3: Fat Dragon

  • Lookin at you? Move a bit. Leaves fireball.
  • Fireball rush soon after.
  • Free imprisoned friends (Don’t tunnel lel)
  • Keep DRG alive (The NPC, not your bad teammate).
  • Kill add before massacre, stand in shield.

The Vault Boss Strategy

All bosses have random AoE damage and a single spike damage skill. Just keep yer damn party healthy.

The Vault boss 1:  Sword Guy

  • Lots of fancy abilities.
  • Balls explode. lel.

The Vault boss 2: Axe guy

  • Colorful AoE. Do not stand
  • Knockback? Make sure youre NOT behind a ball.

The Vault boss 2: Robot Griest

  • Avoid marching robot (there’s spaces in between)
  • Sickness shall be purged, AoE heals.
  • Kill fireballs asap, they dont have aggro.
  • Avoid firelike “plumes”.
  • Break tethers by spreading apart from friend.

Bismarck (Hard) Limitless Blue strategy

  • Do not fall. (Tornado lel)
  • Shield in center irrelevant if your DPS has a few braincells.
  • Use harpoons -> MUST BE STANDING ON WHALE to DPS #WhalerightsPETA
  • Party takes damage while on whale, AoE heals.
  • Separate adds from each other.

The Great Gubal Library Boss Strategy

Library boss 1: Demon Wall II

  • Avoid the lane AoE.. gives slow n heavy. Demon Wall AK memory.
  • Ice floor? one press of movement makes you slide.
    • Remove little girl subligar.
    • Wear big girl subligar.
    • Deal with it.

Library boss 2: Bull

  • Fat line AoE? MOVE TOWARD HIM, FOOL!
  • Kill books.
  • Bring tether to boss.

Library boss 3: Refrigerator

  • Step on pink ‘summoning point’ to prevent adds.
    • ALL minipoints must be stood on to prevent adds in that circle.
    • comes in minipoints of 1’s, 2’s then 3’s.

Sorry for the light bordering stupid tone used in this guide. Since story dungeons are pretty damn intuitive, these will make your life a little bit easier. Will refine de-stupidify in the day or two to come. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter (best way for short questions!), check us out on YouTube or Twitch! “Hey Mahiko, damn this guide sucks!” Well, It’s this or nothing son. Other more high impact guides are being updated, as this quick guide details content which is excruciatingly simple.

FFXIV Machinist (MCH) Guide & FAQ

All you need to know about the Machinist job in FFXIV! How to unlock MCH, what skills, stats, and other supporting info. Also links to advanced guides!

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” – Mahiko ‘-bi Wan’ San.

Hello! Welcome to our FFXIV Machinist guide. Here, we discuss all basic Machinist information, and post links to find more advanced Machinist resources. The Machinist is a ranged physical DPS class which was introduced in Heavensward 3.0, and have a special requirements (Like Astrologian and Dark Knight) compared to the original jobs. If you’re a newer MCH, the Machinist leveling guide may be useful.

How do I become a Machinist in FFXIV? What are the MCH Requirements?

1) You must have an existing Level 50 combat class (DoW or DoM).
2) You must have completed “Before the Dawn” (all story quests prior to 3.0).
3) Only then will the Machinist unlock quest open up –

Where do I unlock Machinist?
The quest name is “Savior of Skysteel”, which is found in Foundation (8,10). The questgiver is an NPC named ‘Stephanivien’.

Help! I’m a new player rushing to Machinist! Your best bet’s starting the game as Archer and hitting the requirements as a Bard. Switch to MCH once you’re good to go!

Machinist stats: What stats to allocate and gear up for?

The most important stat for MCH is undoubtedly DEX. DEX improves ranged physical damage, and of course facilitates your main objective of DEALING DAMAGE. All characters will want some extra VIT (usually by materia, and stat points) when tackling extremely difficult content. Note that excessive VIT is a huge minus to efficiency.

As for secondary stats, we can’t really say yet. MCH may have favorable secondary stats that synergize with their skillset, but we can only guess at this point. Determination is the ‘go-to’ stat for any DPS, and Machinists are no different.

(More info: MCH Stats & Materia)

What are the Machinist Skills & Traits?
MCH being their ‘lifespan’ at level 30. So you may get shocked at the amount of new skills you have. The skills and traits are listed near the bottom of the post.

What classes are Machinist Cross-class skills from?
Archer and Lancer. (More info: MCH Cross-class skills)

Crafting & Gathering classes suitable for Machinist?
Going by trends we can assume…
MCH Armor: Leatherworker (mainly)
MCH Gun: ??? (I assume metal-based crafters)
MCH Accessories: Goldsmith (mainly)

It’s hard to say clearly which gathering class is best. But I’m willing to bet guns need metal too, so I’ll go with primarily Miner. We all know how leatherworker rolls though…

Advanced Machinist resources

  • Machinist Best-in-slot & End-game gear: To find the droid components you’re looking for.
  • Machinist rotation: L2PewPew PROPERLY with your Machinist.
  • Anything else to add?

Machinist Skills

Split Shot1
Slug Shot2
Lead Shot6
Leg Graze10
Spread Shot18
Foot Graze22
Quick Reload26
Hot Shot30
Rapid Fire30
Head Graze34
Clean Shot35
Rook Autoturret40
Turret Retrieval40
Suppressive Fire45
Grenado Shot46
Bishop Autoturret50
Gauss Barrel52
Gauss Round54
Rend Mind56

Machinist Traits

>icon<8Enhanced DexterityEffect
>icon<14Lodged LeadEffect
>icon<16Enhanced Dexterity IIEffect
>icon<20Increased Action Damage IIEffect
>icon<24Enhanced Dexterity IIEffect
>icon<28Enhanced ReassembleEffect
>icon<32Quicker ReloadEffect
>icon<36Enhanced Spread ShotEffect
>icon<40Increased Action DamageEffect
>icon<44Enhanced Rapid FireEffect
>icon<48Enhanced WildfireEffect

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