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Final Coil of Bahamut

Turn 13 (FCoB T4): Bahamut Prime 

Turn 12 (FCoB T3): Phoenix 

Turn 11 (FCoB T2): Kaliya

Turn 10 (FCoB T1): Imdugud

See: Endgame loot list and accuracy caps

-Currently refining some of the current bosses. Finishing text before adding more images / other refinements.
-Any older boss guides may be different currently due to Echo Buffs and Overgearing. The original guides are preserved for posterity.


Second Coil of Bahamut

Turn 9 (FCoB T4): Nael

Turn 8 (FCoB T3): Avatar (never got around to this)

Turn 7 (FCoB T2): Melusine (never got around to this)

Turn 6 (FCoB T1): Rafflesia

See: Endgame loot list and accuracy caps

Binding Coil of Bahamut

Turn 5 (FCoB T5): Twintania

Turn 4 (FCoB T4): Elevator Gauntlet

Turn 2 (FCoB T2): ADS

Turn 1 (FCoB T1): Caduceus

See: Endgame loot list and accuracy caps

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FFXIV T11: Kaliya Strategy Guide (FCoB T2)

How to beat Kaliya! Our strategy guide to beating the boss of Turn 11 (FCoB T2)! Don’t let this chumpy hydra tear you up!

So you’ve beaten Imdugud and well on your way to becoming a Final Witness! Don’t take a rest yet, chump – If you’re reading this, then that means you’re only 25% of the way!!!  Get off your butt and get your free kill on this MFing Hydra! How to beat the T11 boss: Kaliya!!! Luckily Kaliya doesn’t have a ton of mechanics but the fight culminates in a rather stressful final phase.


T11 Kaliya Phase 1: Pull to adds (60%)

“Okay I’ll MT” – Lisie Quiloud, last words (from our first pull)

Lets discuss some mechanics that happen thru most of the fight (except the P2 Adds phase).

Double frontal cleave – Kaliya does a two-hit wombo combo frontal cleave. This is deadly to non-tanks, if it isn’t obvious by now. This damage is shared by both tanks. While you can solo tank this, it’s recommended to double tank for 99% of groups. We gave this skill(s) a nickname: “HHHAAAAAUNK“.

Nerve Gas – covers 1/3rd of the map with a nasty ground effect. Do not be here when the cast ends. You will take heavy damage and a Vulnerability Down debuff. Nerve Gas always happens in sets of 3. A good reminder for your raid is to keep in mind that “After third, HHHAUNKing”. Drill that into your mind, people dying to haunk after cloud is more common than you think.

Secondary Head – a rather unexciting tank buster.

At 90% Kaliya casts Barofield. This remains up until Kaliya is dead. Barofield just meant you cannot pass THROUGH Kaliya during Nerve Gas. A dangerous field that does heavy damage, a slow and VULN UP if you enter it. Yeah, it’s a bad idea. So get used to dodging Nerve Gas WITHOUT passing inside Kaliya.

After Barofield goes up Kaliya gains two new abilities. They’re some kind of “missile” that Kaliya shoots in the air. We call them “Stack and Split” (sometimes Blue for Stack, Red for Split). After each Nerve Gas rotation Kaliya fires BOTH of these missles – the only question is which one lands first. Stack (as the name implies) means you have to stack to share the damage – 3 guys is enough, 4 recommended. Split (You guessed it) means you have to stay far from each other so you dont get tagged by two. Tips on surviving this:

  1. You can easily hear the sound effect of these missles. Be aware of it!
  2. If you DO NOT see a marking after the sound effect, it’s SPLIT first then STACK.
  3. Inversely if there is a marking after the sound effect, it’s STACK first then SPLIT.
  4. For the sake of consistency, make your splits look the same each time or at least assign a general area to prevent hugs.

Phase 1 is basically a tutorial for the basic mechanics of Kaliya. Phase 3 is pretty much a mirror of phase 1 (with 2 additional mechanics). This goes on until Kaliya reaches 60%. Once Kaliya reaches 60, she finishes whatever skill is happening and then proceeds to walk to the middle. GTFO of the middle because an insta-kill field will come up a few seconds later. Onto Phase 2!!!


Kaliya Phase 2: Kindergarten Shapes (Ball, Egg, Cube)

“Animation locked… haha, I wonder how strong this laser is?” – Eirlys Castillo, last words.

At 60% three adds spawn. The Cube, Ball and Egg (Not their in-game names). This phase is time-based, regardless if you complete what you need to do – Kaliya will phase after around 2 minutes 30 seconds (double checking). First of all lets summarize your objectives during this phase:

  1. Kill Ball & Cube at roughly the same time.
  2. Kill egg before phasing (roughly 2:30 duration)
  3. DO NOT have any 2 shapes come near each other.
  4. Prepare for massive AoE during phase transition (Nerve Cloud)

Sounds simple enough, ey? LOLNO! There’s tons of things that can go wrong here! But lets go through it one by one to maximize your chances. The Egg keeps moving around in a circle – again, they ANY ADD MUST NOT BE NEAR EACH OTHER. The main challenge is dealing with the ball.

Ball has a chunky amount of HP. It also greatly reduces magic damage taken. So it’s ideal that you use physical DPS to kill it. It has a strong cleave and good old Repelling Cannons, which is shared damage to all partymembers near the ball. Have all your physical DPS and 1 healer stay near the ball at all times. If thunder happens to go to this pile, simply have the victim move backwards. Most of the fatal damage comes from the Ball, so it’s recommended to throw a random virus on it when you can, and cycle Eye for an Eye on the ball tank. Also, we use WAR to tank the ball so he can be Storms Path’d. It does all magic damage so Halones STR Debuff doesn’t work on it.

Cube greatly reduces physical damage taken. So obviously have your MDPS beat it up. Aside from this, it’s not really special. Again, you should aim to kill ball and cube within 5 seconds of one another. If not, Egg will absorb the other – turning into Voltron and will wipe the floor with your face. Keep in mind the Cube has considerably less HP than the Ball.

Egg doesn’t have many special properties. It can only take damage when you’re near it. Aside from this, it’s main purpose is to punish parties that kill the cube or ball sooner than the other. If you’re struggling with DPS, consider Melee Limit Break on egg after both the Cube and Ball die.

One healer (preferably WHM) should walk around the inner circle following the ball group. This is so Medica II can heal the entire party – theres alot of random damage so keeping it up every 30s is a good idea.

Lastly there’s a few environmental effects while all of this is going on. Triple lasers which are insanely deadly on a long cast time. A periodic random Thunder Debuff(very similar to T9’s Thunderstruck). Also, touching the inner circle results in instant death. Get used to calling out thunder in your VOIP, it’s a common mess-up.

Egg is dead! Now what!? Prepare to resume your position from Phase 1. Nerve Cloud is coming right up. Make sure to soften the damage from Nerve Cloud by: Arcanist Virus, Succor and Sacred Soil. Warrior Storms Path, Monk Dragon Kick. Also, you may want to Stoneskin, Adloq or Apocatastasis those who may have weakness. This nuke is rather strong!!!

This phase may be confusing so lets summarize yet again what you need to do:

  1. Call out Thunders, Avoid Lasers
  2. Reduce damage of ball (Eye for Eye, Storms Path, Virus, Dragon Kick)
  3. Coordinate kill speed of ball and cube.
  4. Kill Egg (consider Melee LB)
  5. Prepare for Nerve Cloud (into Final Phase)

If you’ve survived, it’s on to Kaliyas Final Phase!

Kaliya Phase 3 (Final): Tethers (Nanospore Jet)

“Where does blue stack again?” – Mahiko San, last words.

Welcome to T11 final phase! The most annoying and stressful mechanic rears its ugly head here almost instantly: Nanospore Jet (commonly refered to as Tethers). Before we get into that – Kaliya RETAINS ALL SKILLS from Phase 1. By now, I hope you guys can avoid them well! Because tethers are effin’ annoying.

Nanospore Jet targets 2 sets of 2 people. One couple will be the “Green” tethers and the other will be the “Blue” tethers. From here on we will distinguish the two by calling it Green and Blue. First of all there is no difference between colors – they have the exact same effects. Here are the rules for each tether:

  • You can see the color of your tether from the status bar, or a visual effect.
  • They take some time to “settle in” – position during this settling time.
  • Once tethered you CANNOT GO TOO FAR from your partner.
  • ANY GREEN may not be near ANY BLUE; vice versa.
  • Failing the above results in heavy damage + Vulnerability Up.
  • Any tethered person who dies, instantly kills their partner.
  • Tank + Non-tank is never a tether combination. If one tank is tethered, the other tank will always be it’s partner.

You got that!?!? Drill it into your head! Nanospore Jet doesn’t F around and punishes slackers. As easy as Kaliya is; FOCUS is ultimately important in the final phase. So you’ve survived your first set of tethers? Good job! Now welcome to the real stress – Tethers + Nerve Gas.

How to deal with Tethers + Nerve Gas!? This basically sums up Final Phase. If you can do this well, this is gonna be a walk in the park. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a walk in the shart. Luckily we’ve devised a barbaric way to deal with this, or at least a way with the smallest amount of thought applied. For this we have 2 rulesets to follow: Positioning Rules and Movement Rules.

Positioning Rules determine where green or blue will initially stay (to prevent killing each other due to proximity). If you follow these by order, you shouldn’t have a problem!

  • If Tanks are tethered, other couple must be in complete opposite side.
  • If Melee is tethered, partner must approach melee.
  • No melee or tank tether? (Worst) Blue left, Green right.
  • All non-tethers people stack~ on any tethered couple (for baiting nerve gas, explained below)

These three simple rules will get you past the first hurdle of simply dying once tethers settle in. Once you’ve gotten used to this, here we have the Movement Rules.

  • Dodge to path of least resistance (wherever the clean floor is nearer)
  • Head on nerve gas? Dodge left (Clockwise). Opposite pile adjusts accordingly.
  • Keep in mind – after third Nerve, haunk.

Easy as that. If you followed the positioning rules and movement rules – tethers play out themselves. Of course, this may take a few wipes to get used to! I cannot stress the above mentioned POSITIONING RULES and MOVEMENT RULES. If your group refuses to organize or at least have a set behavioral pattern for tethers – Kaliya will best you 99 times out of 100. If you’re struggling with pugs, feel free to suggest the rules above! It’s better than winging it!

Turn 11 Kaliya Loot List

I really don’t know how to present by-turn loot list nicely so check this out for now: Bahamuts Coil Loot List.

Well, that’s about it! Feel free to comment with any other advice or (hopefully nonviolent) reactions! Best of luck killing Kaliya and getting past Turn 11!!!

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FFXIV T10: Imdugud Strategy Guide (FCoB T1)

Strategy guide on beating Imdugud! Charges, Prey! All you need to know about this SHOCKING fight!

So you’ve taken your first step into Final Coil! Good luck! The first boss you face is no pushover. I’d say the main points you need to maintain here are Focus and mechanics awareness! Our strategy guide for the boss of Turn 10 (Final Coil Turn 1) Imdugud!

“He’s too good.” – Everyone who stepped into T10

[PAGE 1: Phase 1: Pull to 85% – Phase 2: Adds]
[PAGE 2: Phase 3: Heat Lightning – Phase 4 Adds II – Final Phase]

Imdugud Phase 1: Full to 85%

Right off the bat we’re faced with 3 of his basic mechanics you’ll be seeing throughout the fight.

– Massive frontal cleave that does heavy damage to all guys. Naturally you want to face the boss away from the raid for this. I will reiterate that this cleaving mechanic is MASSIVE and the damage is no less BEEFY.
– Tailswipe that is easily avoidable. You can “bait” this to come out by going behind Imdugud. (He doesn’t do basic attacks during this time so it’s advisable to do so)
– Critical Rip is your usual tank-buster. A long wind up leading to a haymaker. It’s your tanks responsibility to use a mitigation skill for this. Healers should Stoneskin / Adloq this when possible.
— The above abilities will be used throughout the fight. The next two abilities will be, too, but I’d consider them special mechanics.

prey wild charge imdugud t10 ffxivWild Charge (Blue)
A two part mechanic. First a blue marker appears on top of a random, non-tank raidmember. There is no debuff icon for this. After a short delay, ALL PARTYMEMBERS NEARBY (and including) the marked person will be stunned and a Vulnerability UP debuff placed.

Next up Imdugud channels Wild Charge. He makes a beeline to the marked guy and will deal heavy damage to all guys in his path. However, this damage can be reduced by standing in front of Imdugud. The more people blocking, the less damage the victim takes. There is a caveat – the frontmost guy takes the most damage. Only a tank can survive this! So make sure the engine on your choochoo train is your offtank :D. Virusing charge is the largest value you can squeeze from Virus in this fight.

Prey (Red)
Another two part mechanic, albeit much simpler. First a red marker is placed on a random raidmember. Once the timer of this expires, it will deal MINOR damage to the afflicted person (500~). Easy to spot since there is a debuff icon. If this damage goes through (ANY of it), a new debuff is placed. Once this second debuff expires, it will deal a cripplingly huge amount of damage, coupled with a paralysis. Prevent all this BS by having your SCH Adloq or WHM SS after the initial red marker appears.. For SINGLE reds, it’s advisable for SCH to do it since Adloq has a significantly less cast time. For doubles, it’s discussed in P2.

For the remainder of this guide I will refer to them by (what our static uses) Blue & Red. Again these 5 attacks will be used for the ENTIRE DURATION OF THE FIGHT.


Before we discuss the second phase we will discuss a bit on Positioning and Markings

adds spawn points imdugud t10 ffxiv

A & B are where the adds spawn in both add phases (more on this later) Mark these areas whenever you zone into T10 so you won’t get confused. Easy reminder: The first dot in the first ring direct East and West is A and B. There are two practical ways to position boss (and adds, too):

  • Outwards Facing (less space efficient, safer for mechanics)
  • Sideways Facing (more space for your team, slightly higher risk for cleave)

A basic cycle of Red, Blue, Rip will repeat until he’s at 85%. He will become invincible at this point then on to Phase 2. The skill “Electrocharge” means he’s phasing – have your tanks position accordingly.


Imdugud Phase 2: Adds (Sons and Daughters)

“Cream the daughter first!! [email protected] the son now!” – Normal T10 Conversations

So, in case you haven’t noticed by now, the stage gets smaller and smaller, leaving a dangerous electric field whenever it recedes. This will continue to happen until you have nothing left to stand on. Anyways…

2 Sets of 2 adds spawn (total of 4, for the confused). 1 Son of Imdugud and 1 Daughter of Imdugud for each tank. If a son gets close to another son, they will be tethered and become extremely beefy. Same applies for daughters. In a nutshell, keep them AWAY from each other. Both the son and daughter of Imdugud inherited his skills (Not much of a surprise there). All adds have the massive frontal clear and tailswipe. So you’re going to want to position them facing outwards (like their daddy).

As per their individual traits… Daughter of Imdugud hits hard, Son of Imdugud leaves an electric pool on the ground (takes a while to vanish). Killing Daughter first is always a smart move. You don’t want people maneuvering around an electric pool. Remember to move the son as close to the edge as possible before killing, to minimize the area affected by the pool.

Red happens during this phase, too. But it can now sometimes target two people. As far as I remember it cycles between 2-1-2-1 targets before phasing. Could be 2-1-1-2-1-1 (will check later). For this, the WhiteMage has to Stoneskin one, Scholar has to Adloq the other. To make sure we dont target the same guy we arrange our party the same way (Healers > Tanks > DPS). One healer goes from the top of the list, the other goes from the bottom. If both healers get the mark, shield themselves. (Once succor reaches 500 or 600 due to gear, you can just use that)

This phase is TIME BASED. So wether or not you beat the adds before time expires, he will continue on the to next phase. The good news is, if you beat up the adds quickly you get to DPS imdugud for FREE until the timer runs out! The phase is ending when he begins to channel Electric Burst. (Generic AoE skill that you shouldn’t worry about!) From here you’re off to Page 2: Adds II to Final Phase.

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[PAGE 1: Phase 1: Pull to 85% – Phase 2: Adds]
[PAGE 2: Phase 3: Heat Lightning – Phase 4 Adds II – Final Phase]

FFXIV Turn 9: Nael Deus Darnus Guide

So, if you’re reading this, it probably means Nael bricked you from entering FCoB. It’s okay, cause we got your back! Turn 9 isn’t as daunting as you might think it is!

[Meteors] | [Golems to Megaflare] | [Heavensfall to Bahamuts Favor] | [Final Phase]

Turn 9 Phase 1: Meteors (Stardust)

This phase may seem very chaotic, but dont let it overwhelm you! In reality there are really only FOUR skills in this phase. This phase lasts from pull to Nael reaching 64% HP.

“The best thing you can do for your team in Phase 1 of T9 is to know the rotation”

Chunk 1 2 3 4 5
Stardust Stardust Ravensbeak Ravensbeak Stardust(?)
Ravensbeak Lunar Dynamo Stardust Stardust Dynamo (?)
Dive->Chariot Divebomb Double Dives Dive->Chariot Divebomb(?)
Thermionic LAND ON MT LAND ON MT Thermionic FORGOT

is just like Twintanias Death Sentence. A massive hit which your healers should preempt with shields (Stoneskin, Adloquium). It leaves a debuff on the target which explodes after a time (we call this Beak Poison). This promotes a tank swap strategy (As for this guide we’re going looking at a 2 Tank 2 Healer 4 DPS lineup)

Dive -> Chariot -> Thermionic these three skills always come together. Dive makes Nael go to a random party member, Chariot is a circle AoE that pushes (easily avoided) and Thermionic beam deals shared damage to all partymembers stacked onto the target.

Divebomb (Meteor Stream) chooses 3 random party members and deals significant AoE damage to them, and all those around them. Having a single member eat 2 of these is likely death… therefore spreading out is needed.

If you think of it this way, like mentioned earlier, the phase only has FOUR SKILLS TO LOOK OUT FOR. The very first step to beating this phase consistently is KNOWING THE ROTATION BY HEART. It’s been half a year-ish since I’ve seen the 5th chunk, so let me get back to you on that…

Here are the MAIN PROBLEMS groups face when tackling this phase:

Knowledge of the Phase Rotation (Fixed by studying the above table)
Meteor (Stardust) Placement & Positioning
Unexpected Ravensbeaks Killing MT

Meteor (Stardust) Placement & Positioning

ffxiv turn 9 meteor stardust placements Okay so basically putting 2 meteors close to each other is a wipe. The image on the left is an isometric view of how meteors can be placed. The little triangles on the “rune” mark the ideal meteor placements.

Failsafe 1: If you’re caught unaware by Stardust (SHOULD NOT HAPPEN), and the 2 Ideals next to you have meteors on them (usually happens in the melee pile)… put it on a DESPERATE node (The tips of the tenatacles).

Failsafe 2: If you guys accidentally put a meteor in a critical zone, AND IT DIDN’T BLOW UP, you can still salvage the run… you just have to adjust your GOLEM METEORS in the later phase.

Again, being NOT CAUGHT unaware is your best defense against non-ideal meteor placements. Like I said… KNOWING THE ROTATION BY HEART.

The melee pile (+tanks) have the highest risk of having full ideals. If this is the case, simply have the MT reposition to the nearest tentacle with a free ideal spot.

Ranged guys should use up all ideal nodes opposite of the melee pile first, then the middle nodes.

Desperate nodes aren’t so bad as long as you guys are experienced with the later golem phase (Meteor eating can get a little sketchy if too many meteors are clumped up)… the best situation you want coming out of phase 1 is a good and even spread of meteors.

 Unexpected Ravensbeaks Killing MT

Your tanks should have mitigation up for every beak. If timed correctly (right at the start of beak cast), it mitigates the Beak Poison damage too. But for the most part, healers can remove a chunk of damage from these beaks by casting (primarily) Stoneskin and Adloquium. TIMING is important here, though. Like I said before… knowledge of the rotation!

  • Ravensbeak 1: Begin casting shields 1 or 2s AFTER Stardust castbar.
  • Ravensbeak 2: Begin casting shields after ONE HEAL upon Naels descent.
  • Ravensbeak 3: Begin casting shields after THREE HEALS upon Naels descent.
    (At least this is how I time it in my head, should suffice as a guideline)
  • Use Eye for an Eye each time the tanks swap after beak.
  • Virus can be used (but not on all of them) and Sacred Soil help a ton.

“6 Meteors!?” Means your group DPS is on the low side, and have a REAL DANGER of reaching enrage. Work on gear/rotation when not practicing T9.

At 64% HP, Nael disappears from the arena – and onwards to Phase 2!

[Meteors] | [Golems to Megaflare] | [Heavensfall to Bahamuts Favor] | [Final Phase]

Turn 9 Phase 2: Golems, Meteor Barrage, Megaflare

Here are your objectives for this phase:

  1. Land golem meteors safely
  2. Feed existing meteors to golems (with certain RESTRICTIONS)
  3. Kill golems (Leaving no meteor)
  4. Land all 6 Meteor Barrages safely
  5. Land second set of golem meteors safely
  6. Feed remaining meteors to golem set 2.
  7. Kill golems (Leaving no meteor)
  8. Prepare for MEGAFLARE.

Phase 2A: Golems (First Set)

Once Nael flies back into the arena, 3 green colored meteors spawn on random party members. The same rules apply for the previous stardusts! Ideally you want to land them at the center of each circle (conveniently, there are three in the middle of the rune). “Help! We landed a meteor in the critical area during phase 1!” Chill. Use up any empty Desperate or Ideal nodes. make sure to make small adjustments based on misplaced meteors. As time passes, you’ll be experienced enough to land these well.

Three golems spawn (random location). Blue, Green, Red. Tanks pull Red & Green. DPS and/or Healers pull Blue. After a set period of time, the Golems will “Shuffle colors”… which we will call Color Change. Lets talk about the golem skills.

Green Golem Hits like a truck. Upon spawning and upon color change he will do a supercombo of Thunderclap -> Headbutt. Make sure your tanks mitigate this. Demolish is your general AoE spell that also hits hard.

Blue Golem Does almost no damage thru basic attacks. Magnetism attracts all meteors and players to it. This is the first skill he does so positioning Blue Golem in between 2 meteors is the best bet. !!EARTHSHOCK!! is a RAID ENDING skill… it MUST be silenced (preferably by Bard) or else your entire group is paralyzed and will likely die to the following mechanics.

Red Golem is also weak. His PACMAN (skillname) is pretty easy to avoid. but his other skill… we call it THE WORST SKILL IN THE GAME hahaha. Earthen Heart shoots a deadly AoE on the ground which leaves a nasty DoT. It’s unavoidable under some circumstances (multiple yellow meteors eaten) and kills outright sometimes (multiple reds eaten). Althought this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, it can be annoying.

“FEEDING METEORS!?” Yep. Golems must be lead near meteors for them to “eat” them. The best timing to feed them is when they’re nearly dead. Why? Eating a meteor gives golems superpowers!! So by feeding them when they’re really low you avoid the brunt of these effects. Yellow Meteor = Speed Up, Red Meteor = Damage Up. As a general rule of thumb NO METEOR may remain before the next mini-phase.

The best order of killing golems should be Blue > Green > Red. After about a minute these guys HAVE to be done FEEDING and KILLING GOLEMS. If not? well, back to Phase 1 for you.


Phase 2B: Meteor Barrage

While there are many strategies used to get past this… we call ours THE PAIN TRAIN. While there are prettier strategies to get past this, Pain Train has the least friction. It’s also very easy to teach newer players in the group. How is it done? Simple!

The Pain Train (a guide)

  • Stack up tightly together. Wait for first meteor sign.
  • On Sprint.
  • Run clockwise (or counter if rebellious)
  • Pray to Nophica (Althyk if rebellious)
  • ???
  • Profit.

I wish there was more to it. During the early days we made complex diagrams on how to get past barrage… but the only diagram we needed was a circular one. Have your healers Swiftcast + MedicaII/Succor after the third meteor. “How do we know if it worked?” If you return to the spawnpoint, or Naels life resets to 100%, Pain Train failed. Step 4 of the Pain Train miniguide should not be ignored. Do some AoE heals after this process stops (6 Meteors) and get ready for the second set of golems!

Phase 2C: Golems (Second Set) -> Megaflare

If you guys can get to this point, killing golems should be your middle name. I need not repeat any instructions regarding this since it’s pretty much a repeat of Phase 2A. The only thing that makes this phase unique is MEGAFLAREAfter GREEN GOLEM dies, Stoneskin every non-tank partymember. Scholar should Succor + Sacred Soil when everyone is stacked on B and MT is on C. Same rules apply: All golems have to be dead, all meteors consumed.

If you’ve survived Megaflare.. you’re about to see Phase 3 of the fight! If things were rough up to this point for you, bust out the Allagan Lubricant – THIS AIN’T NOTHIN’ YET!

[Meteors] | [Golems to Megaflare] | [Heavensfall to Bahamuts Favor] | [Final Phase]

Turn 9 Phase 3: Heavensfall, Scourge

Ahh If it’s your first time here, Heavensfall will likely kill you purely by it’s power of over the top visual / audio effects. Or it will kill you because it is a ONE HIT KILL MECHANIC (as it descends). Nael lands on your MT and the aformentioned skill happens a few seconds later. Here are your objectives for this phase:

  1. Survive and position well for Heavensfall 1
  2. Kill the first Scourge (dragon)
  3. Cleanse any Garrote Twists
  4. Survive and position well for Heavensfall 2
  6. Kill the second Scourge (dragon)
  7. Cleanse any Garrote Twists
  9. —-On to Final Phase—-
  10. Position for Heavensfall 3 (Preferably Optional from here on)
  11. Die
  12. Point fingers
  13. Harvest a smegma of pride by trying to be the last guy alive
  14. (CHUMPS PHASE HERE)(47%)

Reaching bullet point #10 means a failed run, in case you read that wrong. So let’s discuss what goes on here. Let’s begin with Heavensfall.

Heavensfall has a few effects. Getting caught near the middle will kill you or any pet standing in the immediate vicinity of Heavensfall. There are 3 Heavensfall patterns (yellow floor). We will not be discussing the third. Standing on any yellow lit up floor UPON ITS EXPIRY will result in damage and paralysis (not good).

  • The first pattern (“Hourglass”) is largely ignored with superior positioning. (Hopefully you followed the waymarks we provided)
  • the second patter (“Pizza”) is an alternating pattern that looks like a pizza.(Has 2 supernovas… will discuss this later)
  • The third? hehe.

Garrote / Garrote Twist is a debuff you’ll notice Nael throws out during this phase. The red one can pretty much be ignored (Garrote)… the PURPLE (Garrote Twist) one is a critical mechanic that HAS TO BE DEALT WITH. How? That comes in the next step…

Phase 3b: First Dragon

A dragon spawns randomly in the map. Watch out – he hits like a TRUCK. Pre-emptively shielding the off-tank is a good idea here. Both tanks mitigating when a dragon is present should be standard practice! These guys have a few skills

“Fire Breath” leaves a fire AoE on the ground. Obviously, avoid this.
“Death Sentence” is usually his very first attack once it spawns. Be ready for it!!
Binding Chains is the main mechanic here. If the add stays alive for too long, it will bind 2 random players (they are stunned). If the Binding Chains castbar finished – they die. How to avoid this? Kill them as fast as humanly possible. This would be a great time to use Magic Limit Break, hitting both Nael and Dragon.

Killing dragons cause them to drop “CANDY” which is the only way to cleanse GARROTE TWIST. These candies can expire, so make sure both victims of garrote twist are FAST at picking them up.

The first Garrote Twist should be cleansed ASAP. The second one can wait till after 2nd Heavensfall.

Phase 3c: Heavensfall #2, Possible 2nd Dragon

Heavensfall 2 happens and as advertised earlier: It really does look like a Pizza. Allagan Pizza. With Lasers. There is something new here, though! Supernova.

Supernova is basically a landmine. Nael puts them DIRECTLY ON TOP of 2 random raid members here. GTFO of these black circles. After a few seconds pass, these supernovas will be “armed” and being near one will suck you in, do massive damage, paralyze, and is all around a sucky thing to happen to you. What do we do here? Bait Supernova to hit the edges of the screen. Heavensfall -> Pushback -> (Dont reposition yet) -> Supernova 1-2 -> Reposition. This way, novas are clearly away from the group!

IT IS VERY POSSIBLE TO PHASE NAEL HERE (47%). If not, a repeat of phase 3b happens, which isn’t that bad anyway. If you do NOT phase after second dragon you will likely see Heavensfall 3. Don’t ask.

[Stardust, Ravensbeak][Golems to Megaflare][Heavensfall to Bahamuts Favor][Final Phase]

Turn 9 Phase 4: Ice, Fire, Lightning, Favor/Claw & Divebombs!!!

Well well well! Final phase of turn 9! You’re moving up in the world! It’s time to bust out the Allagan Speculum…

“It don’t matter if ya got 4 or 5 X-Potions, Claw and Divebombs are rough- hope you brought Allagan Lotion!”
-Mahiko MC, Turn 9 Rap.

Once Naels HP reaches 47% HP the final Phase of T9 begins. It’s marked by Nael casting “Bahamuts Fervor” which leads to “Bahamuts Claw” (More on this later) a quick summary of how the final phase goes…

Elements -> Thermionic -> Divebombs (R1) -> Free Phase -> Elements -> Thermionic -> Divebombs (R2) (REPEAT)

There’s really only 4.5 miniphases going on here. Namely: Elements, Thermionic, Divebombs (Rotation 1 and 2) and Free Phase.

Turn 9 Phase 4: Elements

The first thing youll notice are the debuffs Fire and Ice. 

  • Fire randomly targets a raidmember (signified by a red line). The target will explode and give the Fire debuff to all players nearby.
  • Ice targets the entire party 1 by 1, and continually cycles.
  • A player getting hit by fire twice leads to death.
  • A player getting hit by ice twice leads to death.
  • Fire and Ice debuff cancel each other.

While this may seem complicated, there is a popular pattern to handle this almost automatically. The “mantra” is as follows:

First fire out DYNAMO : Second fire in: Fire out CHARIOT : Prepare for thermionic. Again there are some small exceptions to this…
(Dynamo and Chariot are the skills you’re probably familiar with from P1)

  • If you were the target of any Fire out, be careful that you dont have the debuff in the next Fire in. (Happens more often than you think)
  • If you have Ice during any Fire out, CHASE THE FIRE (Not always necessary, but very very safe)

Lastly, after every fire comes a Lightning. Lightning targets a random raidmember. After a few seconds this party member explodes for massive damage and paralyzes all nearby allies. This does not affect the person who was initially targeted by lightning. This is easily solved by having the lightning member move BEHIND Nael, while your party stacks in front.

If no one panics, this subphase is a breeze. Next, thermionic

Turn 9 Final Phase: Thermionic / Supernova

Again some very familiar skills return here. Thermionic Beam from P1 and Supernova from Heavensfall phase. You will be entering this subphase from these previous skills of nael: Fire out CHARIOT -> Lightning.

The initial preparation for this is to have your Fire victim and Lightning victim hug the walls. That keeps the middle SAFE (where you’ll be stacking for thermionic, like P1)

Nael does these skills in order: Supernova, Supernova, Supernova, Thermionic Beam, Bahamuts Claw.

First of all, Sacred Soil in the middle once this pattern begins. Have everyone stay AWAY from the middle. DO NOT move in for thermionic until AFTER the 2nd Supernova. The timing here can be a little tight… right after 2nd Nova, get to middle to stack ASAP. This Thermionic Beam is much more painful that the one from Phase 1.

What kills most groups here is either FAILURE TO STACK QUICKLY ENOUGH, or TANK DYING TO CLAW right after beam. Healers and tanks, keep this in mind – after every thermionic is a claw.

What’s Bahamuts Claw? It’s a direct upgrade to Ravens Beak from P1. It’s a tank-buster that does extreme damage. Be sure to have Virus on, Stoneskin/Adloq, and tanks use a mitigation skill. It gets stronger and stronger each time it happens! Note that you can actually can provoke a few hits off it WHILE it’s happening! So offtank can soak one or two slashes.

Turn 9 Final Phase: Divebombs

Ahhh… the infamous divebomb yet again. As if we haven’t seen enough in t5? Divebombs happen twice each time it comes up in Naels rotation.

  • R1: Divebomb -> Meteor Stream -> Divebomb -> Meteor Stream -> Freephase. OR
  • R2: Divebomb -> Chariot -> Divebomb -> Lunar Dynamo -> Freephase.

For R1: Meteor Stream is the Divebomb from P1. DON’T STICK TO EACH OTHER! and as usual, healer does AoE heals in between Meteor Streams.

For R2: Much easier, avoid chariot as always. Lunar Dynamo might hit the guy who baited divebombs. How to dodge divebombs!?! I’ll be posting about that in the next update but for now Check out this image by Encore FC.

So you’ll be coming into this phase from:
Thermionic > Bahamuts Claw > (Ensure markings are set) > Divebombs > R1/ R2 > Divebombs > R1/R2 > Free Phase

Free Phase is exactly that: Nothing happens here except a Bahamuts Claw. After sometime, the rotation goes back to Elements and repeats until he is dead. The enrage is at 13 minutes: Nael casts megaflare and will instakill your party.

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[Meteors] | [Golems to Megaflare] | [Heavensfall to Bahamuts Favor] | [Final Phase]

FFXIV Rogue General Guide & FAQ

STEALTH YO’ FACE! Everything you need to know about being a Rogue in FFXIV ARR. How to become a Rogue? Rogue Stats, Skills, Traits, and more!

Note that this page contains what we know for SURE, and will be updated come 2.4

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Rogue FAQ

How do I become an Rogue!
You cannot choose Rogue as a starting class, so you have to beat your level 10 class quest on any other class before choosing to become a Rogue. If you’re a new player and plan on going Ninja straight up, choose Pugilist as your starting class and may as well level it to 15.

Where is the Rogue guild?
The Rogue guild is located in Limsa Lominsa.

Check out our Rogue Leveling Guide!

What’s the best Rogue race?
Elezen Wildwoods, [more info: Racial Stats guide], Since they have the highest DEX (23). The next best races in order:
Mi’Qote: Seeker of the Sun (22)
Lalafell Plainsfolk (22)
Hyur: Highlander (21)
Roegadyn: Sea Wolf (18)

What’s the best Rogue god?
God choice is irrelevant for Rogues right now. [more info: Gods guide]


What are the best crafting and gathering jobs for Rogue?
Blacksmith (Weapons), Leatherworker (Armor) and Goldsmith (Accessories in general).
The most ideal gathering job to support this is Mining (But sadly all ninja daggers need wood, so a little bit of Botany)

What advanced jobs require Rogue?
Ninja requires (???)30. It’s the only job which requires Rogue as of now.
[Complete Job requirements Guide]

What’s a good Rogue stats build?
DEX (Increases Damage), with VIT coming a far second (Increase HP pool). For secondary stats and more in-depth info check the link below.
[Full info: Rogue / Ninja Stats & Materia Guide]. Long story short, dump all 30 points into DEX.

What are the Rogue traits and abilities?
Right here :) Scroll down.

More advanced information on Rogues can be found in the Ninja Guide.


FFXIV A Realm Reborn: Rogue Skills / Abilities

?Spinning EdgeDelivers an attack with a potency of 150.
?Perfect DodgeCompletely avoid the next physical attack. Duration:5s
?Gust SlashDelivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Spinning Edge Combo Potency: 200
?Kiss of the WaspApply wasp venom to your weapon, increasing damage dealt by 20%.
Changes the additional effect for Jugulate to Stun Duration: 2s
Shares a recast timer with Kiss of the Viper and cannot be used simultaneously with any other weapon poisons. Effect ends upon
?MutilateDelivers an attack with a potency of 60.
Additional Effect: Damage over time Potency: 30 Duration: 30s
?HideBlend in with your surroundings, making it impossible for most enemies to detect you, but reducing movement speed by 50%. Has no effect on enemies 10 levels higher than your own, or certain enemies with special sight. Cannot be executed while in combat. E
?AssassinateDelivers an attack with a potency of 200.
Can only be executed when target's HP is below 20%.
?Throwing DaggerDelivers a ranged attack with a potency of 120.
?MugDelivers an attack with a potency of 140.
Additional Effect: Increases the amount of items dropped by target if Mug is the finishing blow.
Viper Venom Effect: Changes additional effect to absorb 50% of damage as HP
?GoadRefreshes TP of a single party member. Duration: 30s
?Sneak AttackDelivers an attack with a potency of 300.
500 when executed in front of target.
Can only be executed when under the effect of Hide, and shares a recast timer with Trick Attack.
?Dancing EdgeDelivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Gust Slash
Potency increased to 260 when executed from a target's flank during combo. Combo Bonus: Decreases target's slashing resistance by 10% and HP recovery via healing magic by 20% Duration: 20s
?Kiss of the ViperApply snake venom to your weapon, increasing damage dealt by 20%.
Changes the additional effect for Mug to absorb 50% of damage as HP.
Shares a recast timer with Kiss of the Wasp, and cannot be used simultaneously with any other weapon poisons. Effect end
?Death BlossomDelivers an attack with a potency of 100 to all nearby enemies.
?Aeoilian EdgeDelivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Gust Slash Potency: 320
?JugulateDelivers an attack with a potency of 80.
Additional Effect: Silence Duration: 1s
Wasp Venom Effect: Changes the additional effect for Jugulate to Stun Duration: 2s
?Shadow FangDelivers an attack with a potency of 100.
Combo Action: Spinning Edge Combo Potency: 200
Combo Bonus: Damage over time Potency: 40
Duration: 18s
?Trick AttackDelivers an attack with a potency of 240.
400 when executed from behind target.
Rear Bonus: Increases target's damage taken by 10% Duration: 10s
Can only be executed when under the effect of Hide, and shares a recast timer with Sneak Attack.
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FFXIV: Ninja General Guide & FAQ

All you need to know about Ninjas in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn! How to become a Ninja, Ninja requirements, Ninja skills, FAQ’s and Guides!

How do I become a Ninja in ARR?

You need to level a Rogue to 30) first! You also need to complete any MSQs prior to L30. If you’ve met these requirements, you can return to the Rogue’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (8,16) to get your quest to obtain the “Soul of the Ninja“. Once you’re done with all of these, equip your soul crystal which can be found in your armory.

What’s the Ninja playstyle?

Unlike other melee classes, Ninja has the least positional strikes. The uniqueness of the Ninja rotation is based all around the Mudras. Choosing the best Ninjutsu for the situation and not getting confused on Mudras would separate the chumps from the Hokages!

What are good Ninja stats?

DEX is the main Ninja stat, increasing their damage dealt. For secondary stats, we shall see. But Determination and Critical Strike are always a safe choice.

What are the Ninja Traits?

Gonna put up the updated NIN traits table soon… but for now, I will list the traits currently available to NIN.

  • Dripping Blades – L6
  • All Fours – L14
  • Enhanced Dexterity – L20
  • Fleet of Foot 0 L20
  • Dripping Blades II – L36
  • Enhanced Dexterity II – L40
  • Enhanced Dexterity III – L60
  • Shukiho – L62
  • Enhances Shukuchi – L64
  • Enhanced Mug – L66
What are the Ninja Skills?

Aside from the skills below, you may use any skill you’ve learned as an Rogue. 

ShukuchiMove quickly to the specified location.
Cannot use when bound.
Ten (MUDRA)Mudra hand sign for "heaven." Duration: 5s
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Chi and Jin.
Chi (MUDRA)Mudra hand sign for "earth." Duration: 5s
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten and Jin.
Jin (MUDRA)Mudra hand sign for "man." Duration: 5s
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten and Chi.
NinjutsuExecutes a ninjutsu depending on Mudra used. FAILS if any other action is taken before Mudras are combined or expires.
Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten, Chi, and Jin.
KassatsuResets the ninjutsu cooldown. Next ninjutsu is auto-critical. Duration: 15s
Fuma ShurikenDelivers a ranged ninjutsu attack with a potency of 240.
Mudra Combination: Any one of the Ten, Chi, or Jin mudra
KatonDelivers fire damage with a potency of 180 to target and all enemies near it.
Mudra Combination: Chi→Ten or Jin→Ten
RaitonDelivers lightning damage with a potency of 360.
Mudra Combination: Ten→Chi or Jin→Chi
HyotonDelivers ice damage with a potency of 140.
Additional Effect: Bind Duration: 15s (PvP 12s)
Mudra Combination: Ten→Jin or Chi→Jin
HutonIncreases attack speed by 15%. Duration: 70s
Mudra Combination: Jin→Chi→Ten or Chi→Jin→Ten
DotonCreates a patch of corrupted earth, dealing damage with a potency of 30 to any enemies who enter.
Duration: 24s
Additional Effect: Heavy (while upon corrupted earth)
Mudra Combination: Ten→Jin→Chi or Jin→Ten→Chi
SuitonDelivers water damage with a potency of 180.
Additional Effect: Grants the caster Suiton Duration: 10s
Mudra Combination: Ten→Chi→Jin or Chi→Ten→Jin
Rabbit MediumFailed Mudra combinations result in this useless skill.

We chose not to order the skills by level to further increase clarity of the Ninja System.


How many role actions skills can Ninja use?

Ninja can have up to 5 role actions (5 for Advanced Jobs, as compared to 10 that Rogue can equip). Our Melee DPS Role Actions Guide might help you in choosing what role actions are best.

Do I have to level up Ninja separately?

No, your EXP in Ninja rises as you level up your Rogue class. Leveling up as s Ninja will increase your Rogue EXP.

Any other Ninja Guides and Resources?

If you’re aspiring to be a kick-ass Ninja, you’re gonna want to read a few of these resources:

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FFXIV Summoner (SMN) Cross Class skills guide

What are the best Summoner Cross Class Skills? Find out the best cross-class skills of SMN and the best way to get them!

Click on our
Caster DPS Role Actions Guide
for the updated version!

What are the Arcanist -> Summoner Cross Class Skills? Here, we will be strictly discussing the cross-class skills Summoner can get from the other base classes.

How many cross-class skills can I get as a Summoner? Any job class may only equip five (5) cross-class skills.

From what other classes does Summoner get skills from? Archer and Thaumaturge.

What are the best Summoner cross-class skills? This is discussed below.

Full list of Summoner (SMN) Cross-class skills

NameIconLevelDescriptionFrom Class
Raging Strikes4A large damage boostArcher (ARC)
Surecast8Your next spell cannot be interrupted by damage.Thaumaturge (THM)
Ice II12Weak AoE bind.Thaumaturge (THM)
Hawk's Eye26+DEX and +AccArcher (ARC)
Swiftcast27Causes your next spell to have no cast time.Thaumaturge (THM)
Quelling Strikes34Reduces Enmity GeneratedArcher (ARC)


Summoner (SMN) Cross-class skills discussion

Raging Strikes: A low level skill, but a damn good one. Learn to maximize this in raids!

Surecast: You’re only equipping this since you can’t really use anything else. While borderline useless – it has the rare application.

Ice II: A weak potency AoE attack, with a bind effect. Only useful for around 3+ enemies. Better than spamming RUIN!

Swiftcast: THE BEST CROSS-CLASS SKILL of all time. For summoner, using this with Resurrection is a great addition to any raidgroup.

Quelling Strikes: Make it a habit to use this on pull and on newly spawned adds in raids. Your tanks will thank you.

Hawk’s Eye: Absolutely useless to you. +DEX and +Accuracy (physical) have zero practical use for you.

Ideal Summoner (SMN) Cross-class progression

  1. Archer to 4 for: Raging Strikes.
  2. Thaumaturge to 15 for: Unlocking SMN. (Unlocks Blizzard II along the way)
  3. Arcanist to 30 for: SMN Requirement.
  4. Summoner to 50 for: Maximum level.
  5. Thaumaturge to 27 for: Swiftcast
  6. Archer to 34 for: Quelling Strikes (All Cross-class skills obtained)
    You got Hawk’s Eye along the way: USELESS FOR YOU.


  • Summoners use skills from: Archer and Thaumaturge.
  • Add Swiftcast to your repertoire! Using this for Shadowflare is probably your default.
  • Raging Strikes – learn to time this well in raids! Combine it with Contagion for PROFIT!
  • Quelling Strikes, while not super important for SMN… use it at the start of fights! Also on adds that spawn!
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FFXIV 2.4 Patch Information, Patchnotes & Changelog

READY FOR 2.4!? FFXIV reveals a MASSIVE patch with a chunky amount of new content! Find out MORE about 2.4 HERE! (Release Date, Information, Patchnotes)

ffxiv 2.4 patch notes changelog information

FFXIV Patch 2.4  is finally here!!! Here’s our “human friendly” FFXIV 2.4 patchnotes and changelog! As usual we will have 2 major chunks in this guide, a starting quest table and new content guide.

Navigation: 2.4 Starting Quest List | 2.4 Patchnotes & Changelog

2.4 Starting Quests Chart

We will be putting together a table of quests in 2.4 that unlock newer content, much like in our 2.3 Patch post. It will be up as soon as the specific information is available.

Traitor in the Midst
(Story Quest Continuation)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Rising Stones (X:6 Y:5)
NPC: Minfilia
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Brave New Companions.”
Fragments of Truth
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Waking Sands (X:6 Y:4)
NPC: Urianger
Players must first complete the quest “Alisaie’s Resolve.”
Eight-armed and Dangerous
(Hildebrand Continuation)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Eastern La Noscea (X:32 Y:30)
NPC: Ellie
Players must first complete the quest “A Case of Indecency.”
Death of a Mailman
(Delivery Moogle)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X:10 Y:11)
NPC: Deputy Postmoogle
Carrier level 12
It’s Definitely Pirates
(Sastasha Hard)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:22 Y:8)
NPC: Bloezoeng
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
The Wrath of Qarn
(Sunken Temple Hard)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:22 Y:8)
NPC: Hugubert
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon,” and have completed The Sunken Temple of Qarn.
Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night
Rogue level 30 / Pugilist level 15
Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X:8 Y:16)
NPC: Jacke”
Players must first complete the quest “Cloying Victory.”
The Path of the Righteous
(Snowcloak [Middle of story quests])
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12 Y:17)
NPC: Drillemont
Players must first complete the quest “First Blood.”

Navigation2.4 Starting Quest List | 2.4 Patchnotes & Changelog


What we know so far?

(FFXIV 2.4 Patch Official Trailer)

New Class and Job: Ninja and Rogue

ffxiv 2.4 ninja and rogue preview

For the first time in FFXIV:ARR a new class and job are introduced! Rogue and Ninja! As far as we know the Rogue and Ninja are Melee DPS classes which HOPEFULLY uses DEX as their main attribute so the loot distribution will be more even. Since Ninja is an advanced job, we currently do not know what the other level 15 class requirement is. We will be updating that when we can!

On Ninja Gear & Stats: Ninjas will be using any gear Monk can use that was introduced PRE 2.4. Coming 2.4 (FCoB Allagan drops), Ninja will have their own unique gear drops. Their main stat is DEX, and as such will be sharing right side drops with Bard. Ninja Primal Weapons and Relic weapon will be introduced as well.

The Rogue class cannot be chosen upon character creation. If you’re a new player wanting to be NINJA you should choose Pugilist then level it to 15, then proceed to become Rogue.


Preview of Rogue Skills | Preview of Ninja Skills

New dungeons!

Snowcloak: A brand new dungeon featuring FENRIR! The BGM of this dungeon is super sweet!
Sastasha (Hard): It’s DEFINITELY Pirates!
Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard): Avoirdupois, come back…

New Primal Battle: Shiva

Well, finally! One of the three primary elemental summons(in the FF universe): Ifrit, Ramuh and Shiva are finally complete! The Shiva encounter location name is: The Akh Afah Ampitheatre. (Shiva preview in trailer)

The Final Coil of Bahamut

The sweet name on that one! 2.4 DELIVERS with, almost certainly, 4 more bosses! Is it time to see… “Him”? Item level is 130. Supposedly boss 3 and 4 are “Huge Spoilers”. The Oil of Time and Sands of Time system will be re-implemented in this coil (with different name of course). The new High Allagan gear (130) is called DREADWYRM.

You have come far… to know the truth.

Turn 10: “Allagan Behemoth”
Turn 11: “Allagan Hydra”
Turn 12: ???
Turn 13: “Is it Bahamut?”

Preview FCoB in trailer.

New tomestone: Poetics. (Tomestone Gear)

Mythology is now gone, Soldiery taking its place. Poetics is the new highest tier tomestone. Poetics tomestone gear is called IRONWORKS, with raid drop upgrades AUGMENTED IRONWORKS.

i110 Crafted Gear, New Glamor Gear

i110 Crafted left-side is confirmed. i110 right side (accessories) will probably come in a future patch.

Crafter & Gatherer Updates

New gear and recipes will be available for DOH and DOL classes. Here’s the breakdown…

New slots for both DOL and DOH

  • Off-hand
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Feet


  • Chest

IXALI OAKNOTS are very important for these upgrades. So if you’ve been lazing off in your Ehcatl Nine quests… (like me) it’s time to help some beastmen.

Future Plans for FFXIV (Possibly 2.4-2.5)

3.0 Expansion: Heavensward announced. [Link: Heavensward Trailer] A token based loot system to mitigate RNG
The ability to help train friends in coil even if your loot lockout is finished.


Navigation2.4 Starting Quest List | 2.4 Patchnotes

Well I think that’s about it! If you have anything to add, or we missed something let us know! As always, like us on Facebook for updates!

FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide (Stormblood UPDATED)

STORMBLOOD UPDATED! How to level up Fishing Quickly!? Confused with Fishing Levequests? Looking for FIsh & Fishing Spots? Power Level your Fisher!

Bring out your rods and baits and let’s head on over to Stormblood Fishing!

[01-15] | [15-35] | [35-50] | [50-55] | [55-60] | [60-70] : [Summary]

Key Info per section:

  • Fishing quest item & location.
  • Levequest fish and notes about them
  • If grinding, what’s the best fish/spot to farm? (Most useful)
  • Grinding summary per tier

Before you begin…

For those who haven’t even unlocked the fishing class: The Fisher’s Guild is in Limsa Lominsa.

To gain maximum EXP as a Fisher and level up fast, keep note of the following. Key points are: Choosing the right fish/spot/lure for you level. Also, Keeping key pieces of gear up to date (To up HQ chance, and reduce “got away”). Our Gathering Gear Guide is something you should keep open while leveling up: If you’re curious, here’s the equipment I prepared for my journey to 50.

Have a pile of Rabbit Pie (you can buy it from the Limsa food vendor in the market). If you can, pack some Jack-o-Lanterns, too.

Fishing Class Quest Items

For fishing, you might want to check the Market Board and buy up all the brainlessly cheap fish to make this a little bit less of a hassle. You can submit fish as quest requirements that are bought from NPC/Auction house!

Fisher 01: Lominsan Anchovy x 5
— (Right outside the guild, Bait: Lugworm)
Fisher 05: Harbor Herring x3
— (Right outside the guild, Bait: Pillbug)
Fisher 10: HQ Princess Trout
— (Middle La Noscea: any river, Bait: Crayfish Ball)
Fisher 15: Navigators Dagger  x5
— (Western La Noscea: Brewers Beacon, Bait: Rait Tail)
Fisher 20: Warmwater Trout  x5
— (Upper La Noscea – Oakwood, Bait: Crow Fly)
Fisher 25: Shadow Catfish
— (Fallgourd Float, Bait: Moth Pupa > Striped Goby > Shadow Catfish)
Fisher 30: Fullmoon Sardine x 10
— (South Umbral Isles (Night), Tackle: Spoonworm)
Fisher 35: Desert Catfish
— (Sagoili Dunes, Bait: Rolling Stone)
Fisher 40: Raincaller x5
— (Old Gridania. Whispering Gorge, Rain. Bait: Stem Borer)
Fisher 45: Cloud Cutter x5
— (Whitebrim, Bait: Hoverworm)
Fisher 50: Mazlaya Marlin (North Bloodshore, Double Mooch)
— (Double Mooch, Bait: Floating Minnow)
— (Harbor Herring > Ogre Barracuda > Mazlaya Marlin)

Useful links to have open: Fishing Node Locations | Gathering Gear Guide.

This tiers grinding summary (~1-15)

155Limsa Lower DecksLLLugwormCatches many relevant Levequest fish.
51010Murmur RillsNSHCrayfish BallThe absolute best spot in this tier. (Gridania->Yellow Serpent Gate)
101515SwiftperchWLNPillbugCatches many relevant Levequest fish.
152020AleportWLNRat TailNot many choices in this tier.
202326Yug'ram RiverETHButterworm( night ) 100% Black Eel. Just alt-tab during daytime :)

Fishing Level 1-5

Fishing Quest Level 1: Lominsan Anchovy x 5
Fishing Quest Level 5: Harbor Herring x 3
Level 1 Fishing Levequests:
Limsa Adventurers Guild & Red Rooster Stead.
Level 5 Fishing Levequests: Limsa Adventurers Guild & Red Rooster Stead.

Where to find Lominsan Anchovy & Harbor Herring? These can be found right outside the guild. The bait you use should be Lugworm and Pillbug respectively. I suggest just grinding it out here until you reach level 5. You would have caught 5x Lominsan Anchovy and 3x Harbor Herring by then.

Level 1 Levequest Fish
(?) 3 Merlthor Goby : Limsa Lominsa lower decks | Lugworm
(?) 3 Malm Kelp: ^
(?) 3 Lominsan Anchovy: ^
(?) 3 Finger Shrimp: ^

These are really… REALLY not worth doing EXP wise. But given how lazy I was (and other people surely) to muck around in lower levels, you can use these to speed the process up immensely. If you have 100 leves lying around… go for it!

FSH Level ~1-5 Grinding spots
Just fish around the front of the guild :) (See advice above). If you’re lazy just buy up 5x Lominsan Anchovy, 3x Harbor Herring, all the cheap Merlthor Gobies and Malm Kelps you can and just submit stuff to the Levequest guy.


Fishing Level 5-10

Fishing Quest Level 10: HQ Princess Trout
Level 5 Fishing Levequests:
 Limsa Adventurers Guild & Red Rooster Stead.
Level 10 Fishing Levequests:
Western La Noscea, Swiftperch.

Where to find Princess Trout? In virtually any river you find in Middle La Noscea (Use Crayfish Ball). Exact rivers it can be found in: Nym, Rogue, West Agelyss and The Mourning Widow)

Level 5 Levequest Fish
(?) 3[9] Sea Cucumber [R] :
(?) 3 [9] Harbor Herring [R] :
(?) 3 Ocean Cloud :
(?) 3 Coral Butterfly :

I didn’t really bother looking for a good spot to fish these up since the grinding spot mentioned below far exceeds hunting for levequest fish in this tier. I feel that in this tier either you go out and grind it, or buy a pile of these fish off the MB and spam the levequests. Fishing these up just for submission straight up loses to the grinding option.

FSH Level ~5-10 Grinding spots

This may seem out of the way, but fishing in Murmur Rills (NSH) using Crayfish Ball is the absolute best and fastest spot to reach level 10!

Fishing Level 10-15

Fishing Quest Level 15: Navigators Dagger  x5
Level 10 Fishing Levequests:
 Western La Noscea, Swiftperch.
Level 15 Fishing Levequests:
Lower La Noscea, Moraby Drydocks.

Where to find Navigators Dagger? Use Rat Tails in Brewers Beacon, Western La Noscea. Fairly easy catch, no problems here.

FSH Level 10 Levequest fish
(?) 3 [9] Harbor Herring [R] : Swiftperch, WLN | Goby Ball
(?) 3 [9] Pebble Crab [R] : ^
(?) 3 Moraby Flounder : ^
(?) 3 Tiger Cod : ^

Swiftperch using Goby Ball has a small chance to get you ALL of the fish you need! Save the Rothlyt Oysters and White Corals – they’re used for the next tiers leves.

FSH Level ~10-15 Grinding spots

Thankfully, Swiftperch is the best choice for both leve-fishing AND grinding. Continuously fishing and submitting make this tier extremely fast to get through. No reason not to just sit your butt in Swiftperch and grind.

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FFXIV Ramuh Extreme Mode (The Striking Tree)

How to beat Ramuh EX! Strategy Guide & Loot list! Find out all about thunderstorms, rolling thunder, overcharge and BALLS!

So you’ve gotten to Ramuh Extreme Mode? Don’t be shocked by this electrifying fight! Learn all you need to learn about this encounter – so you can beat up old men – get those i100 rings! This fight isn’t very confusing mechanics wise – It’s all in the Execution, or Electrocution! Defeat the Lord of Levin EXTREME in no time with our strategy guide!

“Those balls are mine! Don’t touch them!” – Common Ramuh party chat

Ramuh EX Mechanics

Ramuh EX has alot of mechanics that persist throughout the whole fight. Don’t be a chump and take these to heart!

Thunderstorm – is basically like Weight of The Land (Plumes). Except they FOLLOW whoever was chosen to get hit by it. There are also “Neutral” thunders that just stay on the ground wherever they spawned. The more BALLS present in the map, the more painful Thunderstorm gets. Do not stay in the water when Thunderstorm hits (or you die). Like plumes, Thunderstorm may hit you multiple times. Thunderstorm also has the benefit of removing Chaos. Speaking of Chaos…

Chaotic Strike – chooses 2 random party members. This happens after every other Thunderstorm. This is marked by a cross-hair. After a short delay, these guys will be “stunned” (Charmed). And start walking towards Ramuh. This is bad, because the next PBAoE attack Ramuh does will INSTANTLY KILL any charmed players. As mentioned earlier a Thunderstorm hit removes the “Charmed” status. (For initial position, see diagram below)

Strategy for Chaotic / Thunder: Use a waymark right behind Ramuh to signify WHERE CHAOTIC affected guys stack. From here we use a numbering system to “save” them. usually from 1-4.

  • If a Black Mage is around usually they are 1. Why? to minimize movement. They stay on the stacking waymark always.
  • Bard & Summoner make the second best savers because they don’t lose much DPS by moving.
  • Healers are the next choice. But they should be lower in the list, since they need to heal.
  • Melee DPS probably make the worst savers.
  • Of course, move out of venn diagrams and unnecessary thunders.

When “saving” people from chaos – do not create a Venn Diagram of Clusterf*ckery. There is alot of space to spread out Thunder from hitting one another.

In his mind, he is the Venn Diagram. It’s him. – Mahiko “Charles Barkley” San.

The “Balls” – after each thunderstorm, balls spawn on the ground. Picking up 1 or 2 balls does nothing. Picking up 3 gives you a buff that protects you from Ramuhs “Cleave”. If you do not have this buff you will die. This is basically a tank-swap mechanic. Picking up a fourth ball results in “Overcharge”. You will still be protected but take significantly reduced healing. Overcharge can have 3 stacks. 3 Stacks means you will get little to no healing. Ideally you will never overcharge, but practically, you will need to OC on every phase change. Random balls lying around will increase damage of Thunderstorm significantly. It should go something like this

Thunderstorm > OT picks up  3 > Provoke > Thunderstorm > Random ball “cleanup” > Repeat. a good reminder is around 20s left on immunity – find them balls, son.


Ramuh EX Phase 2: Adds

Six adds spawn in a circle around Ramuh. They don’t really have any remarkable attacks. However, they must be killed before Judgment Bolt is cast. Or else, you guessed it, it’s a wipe.

All of the previous mechanics are still happening in this phase. The largest problem most groups have during this phase is position. People getting cleaved, Chaotic Stack too far… stuff like this. So we decided – “Why not have the position remain the ‘same’…?”

ffxiv ramuh extreme mode chaotic strike thunderstorm safezone phase 2

Key: Red Square (Adds), Blue Circle (Chaotic Stack), Paladin Shield (Tank).

SO WHAT DOES THIS DIAGRAM MEAN? The best way to deal with this phase is to “shift” your whole teams position as each add dies. It’s practical because whatever your position in P1 was, it’s the same starting position for P2. Here’s the rundown of what needs to happen:

  • Position only shifts after each add dies.
  • Waymark should be moved (preferably).
  • Otherwise, “Chaotic Stack” is always to be between Ramuh and an Add.
  • Tank should always be looking at an add (positional reminder)

Upon entering P2, the current tank should overcharge to prevent random BS.

This way people always know where to go for Chaotic, DPS wont be randomly cleaved and killed, and tanks wont bother the whole process of killing adds and saving people. Before this phase ends (Judgment Bolt is cast) make sure there arent too many random balls lying around.

Ramuh EX Phase 3: Rolling Thunder

Again to prevent BS, you may have the current MT overcharge. All of Phase 1’s mechanics still persist into the final phase The only addition is…

Rolling Thunder: Creates a tether between two people. If either of these two people do any action, they take damage. The more actions you take, the more shocking the damage gets. Picking up 3 balls removes the tether.

Basically, instead of the  “ball cleanup” phase – it becomes a “Rolling Thunder removal” phase. Here are some reminders regarding Rolling Thunder:

  • A person afflicted by Chaotic Strike may be tethered.
  • DPS should STOP COMPLETELY until tethers are broken.
  • Healer should only use LARGE HEALS when absolutely NECESSARY.
  • Be smart about who should clean the tether…
    • OT>DPS>Healer

OFFTANK should have tether cleaning priority since they need the insulation anyway. DPS should be next in line not to bother healing. Healers should stay still (unless tethered to each other). Healers who aren’t tethered should put up shields/regen on those who are, to be safe.

Nothing much else happens in P3. The adds spawn again but they cannot be targetted. They only do random lightning lasers which should be avoided!


Ramuh EX loot list

Ramuh drops i100 rings and i100 weapons. A ring drops every time, but the weapon is quite rare.

Ramuh EXRingWeapon
TankJudgment Ring of FendingThunderstrike (PLD)
Thunderstorm (WAR)
HealerJudgment Ring of HealingAdjudicators Gavel (WHM)
The Law of Levin (SCH)
MeleeJudgment Ring of SlayingThundercrack (MNK)
Thunderbolt (DRG)
CasterJudgment Ring of CastingAdjudicators Staff (BLM)
Ona Ramuhda (SMN)
BardJudgment Ring of AimingThunderdart (BRD)

Again, this is our in-house strategy, and what we used in our first kill. If you have any suggestions or something to say – hit the comments below!

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